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What is your worst injury you've ever gotten?

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    About 1977 I was building a water tower. I was starting on the 3rd story. I was laying bricks in an octagonal pattern. No floors had been poured. I'd set up some planks up where I was going to be working (I was deep in a third world country). I'd hauled up some bricks, got some mixed cement up there... and the last load was just a little too much for my planks, so the bricks, the mortar, the planks, and I all came down to the ground. At the very least I dislocated my left ankle. The local guy that helped with cow problems tried to get it back in place... I was useless for several months.

    Fast forward to approx 1994. I'm playing with my kids in the house and do a running leap towards my two boys as if I'm attacking them (all in play). I come down wrong on that previously injured ankle and dislocate it and break it a second time. I'm now laying on the floor in desperate pain with two little boys jumping all over me having the time of their lives. I try to explain to them that I'm very hurt and can't move but they have a hard time understanding that. I lay on the floor for over an hour when my wife finally comes home. I tell my kids to tell my wife that I need to be taken to the hospital. I hear her curse because she doesn't want to go to the trouble. Knowing the heart of my wife was worse than the injury. That injury keeps me off my feet for the rest of the summer but while still in a cast I continue work on a retaining wall that I just had to get done...
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      I may have shared this before on here...I apologize if I have.

      Worst injuries were from a car accident when I was 16. I got in with a drunk driver and we hit black ice going 85. Got thrown from the vehicle when it was rolling. Laid in the field for two hours waiting for someone to find life flighted 3 hours away. I had hypothermia...collapsed right lung, punctured left lung. Internal bleeding so they cut me open...liver and kidneys were sown up. Shattered 4th lumbar, so they fused it to 3 and 5 with four rods, four screws, and a little metal box. Crushed bones in left foot so they stretched them out and put pins in. Right ankle was the worst...they almost amputated it. It had an open injury fracture and was barely hanging on. Pictures are pretty gruesome. They took tendon, muscle and skin from my right hip and grafted it all, along with two screws...I had six surgeries on that ankle alone.
      I have a heart condition called pericarditis that's accident related. It only flares up twice a year though.
      After the accident I was bed ridden for three months, then in a wheel chair, then walker, and a cane.
      I lost a lot of weight really quickly and developed gallstones. It took the doctors around here 8 gallbladder attacks and ER visits to finally figure it then my gallbladder was diseased and the stones were the size of golf balls, so they opened me up. Two years after that I started having the worse pain of my life in my abdomen...similar to a gallbladder attack but 100 times worse. None of the doctors or hospitals could figure it out...finally one Dr opened me up and found that it was my appendix. It had ruptured and healed itself over and over. This happened every 4-6 months for two years. I still can't believe it was my appendix.

      So, those are my injuries. I saw another thread under the "polls" category asking what you would change about your body in Heaven. As long as I didn't have pain I wouldn't change a thing.


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        I was riding my bike down a steep hill without hands, somehow I fell of and landed on my head, cracked my skull, brain concussion when I was in the 3rd grade. Had seizures around that time. Had headaches for years, lots of times they were migraines. Vision went somewhere downhill. But being 43 now, nothing big happening now as long as I get good sleep and avoid stress.


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          Worse injury

          During softball practice one day I was playing second base when the batter hit a ground ball. I was going to be smart and bare hand it and then throw it to third (practicing throwing out a base runner). Unfortunately for me the ball hit a small hole, rock or something and took a hop catching me on the tip of my index finger and peeling my fingernail completely back. My finger wasn't broken but it was numb for almost a whole day and it was months before my fingernail completely grew back.
          Saddest part of all this is that our team broke up and we never played a single game.
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            Lots of interesting injuries here I would like to add 2 if I may. My 1st significant injury was in kindergarten approx. 1959 we were at recess outside in the parking lot playing kickball. The parking lot had a driveway that came from the street and sloped downward towards the garage of the school. The highest point of the lot we played in was about 12' above the garage driveway, which was also the basement of the school. While chasing a kicked ball another player tried to pass me a few feet before the railing at the edge of the lot, he bumped me and while losing balance my momentum carried my small stature between the horizontal rails and I fell the 12' to the concrete below. All I remember is waking up in the hospital and my parents there weeping, it was about 6 weeks later, and school was out for summer.
            My 2nd almost fatal injury was in Feb. 1977, working for a railroad , my foreman and I were pinned in between some rail cars, he was crushed from waist to just below chest and did not survive, I was next to him and was pinned from a few inches below shoulder to mid forearm. 1st surgery that night was almost 6 hours and would have about 9 more surgeries in next 3 years. Still have my arm today, it is not any way perfect or functional as God designed it, but God saw to it that the surgeon on duty that night was extremely talented as he had many surgery cases of farm workers being caught in power take off equipment during his career. He was a doctor with a small plane and he happened to be in the town that night removing a spleen from a farmer that was kick by a horse, I happened to be brought in as he was finishing up and if he was not there my arm would have been amputated. I was moved to a larger city of Omaha a few weeks later where doctors were amazed at the surgery and still wanted to take my arm because of infections setting in and needing a cast change every 3 days, I was in hospital for 2 months. So here 40 years later I can tell of how wonderful my God and Savior is, how good he was and is to me, not only saving my arm but I was a sinner, unsaved and could have been in eternal torment in lake of fire if I had died.
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              Goodness y'all. I realize now that I've never been hurt.

              I got a sandspur on my toe once.

              Timbers, "knowing the heart of my wife"... man. I'm sorry brother.