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    What is the best protein drink I should drink if I want to gain muscle mass in combination with working out?

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    This should answer every question you can think of about protein.....happy reading
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      Originally posted by giest075 View Post
      What is the best protein drink I should drink if I want to gain muscle mass in combination with working out?
      Muscle milk. Cheapest @ Sams.


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        Make sure ther are no steroids. They can have bad effects. Check with your doctor and specialists.
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          Overall diet is far more important than what protein or supplements you use. Keep that in mind. Most people just use a whey protein, either an isolate or concentrate. But like I said without a diet and intense weight training program designed for maximizing muscle growth, the type of protein you use will benefit very little if at all, notwithstanding the most important contributor to building muscle - genetics.

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            I like Optimul Nutrion protien mix's..

            When I'm lifting, my post workout drink is 25 grams Whey protien, 10 grams casien, 35 grams glycol maze for carbs.
            If I have a 'light' supper (in terms of protien), then I'll have a 25 gram casien protien shake before bed..

            The amount of protien you need depends on your body weight and your exercise program, so plan accordingly.. and remember, protien shakes don't do anything if you are not lifting weights. But when building muscle, you also need the right amount of carbs as well, so don't forget the carbs..

            A good diet does the most, but even with a spot on diet, you still can optimize muscle growth with the pre/post protien intake.

            enjoy the workouts.