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The Coming Christ Intro

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  • The Coming Christ Intro

    Hi Friends!

    I've got my nose to the keyboard writing The Coming Christ, which will (God willing) be the foundation for a screenplay.

    I've posted the introduction below. Beloved rapture ready friends, you were on my mind for the duration of this chapter:


    There was a girl. She was engaged to be married. She needed a wedding dress.

    She visited the local wedding store and picked out two garments but couldn’t decide between them. She hemmed and hawed. She returned day after day, contemplating each. The store owner began to balk every time he saw her.

    She knew she needed to hurry (her wedding was soon) but since she didn’t know the exact date of the ceremony, she grew lackadaisical. Each day she returned to the store, always to ponder, but never to decide.

    One day, the dresses were gone.

    “Where did they go?!” she screeched to the owner. He, weary of her indecision, shrugged and left.

    The next day her presence was required at the ceremony. She tried but never found a suitable dress. In the end, she walked the aisle on her most sacred day clothed in a potato sack.


    The bride-to-be, of course, represents today’s church. Comprised of believers in Christ and not buildings, the church sits on the precipice of change – the coming Christ – while eating popcorn and watching Netflix.

    While God repeatedly throws signs our way which scream of Christ’s literal return to earth, we barely notice. In the meantime, we travel closer to the end of the conveyor belt and hardly ponder its end. The evidence is refutable only by those who refuse to recognize it: Christ is coming. Data suggests His approach may be incredibly sooner than we think. Tragically, many in the church split theological hairs while ignoring the bigger picture. In the meantime, the lost are dying and the Western church is weak.

    Those who genuinely wish to follow Christ’s teaching about end times are likely confused by today’s popular theology, which often includes:

    …Don’t watch for Christ’s coming. You only need to know it will happen someday far in the future.

    …You don’t need to think about Christ’s second coming because no one knows the day or hour.

    …You need to understand end times language, such as pre-Trib, post-Trib, etc. But since you don’t, just ignore prophecy altogether.

    …We’re to occupy until His return, anyway.

    Those buying into the falsehoods listed above typically neglect eschatology, the study of end times, altogether. The results are enormous, and not in a positive way. At the risk of sounding alarmist, our abandonment of the subject will result in troubling and tragic consequences.

    To put it bluntly, the popular opinion about end times is not only incorrect, but unwise and contrary to what Christ intended. Many would be extremely shocked to learn Jesus’ true objectives towards the church and end times. Sadly, they are enormously misrepresented by today’s Christian culture. What a mistake!

    I certainly don’t intend to offend. The last thing I want is to be another church-basher. However, it is my love for her that prompts me to gently shake her and whisper, wake up, darling. Your husband is coming.

    For the brave few willing to swallow uncomfortable truths of Christ’s impending return, rewards await. This difficult and habitually depressing topic has a glorious flipside only accessibly by those who press through the bad stuff. Often, those who shy from eschatology simply fear they’ll become weird, anxious, or paranoid. Friend, there’s a way to remain balanced in our study of end times! Remember, if you seek truth, you will be freed. I challenge you not to shy away from questions such as:

    …What did Christ really say about watching and knowing Bible prophecy?

    …Are there indicators Christ will return sooner than we think? If so, what are they?

    …How should we live in response?

    This book will address each question.

    Thankfully, I have no political, denominational, or financial objective behind the publishing of this material. My purpose is simply and only to provide a platter of truth to my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The Spirit of God has incessantly nudged me towards this message. Mercifully, He provided many encouragements along the way. Both He and I yearn for a church operating fully on the principals of God’s Word, and evidence suggests a work like this is necessary for our times.

    My Friend, please join me and the Spirit as we begin this expedition! We’ll journey to the bowels of Bible truth, to the latest (and sometimes unknown) headlines of our times, and finally to a conclusion so wonderful it can be compared to a splendid secret you’ll want to share with the world. I pray you do.

    May God meet us on these pages,

    Diane Watt
    Psalm 108:1 - my heart is determined.

    #T h e C o m i n g C h r i s t M o v i e

    #S c r i p t u r e S e e d s

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    Good luck! Will it be available to read someday?


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      Yes, I should very much like to read this. I am assuming this is or will be in book form or download? I have an intense interest in eschatology. How does the prophecy of the Bible and news headlines fit together?
      I am very interested in this work that the LORD has given you to do.
      Please let me/us know.
      Your BIC