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It's almost NCAA tournament time.. who are you backing?

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    Originally posted by WhitemoonG View Post
    What great games Saturday!

    Memphis looks AWESOME and made UCLA and Love look BAD, a rare sight!

    Then I was out to dinner during the UNC/Kansas game, and then noticed the score 40 to 12 on a TV monitor while getting ready to go home. UNC made a desperation run, but Kansas was UNBELIEVABLE.

    Should be a great game tonite, two great teams who emphatically showed why they are in that game.

    I will be very happy for Memphis and its fans, should it win, which is very possible.

    However, having ONCE lived in Lenexa, and working a thousand yards across the State Line into Missouri, I must confess that

    I'll be pulling for KU. ROCK, CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!

    (even though like the late, great Jimmy V, I still don't know what all that means!)
    Well, the limestone rock in Kansas is chalky. Thus, Rock Chalk.

    Plus, it rhymes with Jayhawk.

    And it makes for a great chant. I encourage everyone to attend a home game at Allen Fieldhouse. The school spirit is the best in the nation. And the fans are the greatest. They're not setting buildings on fire or turning cars upside down. They're actually behaving themselves.


    Tip-off is in 25 minutes.


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      What a game!!

      I thought it was all over when we trailed by 3 in the last seconds.

      That 3 point shot by Mario Chalmers was one for the memory book.

      One second I'm holding my head in my hands and the next, I'm jumping up and down in my living room.

      Now we wait to see if Bill Self takes that 46 million dollar offer from Oklahoma.