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She's got her first book title, plus an old school Sesame Street feeling

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  • She's got her first book title, plus an old school Sesame Street feeling

    Well our ministry being broke down, and I was the only one there with a number of kids. There was quite a bit of bickering among the kids and we saw some good leadership I'm on a couple of girls who got others out of the room so I could finish the lesson because the one boy who is normally a really good leader had a headache and was only at about 70%.
    However, one boy got saved at the end of the evening oh, so as my mom and I were driving three girls home I remarks that we had taken lemons and made lemonade.

    This Girl is very quiet and spoke in a very pensive manner as she gave her thoughts on the evening. She said that it was like we took half the lemons and made lemonade and took the other half and threw them in each other. She added that is it was as if a lemon and in the end with a few lemons left we made lemonade.

    She is very artistic and the kind who might well be a writer someday. I'll let you know if she uses that title. "If we4 stop throwing Lemons at each other we can make some lemonade."

    And, talk about seeing the humor in situations, just call me Mr. Johnson, the actual name of that fat blue Muppet who always seems to encounter Grover in the old school Sesame Street's skits. I have now had a dryer delivery postponed three times. By a week each time. Please pray that it actually comes in next week of course.

    the way I figure, it would be like this. Grover comes as I have a bunch of clothes that have been washed and tells me my dryer is not here yet. He then proceeds to ramble about how other things besides a dryer can dry clothes. The Sun for instance because it is so hot. I then point out that it is cloudy out so he pulls out a flashlight and shines them on my clothes which are of course still wet.

    I insist that a flashlight is not going to be as good as the sun because there is no heat involved. So then, Grover shows that wind can also dry clothing. But he gets this huge fan and blows all my wet clothes all around.

    so, then I would say to look at my clothes that I have on. They are dry, and I explain the difference for perhaps the second or third time between dry and wet and say that I want these clothes that are wet and these clothes I have on that are dry to match.

    After which Grover seems to finally understand, and then throws a big bucket of water on me so that the clothes I have on or the same as my washed and yet not dried clothing.

    Thankfully, I do not have all wet clothing. Though I would like a dryer. :-)
    John 3:16 (KJV) For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.