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Jingle Bells, Taco Bells, and other thigns to be thankful for

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  • Jingle Bells, Taco Bells, and other thigns to be thankful for

    Nice to see the board is back, though the color scheme is hard on my eyes without as much contrast, but I figure I'll experiment with a post here to see how it works.

    Because of course I've heard some interesting thigns lately.

    First, the 3-4 year olds were singing a couple numbers in church last Sunday. However, isntead of Gospel bells, a lot of us distinctively heard "Taco Bells" being sung. Ah, yes, Acts 8, where the Spirit told PHilip to follow that chariot and make a run for the border. :-) (I guess the picture smilies aren't here yet - and I can't read the words as well but I can still type an emoji.)

    Anyway, also at Thanksgiving we went around the table saying what we were thankful for, and the girl who years ago at age 5.5 asked if she could be thankful for soemthing silly (she then said she was thankful her house had more bahtrooms than our granfparents') is getting a taste of her own medicine. Her 8YO girl said the usual family, etc., but her 2YO boy said "trucks" (which at least is something we all are glad exist) and the 4YO said "ninja swords" (I wonder, has anyone here ever even seen one in person let alone used one?)

    The 8YO also was lookinga t her parents' wedding photos - their anniversary is the 26th of November - and she saw her Aunt Kiersten there with her mom. She asked if Kiersten was the "best woman," just like guys can be "best man."

    Okay, let's see how this posts. :-)
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    Looks like it posted nicely... it's even centered vertically on the page Those appear to be all of the smilies currently available! I'm thankful for those. Ninja swords are pretty cool, especially if you're a ninja turtle fan, which makes me want to be thankful for pizza too, pepperoni pizza to be more precise. Sounds like some of the kids were having a little "fun" with the lyrics...
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      ^^ now Iím thankful also for surfing and Cowabunga!

      The OP gave me a huge smile. Taco Bell. Lol
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