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Mon. Dec. 10 - Listen Live on Internet: Hitchcock-Hanegraaff Debate (Preterism / Date of Revelation)

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  • Mon. Dec. 10 - Listen Live on Internet: Hitchcock-Hanegraaff Debate (Preterism / Date of Revelation)

    If you can't attend the Pre-Trib Rapture Study Group Conference in Dallas, TX, December 10-12, you can still listen live over the internet to Monday night's big debate.

    Monday, December 10, 2007 at 7 PM Central Time


    Dr. Mark Hitchcock vs. Hank Hanegraaff

    When was the book of Revelation written?
    Why does it matter?

    As this debate will evidence, what you believe about the date of the book of Revelation will significantly impact how you view the prophecies of Revelation. Are they still future as Premillenialists believe? Or were most fulfilled in A.D. 70 as the partial-preterist position holds?

    More info:

    How to live-stream the debate:

    "All Converse with Scholars broadcasts will be available for download the week following the broadcast. Go to the Converse with Scholars page for updates." (See links above.)

    This debate is just one of many sessions of the annual Pre-Trib Study Group Conference, Dec. 10-12. Here's the conference brochure:

    See earlier thread about the conference itself:

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    Definitely keep this bumped up until then...should be is scheduled for 3 hours!!!!! Could be very interesting indeed....


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      bookmarked and hope I don't forget to tune in.


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        Is Hitchcock any relation to Alfred who made the horror stories, movies and tv programs?
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          Originally posted by Racheal59 View Post
          Is Hitchcock any relation to Alfred who made the horror stories, movies and tv programs?
          I don't know if Dr. Mark Hitchcock is related to Alfred Hitchcock, but I hope tonight's debate will see the truth triumph, and will be a horror story for the false doctrine of Preterism!


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            i really want to hear this... Hannegraff gets SO darn cranky when someone disagrees with him... unfortunately he won't be able to just hang up on Mr Hitchcock, he'll actually have to think and discuss


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              unless he has a temper tantrum and storms out....


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                Mark Hitchcock wrote a section in the book "The EndTimes Controvervy" about dating the book of Revelations. (Chapter 6, "The Stake in the Heart: The 95 A.D. Date of Revelations")

                It ought to be an interesting debate.

                Amazon link to the above book:


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                  what a feed was terrible...couldn't listen for more than 45 mins.....


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                    True, the audio feed quality is horrible.

                    But I can follow it well enough to see that Dr. Hitchcock is doing an outstanding job. The points he's made have far outnumbered the opposition's points. Hitchcock has said so many things that have gone completely unanswered, and he's giving excellent answers to nearly everything Hanegraaff says.


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                      He does realy good in the above book too


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                        Here's an interesting article that sheds light on some of Hank Hanegraaff's erroneous views about Bible prophecy. It's Dr. Thomas Ice's review of Hanegraaff's book, The Apocalypse Code:



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                          Is there a link to this for online streaming now, or was it only there when it was live?
                          "But I say unto you, that one greater than the temple is here".
                          Matthew 12:6 (ASV)

                          "...and behold, a greater than Jonah is here."
                          Luke 11:32 (ASV)

                          "...and behold, a greater than Solomon is here."
                          Luke 11:31 (ASV)


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                            Originally posted by Zaphnathpaaneah View Post
                            Is there a link to this for online streaming now, or was it only there when it was live?
                            The following (in blue) is posted at the John Ankerberg website:

                            The Debate on
                            DATING OF
                            THE BOOK OF REVELATION

                            Dr. Mark Hitchcock - Hank Hanegraaff

                            Sunday, January 20th,

                            The John Ankerberg Show will broadcast portions of the debate between Mark Hitchcock and Hank Hanegraaff on the Dating of the Book of Revelation. The program will include excerpts from the December 10th debate held in Dallas as well as post-debate analysis with Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Dr. Tommy Ice, Dr. John Ankerberg and recorded comments from Dr. Tim LaHaye.



                            The above will just be portions of the debate.

                            So far, I don't see the debate posted online anywhere, but I hope it will be.

                            When the debate was live-streamed, the group that did the live-streaming ( said that they did not have permission to post a recording of it, and so they were not expecting to do so.

                            The debate was part of a 3-day conference which is just now ending this morning (Wed., Dec. 12).

                            MP3 recordings as well as DVD recordings of the entire conference, possibly including the debate, should become available soon at:

                            I wish that the entire Pre-Trib Study Group prophecy conference would be posted free online. I hope that at least the entire debate portion will be.

                            If anyone does find a free online recording of the debate, please post a link here. Thanks.


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                              Just noticed that orders are now being accepted for DVD and also MP3 CD recordings of the recent Pre-Trib Study Group prophecy conference (Dec. 2007 in Dallas, TX).

                              For anyone interested, below is a link to the order form.

                              Note that the Hitchcock-Hanegraaff debate is included, and this debate can also be purchased separately.

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