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The Myth of A Christian Nation by Gregory A. Boyd

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  • The Myth of A Christian Nation by Gregory A. Boyd

    Wow what an eye-opener this book was! Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down! Taking the scripture John 18:36 where Jesus says, "My kingdom is not from this world" he shows us how the quest for political power is detroying the church. He throughly examines scripture and history to show how we gradually moved from a kingdom under mentality (Jesus' way) through sacrifice and service and loving our enemies, doing good to those who persecute us to a power over mentality that puts us on top, in first place, and destroys and conquers. This book brings in the true meaning of Calvary and calls us to come up higher. Dr. Boyd explains how Constantine fuzed Christianity with politics and how that has become an accepted way of thinking. He uses so many spiritual examples and by the time your finished the book you realize that Christians really aren't getting it. I myself was very convicted and will read this book again. Even though he uses many examples throughout the book, one of the ones that stood out to me is when Jesus' enemies approach Him in the garden. Peter drew his sword and cut off the guards ear. Jesus who could of conquered and destroyed showed a powerful love and a way of life by placing the man's ear back and healing him. Jesus was not in any way into politics or being a conquering nation. After the reading the book you have to ask yourself the question why is our thinking diametrically opposed to Christ and His way. This book does address questions that a Christian might have and is one of the most powerfully convicting books I ever read.

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    Man simply cannot rule themselves.the sin nature always overcomes the best of people and corrupts them.from there it degenerates throughout the ages.I really cant wait to see the Lord's kingdom myself.true peace and a uncorruptable king who Is blessed forever,amen
    In God I Trust