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    Originally posted by Tall Timbers View Post
    It'll be a while before I read this book... but I've read the earlier books in the series. It's fiction...
    Yes, I realize he is fiction. However, Rosenberg has drifted from Christianity and, IMO, his books are more in the political thriller gendre now.

    Like I said before, this book focused more on Islam. Not Christianity and that's why I wrote what I did. Some people that pick this series up will not get the Christian theme other Rosenberg books/series have.


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      Well, I read this book at the beach this past week. Have not read any of the previous JB Collins series books. I agree that this book was riveting and I was stunned by how it ended. One of the main characters becomes saved during this story and while I had wished that the R word (Repentance) appeared--which it did not, I thought the conversion experience was well written. My husband is starting to reread First Hostage right now in preparation of reading Joel's latest book.