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    Originally posted by mtmoore View Post

    I really think that Jeeps will be pulling you out!
    I note your plural. (sure, it would take a few to pull a suburban)


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      We own a Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4. I hope we can get 240k out of it. That'd be awesome. I like this Jeep, especially since they don't even make the popular model anymore. I can't tell you how many people have offered to buy it.


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        Me and dear husband have Jeeps!!

        I have a 99 Cherokee Sport (black, 4 door) and he has a 2004 Columbia Edition Wrangler.................we're a Jeep family! (But we have no money to sup them up so we just drive them as they are
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          Originally posted by mtmoore View Post

          I really think that Jeeps will be pulling you out!
          lol yup :P


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            Wife and I have been working hard to get our finances in order over the past year, and were able to get her a new 2012 Grand Cherokee yesterday!!
            Quite a change from our 2000 GC. It'll take months to figure out all the "bells and whistles".
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              Originally posted by Wally View Post
              SF had an old 1972? Waggoneer with a Buick engine. He did an epoxy job on the rust so it wasn't too bad body-wise.

              The thing was a tank. It went anywhere.

              If I got one..... 1942-45 Willy's would be the model. With the .50 cal. I was a fan of the Rat Patrol.
              Originally posted by kjlistrom View Post
              I've had 3 Wagoneers, the old full size Wagoneers. I loved the 4 wheel drive part but OOOOOHHHHHHH man for bad gas mileage with them. 6-8 miles to the gallon in town, on the hiway maybe 8-10.
              i had 2 Waggys. And yes, they went ANYWHERE. Great in the snow, too, unlike my CJ. CJ's too lightweight, whereas the Waggy just plowed thru.
              It reminds me very much of my GMC Yukon i now own.<<<< she's a bear!!!!
              i miss my Waggy

              had 2 CJs, too.
              i've had this '84 since '92?


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                Scuse me.....pardon me......coming thru. I was just going to peek in here to see what you men talk about and I saw this thread. I am on my 3rd Grand Cherokee 4x4. I'm a kinda old and take meds so I can't remember the year models, but I have had a charcoal gray one (I think it was a '93 cause I got it the year the Braves went on strike) red one and now a navy blue one (we women can remember the color as I think that is really important to us in comparison as to what is under the hood) I have a 2011 blackberry colored one that looks more black than blue to me, it's my bucket list car. I don't like the new models as compared to my older ones because the interior room is smaller and it's harder to get the seat belts closed. Also, there is nothing to grab ahold of to hoist yourself up into the seat and my husband has to give me a boost. LOL

                I must say in all the years of jeep ownership I've never had a mechanical problem and the only repairs made were when there was a minor accident that had to be fixed. My husband is very good about keeping our vehicles maintained so that probably has something to do with it. I had a slight lapse in judgement and went from a jeep to a mountaineer and back to my current jeep.
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                  Well guys you have cool jeeps.... I like them, specially the black one which is in first post.. because the color of the jeep is awesome... and I love mate black color. Thanks for sharing the photos of you toys. and please share more photos like them.
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                    Cheap Jeep..

                    Originally posted by Tesla View Post
                    Searched the forum and couldn't find a thread on this, so I thought I'd make one. So who else here drives a Jeep?

                    Post pics if you've got em. Here's my baby:

                    I have a 2014 Patriot...the bottom of the line "cheap jeep". Does that count? It is white, I wanted black.. didn't have one and couldn't find one. It is 4x4 and serves me fine so far. I also wanted a CJ but they wanted too much for them (new).. So, I compromised. I like it, next summer it is going up into the wilderness though. We'll see what it can actually do. It might be able to pull something. We'll see. Hmm, I noticed that I can type faster than this page can process. Strange!
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