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Antichrist rise and fall.

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  • Antichrist rise and fall.

    im sure there are many end times novelization but they do not discourage me of making one fictional end times graphic novel. since end times studies are escalating and everything are hyping up i wanted to create characters especially my own version of the Anti Christ.

    the antichrist's name is Julian Thomas Garciano, in the story i put him as a protege of a tony blair look a like character John Thomas.

    i plan to summarize his career and his highlights that he is a very enthusiastic and energetic kid who wanted world peace and took studies on international studies. after he graduated, he worked in the UN, served in various UN peace troopers and eventually went in the middle east. he gained the respect of the muslim world and with his friends he was hailed as their "messiah" like thing. he devoted his young career years in solving disputes until gaining the holy grail of diplomacy that is to win both israelites and palestinians. making name for himself in europe and the middle east spread to the rest of the world, one day he and his mentor were assasinated. his mentor suffered minor injuries but Julian was killed but depth in the cold hands of death, he eventually saw his calling, that is to rule the world and exterminate christians and israelites. after being resurrected, evil dominated within him like a man possessed yet projected his mask of being a man of peace. his true color were hinted when he told the world that the jews are responsible to his assassination and blamed christianity for all the chaos in the world. roaring applause from people ensued after he blasphemed God as someone responsible for the end times chaos. little by little he became too much powerful even became allies with all muslim world and the hard to befriend russian forces. i plan to at least make it as biblical as much and work on for consistency.

    i describe julian garciano as a man with a british middle eastern appearance traced from the nobles of assyria and with his celtic roman lineage in which his maternal ancestress alleged to have married nero.