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  • Originally posted by twisty58 View Post
    I have a friend whose daughter has cancer and it does not look good. I wanted to give each the girl and her father a copy of Heaven so they can read it together. Is that book ok? Thanks guys.
    It is an excellent book, especially for someone who just might be witnessing heaven in person sooner than later.


    • It's a very good book, but as was mentioned, not a novel. In fact, I would suggest that they look through the table of contents to see what they would like to read about. It can be read out of order easily.

      I'm sad for them. It is hard to lose a child....


      • It is a very informative book - but I didn't read it cover to cover, I jumped around according to what subject I was interested in. It is very well written, easy to understand and has pretty good scriptual references that you can look up and compare to what the author says to what the Bible says
        Jesus, please come back TODAY!!!!


        • I can't thank you guys enough. Once again, you have touched my life. God bless you all!
          1 Thessalonians 5:4 (New International Version)

          4But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.


          • I have never read this book but so many of you have mentioned it, I am going to have to look into it.

            I do have a little book that I enjoy called "Snapshots Of Heaven"~ A Glimpse Into Paradise by Joyce Vollmer Brown. Has anyone ever read it?

            It is as it says glimpses of Heaven...


            In Heaven we'll arm wrestle with Samson, go fishing with Peter, ask Noah how he got all the animals in the ark, hear what Daniel was thinking as he looked at those lions and listen to Mary's stories about Jesus' childhood. ...and then many more people are mentioned and what we will do.

            Fast forward to other parts of the book...

            In Heaven we'll be different without having any differences, there won't be any Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals,Baptists or Lutherans. No prejudice or discriminations, arguments or disagreements. In Heaven there will be perfect harmony because everyone will have one mind (The mind of Christ) and one goal (to glorify God). ......and then much more.

            Fast forward to other parts of the book...

            In Heaven there won't be any locked doors or security alarms. In Heaven there won't be any need for cameras or scrapbooks. We won't need to capture wonderful moments or sights because everyday will be a magnificent memory in the making and beyond each turn will be a scene more breathtaking than the last.

            In Heaven there won't be any bills in the mailbox, there won't be any commericals, salespeople or phone solicitors because everything will be free! In Heaven instead of the government taking more and more and more, the government will give and give and give. In Heaven there won't be any sleazy campaigns or corrupt politicians. The government will be flawless -with officials appointed by God.

            See if you could get a copy of this book if you don't already have it...:-)

            I wish I could type the whole book but it is long. Everything we could think about is touched upon and when I read it, I totally believe that Heaven will be just like it depicts in this book. The author takes the time to take the horrors of this world and reverse them into what it would be like if they were eliminated.

            I just want to be there, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Lord come!!!
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            Is Jesus your co-pilot? If so, then you better switch seats!


            • hugsfrom Jesus.....

              thanks for the book review on snapshots of heaven. I'll see if I can find one. sounds wonderful!!!

              thanks for sharing!


              • Follow-up to OP regarding question on R. Alcorn's book, Heaven. A few years ago, from
                R. Alcorn's web site, Eternal Perspective ministries, I ordered several packs of the little 'Heaven' booklets. They are excerpts from the larger book, and in the back the gospel is presented. They make nice little booklets to give to delivery people or workers who come to the house. They are non-threatening and generally well-received. There is also a Spanish version called, "El Cielo".


                • It's an excellent book. I checked it out from the library twice last year when my grandmother was dying of cancer.


                  • I highly recommend Heaven. I have the book, and it is well worth reading.
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                    • As someone who has had a child pass, this book was such an encouragement to me. It lifted my spirits just to be walked through the scriptures.

                      I think it would be great for them to read while she is still with them, and maybe she could write her dad a note and put it up, so when she has gone home, he can be blessed and be encouraged by reading it again.

                      I am a fan on his facebook page, I would suggest they add him if they are FB users. He might even counsel them together.


                      • Could you give a link to his facebook page?


                        • so sorry to be tardy on posting his link.