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    Fire of Heaven trilogy:
    Blood of Heaven Book I
    Threshold Book II
    Fire of Heaven Book III

    These are about the End Times and the anti-christ. However, they are not supposed to be nor are they intended to be Scripturally accurate as far as "events" are concerned. The author states very clearly this series is about End Times "themes". These are more about your obedient relationship with God. So if you can move past the "events" not being accurate as mentioned in Scripture and prophesy then it's a great series to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Also by the same author:


    This book was WONDERFUL! Another "themed" book regarding our relationship with God especially in current times. The main character is an athiest who has a car crash and calls out to God at the moment of impact. God transports him to an alternate reality where Christ comes during modern times. He goes back and forth between the realities and in the end becomes a believer. It's a very provacative and thought provoking book. Just what would Jesus be like if He was born today? I love the way he kept the Christian allegory going and used modern examples when Christ (Eli) was telling his followers his parables. Very uplifting book which gets you to examine your own relationship with God.