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Burkett's & Bunn's "Kingdom Come"

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  • Burkett's & Bunn's "Kingdom Come"

    “Kingdom Come” by Larry Burkett and T. Davis Bunn.

    Another “what if” plot from Burkett. In central NC a group is buying up land and building at an alarming rate. Not only are they doing this they have actually taken over the government of two small townships.

    Question: Are they the Christian church group they appear to be or are they a cult or something more sinister?

    How much control should the federal government have over law-abiding citizens?

    How much is a US Church denomination willing to do to retain the power they have? Are all the church elders involved or just one member? Are they willing to do God’s will rather than their own?

    Enter main characters, Ben Atkins, a jaded FBI agent specializing in militias and cults and journalist, Dottie Betham. They look for the truth while time is running out. Can they find it before the federal government and evil men can do as much damage as they can?

    So is Kingdom Come a religious community striving to live for Christ? Are they a cult or militia headed for a dangerous showdown with the federal government? What is the truth? How far are people willing to go in order to further their own agendas?

    This book gives a great lesson concerning the petty ambition of men. How far they’re willing to go to further their own ambition. Will they admit when they’re wrong or will they go full steam ahead and damn whoever they harm in the process?

    It’s also a novel about faith. Good book!