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    Originally posted by Angyl View Post
    I never really BATTLED with porn, but I did watch it in my younger days, and even briefly after I was married. Then I decided that it was no good and stopped watching it. Kind of cold turkey. I had "relapses" a couple of times a year, but that too has dwindled.

    One thought that helped me tremendously to get over the urges that occasionally come:

    We know the rapture is coming...

    any day, right?

    If I get the urge to view porn, I just imagine that trumpet blowing while I'm in the middle of watching that and doing my thing...And you KNOW, one of the biggest questions every believer is going to be asked when we meet each other in heaven will be "What were you doing when the trumpet blew?"

    Can you imagine eternity living with the shame of "relieving myself with porn" being your answer?

    Stops me better than a cold shower, that thought.
    Wow, I think the same thing!

    I was delivered from porn about two years ago. Sad to say that it was an everyday thing for me. I used my work internet to download about 40-50 30-40 second clips daily. The tightrope I walked!

    I have had the occasional relapse, and God has showed me that they are all stress-related. What I mean is that the urge to look at the stuff is pretty much gone in my daily life now. I praise God eternally for that! You have no idea what kind of a miracle that is!

    When I get seriously stressed, suddenly my mind starts on me. The urges come literally out of nowhere. I relapse as a coping mechanism for the stress. But the relapses have been very brief, thank God! It's kinda cool to think that God is teaching me as I go along about this and exactly how the enemy goes about attacking me and getting to me.

    I am a perfectionist at heart, and when I relapse, I am extremely hard on myself about it. But through prayer, God has been quick to shower me with forgiveness and comfort me. I can't tell you how much that has helped me. Instead of being ashamed and down on myself about breaking in this area, I feel God's love, burning up those emotions and keeping me on my feet! I repent and plod forward, growing stronger every day, and I know that God is right there with me and will never abandon me.

    I am lucky in that we have a home internet service here who filters the internet for pornography by default. That has been a God-send, literally. So much easier for me at home

    But as others have said, I would encourage you to pray and seek God. Keep plodding forward. If you haven't been 100% delivered there is something God wants you to learn, that's the way I look at it. I am not 100% delivered yet, but I am so much stronger now through Jesus, who's strength is made perfect in my weakness. And I am weak in the flesh.

    God bless you and I'll be praying for you and all of us who have dealt with this.
    If you believe you're a good person:
    As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
    - Romans 3:10

    If you believe all paths lead to Heaven:
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    - John 14:6

    If you pray to Mary, Saints, Idols or Images:
    For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
    - 1 Timothy 2:5


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      Originally posted by Felkers View Post
      Wow stonewall fan - that is a great story you tell. What kind of filter are you using on your computer? How did you tell your wife?

      "BE SAFE"

      I will look for information and BE SAFE will block it. So I will have to go get my wife and tell her what it is I want to look at. She will then unlock the filter for me just so I can look at what it is. It will keep me accountable so there are no secrets. An example at work we will get a good laugh at stuff on Mojo flix. There is this animated polar bear called Benard Bear I mean it is a real hoot. However on the side of the web page it has alot of racy pictures and videos. When I get home I can not pull up Mojo Flix, so I will tell my wife about this latest Benard Bear cartoon and she will open Be Safe for me and we will share a good laugh and then she will lock it back up. She keeps the pass words. It is an embarasment. However it works there are times when I fall and plug a search for a web site but the filter will block it. I repent, and turn off the computer and go spend time with my spouse. It works, not easy but I feel rehabed. I see the anguish on the men I work with that just are moved along the river of sin and where ever the perversion it takes them that is where it goes.

      I struggle with it, I know my weakness. Thats why I say in order to get it out of your life initially you need to throw out the computer maybe or put it into storage and give a friend the key. But in time you can begin to get strong. The bible tells us that to resist the Devil and he will flee!


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        That's pretty smart, having your wife in to help you in that way. She's a Godly woman for working with you on this rather than making your life difficult as some would.


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          there is a really good book out, "every mans battle by Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey..... It truly is a great book to help on this.....


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            Pray without ceasing. Remember, God is with you all the time and that you can talk to him whenever you want. Always take the time to say a prayer. It can be about anything, giving thanks, asking for help, or just talking about anything, When you come to point where God is always on your mind, you'll be less likely to seek out sin. And when you feel a temptation, just say "Lord help me!" Get up, go on a little walk, or turn on the radio and listen to some music.

            I know some would say just get rid of your computer/tv/ wherever this temptaion involves, but the truth is, if your mind is in the wrong place, it's still just as easy to fall into temptation.

            Also, like the others said, read your Bible, make a reading schedule, maybe find a devotional. Do whatever it takes to keep your mind on the Lord. Remember it's in your heart and mind As long as they are focused on the right things you CAN break free from this addiction. God Bless!
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              With internet filters, what I've found to be effective for the ones with passwords is to make a really difficult password to remember (e.g. a long string of alternating random letters and numbers like 6j3p9b2u1b3v9x0z5k), write it down and then give it to your wife (if you have one) or an accountability partner to keep and tell them to keep it someplace safe. That way, if you need to unblock a perfectly innocuous website, you have to approach that person to have them unlock the filter for you.

              We've got We-Blocker on our computer for IE and Netscape, which was free and pretty decent, but the website has been down for a while and might not come back. The program still works, but it just doesn't update anymore.

              For Firefox, there's an extension called Foxfilter, which is fairly good. You can add keywords to block and also whitelist websites which may use certain keywords, but aren't pornographic.


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                Trying to get away from the clutches of porn is, to me anyway, more difficult than attempting to quit smoking.

                I've tried everything, praying, filtering, trying to do it on my own without help. I've deleted all my porn files several times, only to fall again and go find them again online.

                I'm really tempted every minute to go back watching I said, it is very difficult. I haven't looked at any for a few weeks....God willing, that will be the last I've looked at it.....


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                  It depends...

                  Some evenings and nights i'm just too exited, tired and/or worn down to think about porn, at other days i'll even look at it in the morning.
                  It's not easy when living alone.


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                    Okay, I just decided to switch out We-Blocker for K-9. Took me a while to figure out how to get rid of We-Blocker, though, since we had lost the password.

                    And in a surprise bonus, it looks like We-Blocker was making IE work a lot slower. I noticed a speed increase with page loads with the new filter.


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                      This is a hard road to travel...I know, I have been there and at times I am still there. I really don't know what will truly work, but from some of the suggestions, I can see how they might be able to put it into the proper light. I liked "What were you doing when the trumpant blew?" suggestion, i never really thought of it that way. Good stuff...

                      Coming from my background, my Dad was the worst kind of influence that you could probably have...abusive, sexist, and hateful. The worst part is, that he passed along some of those traits to me. And I catch myself, sounding and acting like him at times, and I wonder "Who have I become?" Everything he was I was opposed to, yet there it sickens me.

                      I understand the struggles, and that is probably the reason I am not in ministry today [I felt like I had a "calling" but I have left that on the side of the road]. I've allowed myself to compromise everything I was, I am and who I could be. I blew it a long time ago....and I still struggle with the sins...its hard to forgive yourself and move past it, when you are reminded on a daily basis just how short you've fallen and the easy route is just a few clicks away, and how you compromised it by knowing how to cover your tracks so nobody knows what you are doing. It's very degrading, and I wish I had never viewed porn, that way I would never have a stronghold that the enemy uses to keep me walking the tightrope.

                      We all need prayer.....


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                        I too suffer from this, but I know only the Holy Spirit will work. I have to quit relying on myself, with me I will fail everytime. I have been addicted since the age of 8, which started in a case of a family friend who abused me as a child. Showing me these things, she has wrecked part of my adult life, and my poor family suffers the consiquence. I know that only the Lord is bigger than my addiction. Please pray for me, as I am praying for you.

                        I too have been thinking of having a lock put on the computers, but I know I can unlock them, so I am trusting in the Lord to handle it all. If people can be delivered from drugs, I can be delivered of this!



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                          It's a struggle, guys, mentally, physically and spiritually. And that's important to remember - it's not just a spiritual battle, though that's the most important part of it. You have corporeal minds and bodies which have sexual needs and can become addicted to pornography. It IS a physical and mental addiction just as drugs and alcohol addictions are. Drugs and alcohol make you feel good. Porn makes you feel good. Drugs and alcohol cause chemical changes in your brain and your brain gets used to and desires. Same for porn (endorphins and all that other stuff you learned about in high school biology class).

                          Additionally, your spiritual battle against porn is probably accompanied by a spiritual battle against doubt. You may be asking, "Am I really saved?" or "If I'm saved, why can't I stop sinning?" I asked those questions a lot. Some of you might also feel unworthy of going to church and worshiping God because of your sin. While your singing or praying, you might feel that you shouldn't be there doing that. Your mind might even drift back to pornographic images you've viewed. It happens. But don't give into these things. Fight off the thoughts and feelings and concentrate on God. Fight and keep fighting. Don't stop worshiping God. Don't stop praying. Don't give up the spiritual battle because if you do, then you'll have no chance of winning the mental and physical battles.

                          To those struggling, I would make the following suggestions:

                          1) Read your Bible, pray, and go to church. Worship and praise God with everything you are and never, ever stop.

                          2) Get an accountability partner - a trusted brother in Christ whom you can confide in and pray with regularly.

                          3) Get decent filtering and/or accountability software and use it as I described above if it uses a password.

                          4) If you have a wife, tell her about your battle. I know it's a difficult proposition, but it's easier than if she finds out about it herself.

                          5) There are a lot of good Christian books about pornography addiction. Find at least one that appeals and speaks to you.]

                          6) Don't get smug and let your guard down.

                          7) If you have a setback, don't feel bad. Ask God for forgiveness and don't give up the fight.

                          It's a constant struggle and you won't ever be completely free of it until the Lord comes or calls you home.

                          Here's some Bible verses I find strength and comfort in:

                          Romans 7:21-25

                          Hebrews 12:1-13

                          Hopefully - faithfully - you will keep up the fight and be able to say something like this someday:

                          2 Timothy 4:7-8

                          I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.


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                            Originally posted by carson
                            I agree with many of these posts and suggestions, but one that has helped me with this struggle is to imagine if someone walked in on me(a close friend, parent, a spouse, girlfiend,child w/e) doing that and how ashamed I would be if they caught me. The Eternal God is with us always, he never leaves us, nothing can hide from his sight, hes always watching us, how much more ashamed and afraid should we be in front of him than in front of mere people.
                            Absolutely. Absolutely. Amen to that!


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                              Remember God is always watching.Imagine Him sitting there with you~ because HE IS~ hang in there~fight the battle of the mind and dont give in. resist..resist Im praying for u all


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                                Originally posted by carson
                                I agree with many of these posts and suggestions, but one that has helped me with this struggle is to imagine if someone walked in on me(a close friend, parent, a spouse, girlfiend,child w/e) doing that and how ashamed I would be if they caught me. The Eternal God is with us always, he never leaves us, nothing can hide from his sight, hes always watching us, how much more ashamed and afraid should we be in front of him than in front of mere people.
                                amen, bottom line "What would Jesus do?"
                                Any time there is a question of doubt~ask yourselves that
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