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**praise God for the new job**

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  • **praise God for the new job**

    Wanted to share this with my fellow brothers in Christ...I start my new job at Caterpillar Excavators at their new plant in Victoria, Texas. Its a long time coming, growing up my Pawpaw drove dump truck for the coal mines in West Virginia...his son and my Dad also drove for the company and I always wanted to follow in the family business. I even made a semi in wood shop in Middle School for my career project....but life doesn't always turn out how you planned, and later on through out the years I have had to place that dream on the back burner to work to provide for a family and do the things I needed to do to pay the bills...I moved to Texas 3 years ago and because of the location I was only able to work at Fast Food to make ends was recently that we were able to get a second vehicle, I applied at Work in Texas in hopes of getting a job in a factory, I prayed for an opportunity to provide for my new marriage...[i am still a work in progress]...I got notifications for production jobs in my email and of course i applied, found out that they were for Caterpillar. They notified me, I went through the process, not getting my hopes up...took their test, passe and then was called back for an interview. A week after the interview I was called and offered a job in the logistics department...praise God for His blessings...if it wasn't for faith, then I wouldn't have received this blessing! I wanted to share this with you all....

    the thing is even though I am not operating a dump truck, or a bulldozer, I am still putting my own twist on the dream I had as a kid...this is a chance to live it out loud, and be apart of a company that I can build a future with....keep the prayers coming, I start this job tomorrow...excited to get this journey underway and thank God for the new adventure!

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    That's great, especially in our bad economy!
    The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen. (Revelation 22:21) ESV

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      Congrats on the job!
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        congrats.. hope the job is as good as you expect.


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          There's nothing our LORD JESUS CHRIST can't do!!!!


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            Wonderful news, Wonderful God!