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7 Days in Entebbe

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  • 7 Days in Entebbe

    I had low expectations for this movie. Review was not that great. Had not heard any opinion from anyone who saw the or friendwise. However, one of the few things my 85 year old mother really likes to do is go to off we went.

    And WOW!!! The movie was riveting, dramatic and even though you knew how it ended it captured you from the very beginning and did not let you go until the end. Fascinating to see the interplay between Israeli politicians and the military. Learned things I did not know. Acting was great. There is one scene where some folks are in T-shirts and boxer shorts...mention this as some might take objection to this and do not want anyone to go and be does not have anything to do with a romantic/sex has to do with something else which I will not mention as I do not want to ruin the movie.

    When this moves to the dollar theatre will take my husband to see this. Told my sister that she needed to take her 19 and 23 year old sons to see this movie...much for them to learn and open up discussions with them.

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    Sounds like one that we'll have to watch! I wonder if our small town movie theater will get it?


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      I have read everything about Jonathan Netanyahu, including "The Letters" compiled by Iddo and Bibi, and "Entebbe" the true story of the mission, written by his brother Iddo.
      I also have a documentary called "Follow Me" which is simply wonderful!
      What a remarkable young man, whose love of his country and disdain for the materialistic way of way life in America, was so touching. If only American youth had that same passion!

      I did see the preview for this movie at the beginning of "I can only Imagine" but forgot to check it out... I definitely need to do that!
      Thanks for your thoughts on this
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