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Because it has become insanely difficult to manage a bulletin board these days, the managers of Rapture Ready and Rapture Forums have decided to join our boards together under a software program that is easier to manage. Because RF has their database operating well under an Enforo license, we decided to make Rapture Forums the focal point of a consolidation. Since Chris, the owner of RF, has long experience in running a forum, he can better manage the problems that come with this technology.

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Sometimes, you have to just sit back and enjoy the show

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  • Sometimes, you have to just sit back and enjoy the show

    Even when that show feels like a cartoon with that fun-loving mischief maker, Dennis the Menace. (Who is a lot better behaved than the first couple decades, where he was more like Calvin and Hobbes. So it's safe to say that nowadays, this comparison is apt.

    Becasue this one girl made it feel like a scene from the funnies Wednesday night; like Dennis nowadays, she is really sweet but sooooo full of energy.

    Earlier this year in the pre-AWANA game between Sparks and Truth-In-Training, at the end she bounced in her seat saying, "We won, we won!" several times before turing to a leader and asking, "Did we win?"

    She also once said she didn't like sitting still except when she had candy in her mouth. At least she knows of the hazards of choking. And, she's much better at staying seated now during the lessons.

    the big thing, though, is this from Wednesday...

    We had a juggler come to perform as a special treat for the kids. She sat next to me in the audience and bounced around a lot. The fellow calls for a few different kids to come out of the audience and do some stuff, and eventually he asks for his next thing if any kids want to come up - now of course they like to pick kids who are exuberant but also sitting quitely in their seats when it's time to be called upon, and she did that well. But, for an added bonus, she shouted out, "I can juggle!" before he called on her.

    So, he called her up, probably expected something similar to what happened. He had these rings he was juggling with and planned to see if she could catch them, but before he did that he asked, "Can you juggle these?" and she just took him literally and grabbed 3-4 and threw them in the air trying but not doing that welly.

    Anyway, then she caught them on her head as the man tossed them to her, and she was so excited afterward - as we're leaving after his show to go back to our classes she kept saying, "Did you see that? I didn't even know I could do that, I just went up there 'cause I wanted to but I didn't think I could do it!"
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