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Families Where Grace Is In Place by Jeff VanVonderen

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  • Families Where Grace Is In Place by Jeff VanVonderen

    I would recommend this book to any Christian who may be going through some family dysfunction. The author is a Christian counselor who explains why many families have problems within their marriages and in parenting. Even though Christians want good marriages and strive to do the right thing when parenting, they end up tired, discouraged and feeling like a failure. The primary cause is because the husband or wife is focusing on the spouses or children's behavior, then they set out to apply pressure, making rules and controlling attitudes and responses. They can spend years trying to transform or fix their spouses or kids with the result being exhaustion or depression. In this book you learn what exactly is God's job and what is ours without use of control, manipulation or legalistic techniques. This book really shows how Christians can fall into living under the curse, the same as the unsaved. This book is very practical and life-changing. One of my very favorites in the area of counseling.