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Life imitates art - 2 episodes

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  • Life imitates art - 2 episodes

    The 10th Man

    That would be the title of the sitcom episode if it happened.
    So, we wanted to get 10 kids to get the group rate for an activity. We had 9, we kept pushing for 10 but one kid was sick so we had to find 10th elsewhere. We get to 10, and suddenly we're back to 9 because one kid is at his older sister's in Akron. No problem, the mom (well, aunt, but she cares for him like a mom) promises to go get him. Back to 10.
    Wrong, back to 9, someone else is out. Josh is at his friend Kevin's for a birthday party, so suddenly it's down to 8.
    So, they go anyway, it's only $1.50 less per kid, so after a bunch of calls and texts back and forth, they have fun with 8 and not the 10,9,10,9, whatever.
    The episode even had a tag line. At 10:10 at night, Josh's mom calls and lets us know Kevin isn't at Josh's for the night to go to church the next day, Josh is at Kevin's and I need to call the pastor to let him know where to get them. The pastor doesn't remember getting my call then because he was half asleep and must have figured it was a dream when he got the phone. (He gets up at 3 AM to pray and stuff along with finishing his lesson So, our director went back to get them.)

    Life imitates art imitating life imitating...

    They say a number of MASH episodes were inspired by real thigns soldiers sent in, including likely the one where Colonel Potter longed for tomato juice, and after a series of things led to his getting a running spply, recalls he's allergic to it.
    Well, on a less hive-y scale, that's what happened here.
    Woman calls me at about 4:30 Saturday, wants to know if she can get a ride on our church van. I do a bunch of checking and we need to put the back seat in and cram the walkers into the back but it could be done. But, since it's so long for her kids, especially the one going to camp, she wonders if she can be the last pickup. I explain we *could* runt he route in reverse but I'd have to do a bunch more calling and stuff; all of this with a sub driver and our bus garage head on vacation, too.
    Eventually she calls and says that her husband is just going to take their one grandson, who is 2, home Saturday evening before he goes in to work; he'd already been there 2 nights anyway, and she has now remembered why she stopped riding the van and had a friend always take them. (That friend has room for her and the kids but didn't have room for an extra one which was why she had called asking about a ride.)
    John 3:16 (KJV) For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.