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Because it has become insanely difficult to manage a bulletin board these days, the managers of Rapture Ready and Rapture Forums have decided to join our boards together under a software program that is easier to manage. Because RF has their database operating well under an Enforo license, we decided to make Rapture Forums the focal point of a consolidation. Since Chris, the owner of RF, has long experience in running a forum, he can better manage the problems that come with this technology.

If you do not have an account at, please sign up. By the end of November, it will become the forward address of
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Darkest Hour...The Movie About Churchill

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  • Darkest Hour...The Movie About Churchill

    Awesome movie. They say he will win an Academy Award for his portrayal of Churchill. Fascinating tidbits here and there like Roosevelt telling Churchill that the Brits could come get their planes that they already paid for if they sent horses across the Canadian border and dragged the planes by horse into Canada...can you imagine????? Roosevelt really does not come off well in this movie. Despite this Churchill in his last speech has unwavering certainty that the NEW World (the U.S.) would come rescue them...history buffs will love this movie.