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  • I too was saved because of those books.


    • I am so-so about the Left Behind series. On one hand, I like it since most of what it portrays about the Tribulation period is true and it gives a picture of what the tribulation will be like, and I have no doubt that it indeed has brought people to a saving knowledge of the truth.

      However, people's objections concerning the potential for deception are also valid, especially when it comes time in the Tribulation for people to decide whether to take the Mark or not.

      The KJV translation of Revelation 13:16 says it best: " And he CAUSETH all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads::" I'm not trying to start a debate on the validity of todays bible versions such as the NIV and everything, so don't get me wrong here. However, I feel the KJV says it best here since the fact of the matter is that the Mark will not be something that happens when you're asleep and a secret policemen sticks a needle in you while you're asleep at night.

      The Antichrist won't be able to "force" his mark upon anyone. He will certainly use economic pressures, social pressures, torture, and other such devices in order to get people to take the mark, but that wouldn't mean that the people were forced against their will to take it. They willfully chose, despite all the warnings(God will see to it that everyone knows the implications of taking the Mark, Revelation 14:9-11 when the third angel is flying around warning people not to take the mark), and the Bible says that to whom much is given, much is required(Luke 12:48).

      The Bible says that the Mark will either be placed in the forehead or in the right hand, right? It could be that one of the deceptions the Antichrist will use is to tell people that it's OK to take the mark in the right hand, since they're only really worshipping the Antichrist if they take it in their forehead. Either that or the people taking the mark themselves will be thinking that, contrary to what the Bible says, which makes it abundantly clear that ANYONE who takes the Mark, regardless of their feelings or motives about it, will be sent to the Lake of Fire(Revelation 14:9-11).

      Revelation 16:2 says "And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, AND upon them which worshipped his image."

      I don't really know of any other way to read this. The Bible here makes it clear that all who involve themselves in the Antichrist society, regardless of whether they were first in line to eagerly take the mark or if they did it grudgingly in order to survive, will fall under God's judgment, which will be poured out WITHOUT MIXTURE(Revelation 14:10). That means that when one takes the mark or bows the knee to the antichrist, their eternal fate is SEALED. The door of God's mercy is forever shut for them. In short, taking the mark of the beast or worshipping the antichrist, both are unforgivable sins. In Revelation 16 it reads where during the bowls how the Marked people will realize that God is behind the plagues, but instead of repenting and giving glory to God, they will instead blaspheme Him, which would also give support to the idea that the Mark seals ones eternal fate. That sealing will be probably due to two factors:

      1. The decision to bow to the antichrist or take his mark will have a hardening effect on their heart that seals it beyond redemption, as what I get from these verses.

      2. As I said, since they knew without a shadow of a doubt the implications, and given the fact that when one sees all those judgments and has had the testimony of the angels, men from the 144,000 witnesses, plus the Two witnesses, and I have no doubt that they will hear of the Two Witnesses' powers to breathe fire on those who will harm them and will feel the effects of their plagues, when one experiences all of that, it's obvious that they have been given very much. And for someone to go against all of that and to take the mark, God won't be of the thinking "well ok I understand your economic issues." No, God's thoughts towards them are along this line: "Because you went against the testimony of My angels, ignored the testimonies of the 144,000 and the Two Witnesses, not to mention all the signs and judgments you saw over the past few years, and Because of your failure to heed My warning concerning the Mark, the Day of Mercy is over for you."

      Someone in the Tribulation period may think "well if Chang had both the seal of God and the Mark of the Beast and got off scott free, I could do so as well", not realizing the fatality of that thinking. You cannot serve two masters, and God wouldn't accept "well I took the mark to spy on the antichrist and help your tribulation saints" as an excuse. You either submit and trust in Jesus Christ and prove your loyalty to Him by resisting the mark no matter what comes your way, or you reject Jesus Christ's Lordship and sell your birthright to the Antichrist for the equivalent of a bowl of lentil stew by taking the Mark.

      I'm in no way promoting Mid-trib, Pre-wrath, or Post-trib views here, I'm of the pre-trib view myself, and applaud the left-behind series due to it's effect in bringing an understanding of Bible Prophecy to people who would otherwise be clueless about it, and for its use in bringing people now to a saving knowledge of Christ. Now, I realize that the Left Behind series is fiction, and my intention is not to bash other viewpoints, but rather to clear up any misconceptions concerning the Mark of the Beast and such things.


      • This series is what kicked off my study of Biblical eschatology. I was already born-again when I picked up the first one, had heard about the Rapture from a "crazy Bible nut" about a decade earlier but new little about it until I read this book series, borrowed from a neighbor (except for the two she had missing, which I bought her to complete her series---all 16 books, including the prequels---as a thank you).

        I spent the next 18 months laboring in the Word, in prayer, and in all five views of the rapture (timing) before the Lord led me to deep conviction and assurance through His Word that He indeed promises a pre-Tribulation rapture. I am about 18 months since that revelation in His Word and working on other things eshatological and loving the Lord's Word.

        These books are a wonderful way to inspire a deep look into the Lord's Word and what it says like a Berean and drawing closer to the Lord in prayer to be lead by the Holy Spirit to be taught the Truth. They are not the Truth themselves. Only hearing the Gospel saves, not these books themselves.

        I am now a crazy Bible nut myself, and according to an article I read recently, considered very dangerous in America because I read my Bible literally. LOL


        • I just bought the first three books this weekend. I wish I had read these years ago. I can see how fiction can reinforce and instruct about the Bible, and this book is well written. I didn't expect it to be but it is!


          • Originally posted by Yahweh's Girl View Post
            I haven't read the whole thread, but I have a quick question:

            I haven't read the Left Behind series, but are the movies and the books similar or different?
            I didn't think the movies were very good. However, I'm a reader and not much of a movie person. To me they weren't very well done and as with most movies that are made from a book you just don't get all the details or little nuances that are in the book. A lot is left out. The books are really written in a quite simplistic way. I usually read one in a single setting.

            Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I only think there are two of the movies.