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    Sitting down next to her husband....Stan's wife had to know..."what Honey? what does the Lord want you to do?"

    Stan couldn't contain his emotions...tears fell, he almost choked on his mouth full of toast...."he wants me to start a prayer meeting"

    "that's It???" ..."just a prayer meeting?"

    'Yep, that's what I heard in my spirit"....

    ..."soooooooooo,, what, when or where are you planning to go about that Stan?" "I mean you going to stand before the church and tell everyone or what?"

    Stan ...paused at his wife's question...."No ..No I don't think so...I'm just going to ask one other person to join me for starter's"

    "Who you have in mind?" ...."Well honey of course You and I can pray....but I think God has placed this calling on someone else as well....I'm just going to pray about it some more today and trust that God will order my steps with it ya know?"

    "sounds like a plan" ..."well I've gotta get to work." Stan's wife, leaned over and gave him a quick kiss and hug "love ya" "love ya too"

    Stan sat there over his half eaten toast...."who else Lord?"

    that night, at one of his son's baseball games....Stan stood by the left field fence ...zoning out...he was really tired....He didn't sleep last night...

    When one of his close friends walked up and patted his shoulder.."Hey Stan"..."You look like your in deep thought"...."well HEY Scott, how are you?...and no, just kinda trying to stay awake" ...."I know what you mean" "I didn't get much sleep last night".....Stan looked at Scott and asked inquisitively .."NO?" "nope, couldn't sleep, felt like God was really dealing with me" "about?"..."well, I don't know if I can express it but I just have this burden....I want to see Him Move...and I know it starts in my own life"

    Stan's heart began to race...."You don't say"..."well let me tell you ...last night I had a long night with God and"

    Stand poured out his heart to Scott.....

    "YES, YES...that's exactly what's been on my heart too!!!!" ...."well what can we do? do you think God wants us to do this??"

    "well God's Word says If just two people gather in His Name" "I believe He wants to start in us....just praying" "I mean it's His calling and His vision...we are only responding to what He wants to do right?" "RIGHT"

    "well say, how bout we start tomorrow night,...I've got a key to the church and we can just meet there and PRAY"....."AWESOME SCOTT...that's AWESOME....I can't wait to see what God's going to do!!!"...."ME EITHER STAN...ME EITHER" they each slapped each other's shoulder and joy filled their faces...they were on a mission

    that night ...both slept like crept by...they were both sooooo excited to begin their Pursuit of the Heart of God....

    Little did they know what was to come

    Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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      Stan and Scott arrived at the Church earlier than 7pm.....too excited to begin their mission

      "hey I brought a cd that I burned off I-tunes" Scott piped up...Stan laughed,..."I did the same"

      they walked into the sanctuary and ...almost nervously.....anticipation and expectation's were high ..but for what??

      Scott, turned on the lights and then placed in his version of music.... turning it on softly... they then walked down towards the altars

      Scott asked ..."how should we start? where do we start?"......Stan paused and reflected upon God's words to Him....."He wants us to JUST SEEK HIM"....."sooooo let's just invite Him to help us and let's just do that"

      Stan bowed his bead and began..."Heavenly Father, we are so thankful for this opportunity to come together and seek You....I thank you for my brother Scott and the heart he has to want to join in and pursue Your Heart and Your desire for the hearts of man to be turned to You,.....Lord...we believe You have called us to this time...we ask for Your wisdom, your favor and Your Help" "Let Your Kingdom Come and Your Will be we seek You" "Thank You for Your Son Jesus and His blood that was shared, that gives us free access to You and Your Presence...that we may boldly come before You to seek You and to Find You"

      Scott chimed in "Yes Father, I too thank You for this time and calling....I thank You for Stan and His Heart that's so passionate for You...Help Us Lord ...Move, Reveal and Make Yourself at home in our lives ...and Shake everything You desire to shake in our Area"

      Right from the start...there was a wind at their backs as they dug in and spent that evening in prayer.....

      there was confession....

      Scott in praying had felt let to stop and share with Stan...."I'm ashamed to say this, but man I need to confess this and get it off my chest...I've struggled at work ..during idle time...I've searched stuff on my computer...I know it's hurt my relationship with God.....I just want to tell you for accountability...I don't want nothing to hinder our pursuit"

      Stan encouraged Scott, ...."well hey bro, God's Word says IF we confess our sins one to another...we are made whole...and Jesus cleanses from all our unrighteousness" ..."press on bro, press on"

      and press on they was a glorious night

      "man I needed this" "me too"..."hey, let's meet again thursday night?"....."my son's got a ball game, can we make it 8pm?" "sure" ..."sounds like a plan"

      Thursday night...there cry became more urgent...."Lord, Your everything we need, Your Our beginning ..and Our end, You desire truth in the inward parts...Please be real in us...Help us to find You...we can do nothing without You....we Need You....reveal Yourself to Us"

      the more they sought Him, the more He put on their hearts HIS heart and would begin to show them lives very near to them that were hurting and needing God's Touch

      "Lord, please help the Jones's...their under great stress....please move and draw them to You" "Father, I feel a burden for my co-worker Larry...he's a great friend...I fear for Him...please speak to his heart Lord"

      "Move upon our Pastor, grant Him a time of refreshing....Put your seasoned Words upon Him"

      The heavier the burden they'd feel for someone other than themselves...The deeper their Cry to Seek God Himself became...BECAUSE they knew He was the ANSWER to their CRY

      This night's prayer time...left them with a heaviness, a sober reality of NEEDING to see God Move

      "when's good for you?" Stan asked..."well how bout Saturday night?" ...."let me check with my wife...but I'm sure I can make it work" ....

      both wives were on board...they could see God's work in their husbands hearts

      so saturday night...6pm....they met again

      Inside the sanctuary...the worship ascended and this night...The Holy Spirit ..propelled them onto their faces....crying out for God to show up in their lives and the lives of those around them

      Pulling into the church parking lot, Pastor Wayne....noticed two cars were their ''hmmm, must be special music practice" he thought...he was on his way to his office to fetch his sermon notes to study for tomorrow's message

      He opened the doors and was walking by the sanctuary and heard voices from inside...he paused ...something hit him..almost carried him ..inside and down to the altar...he saw the two men praying...laying prostrate before God....

      he was compelled into the same place ...his heart raced...He began to cry .."Lord what is going on?" "what is this?" .....

      Pastor Wayne and the two men cried out to God

      as their prayer's began to wind down...Stan and Scott got up from their place of prayer and wiped their tear stained faces....

      Pastor had to ask..."what's up?...what are you two doing" Stan bowed his head and then slowly looked back up at the Pastor...

      "were just obeying His call" "we believe He's calling us to Pray ...nothing more...nothing less"

      Pastor Wayne ...COULD NOT SLEEP.....He was stirred...but to what? to Preach with a new furor...a new passion

      the next morning....the praise n worship unusually somber....there seemed a heaviness in the room

      Stan and Scott felt it wasn't what they had hoped after their recent times in prayer....

      But God was moving ...they just couldn't see it YET

      Pastor Wayne....took to the pulpit....put down his Bible...

      then looked out upon the congregation....."I had prepared a sermon for this morning service, but I believe God has something else in mind"

      "Last night I came to Church to get something from my office and discovered two men were in here I asked them why.....and they answered"

      "were just obeying His call" "we believe He's calling us to Pray"

      "As Your Pastor, I'm humbled to admit..I don't know alot ...but I know that it's God that calls man to Prayer.....and I'm not going to get in the way of that"...."so if you don't mind.....I think we should just all ...if physically able...get out from our seats and either come to these altars or make an altar right at your seat"

      "Stan, if you don't mind, before we do, I'd like you to come here and share what God's laid on your heart"

      Stan's wife, patting him on his hand with encouragement He stood up and walked to the pulpit

      "Our God is a jealous God,....and He's longing for our undivided attention....I believe He's calling us to seek Him maybe unlike anyother time we've sought Him before.....HIM...not his Hand, not his blessing BUT HIS PERSON....His Heart ....Just seek Him"

      Pastor Prodded..."Stan, can you lead us? Can you maybe get the people started?" Stan humbled, but sensing the urgency of this moment

      looked around then bowed his head

      "Heavenly Father, we dedicate this sunday morning service to You....we've come today ..not to hear about you, or to sing about you, BUT TO SEEK YOU!!! You've called us to seek Your Heart seek Your Face, while their is still time, while You may still be found...."HELP US FATHER as we surrender this time to do just that"

      and from there.....Stan went and took his place next to his wife and kids as they created their altar and cried out to God

      all across the auditorium...people slowly followed was a glorious beginning to something that God was doing....God's people were praying

      to be continued
      Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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        Stan and Scott were so stirred by what they saw at Siunday Morning Service...their faith was growing...

        "Tuesday night, 7pm?" "You Know it!!!" they pulled into the church parking lot ...walked into the foyer, turned on the lights and put in a worship cd....

        "hey Guys," Pastor Wayne had arrived AGAIN........ Scott smiled at Stan...."Yep, God's doing something"....from out in the hall, the front doors were swinging open...other's had caught fire...they too had come to "seek God's Face" 7 people in all but hey started with two

        over the next couple of weeks...the prayer meeting grew to over 50 people a night was a sight to see

        deacon's, elders, sunday school teacher's ...were seeking God's Face in one accord, asking for a move of God to break out in their community....the people were working and striving believing they were trying to get God to move

        but in reality, God had been working on His people to get them to seek His Face

        over in one isle a high school teenage girl cried, "Father, I sooo want to be more bold at school, there's friends I know don't know you ...please help me to share your goodnews somehow"

        a construction worker across the way, "Father, I pray for my boss, you see the fear and anxiety that's weighing on him to cry out to You for Help"

        Pastor Wayne ..lying face down..."Lord, you hear the cries of your people, I feel so inadequate....please don't let me fail you with whatever it is you are doing?"

        A faithful mom of three cries out...."Lord my our home...please move upon my husband and save him Lord for Your Glory ...and so my kids can see Your love and compassion through their father in Jesus Name"

        Stan and Scott ...were crying fervently ...."Lord, arise in this hour, move in this city, move in the lives of those around us"

        HE WAS .....

        The Highschool Girl, sat down to lunch with the very girls she had been praying for.....they were laughing and cutting up....when suddenly, overcome with the reality of eternity...she began to plead her case..BOLDLY..."I'm sorry but I call you my friends...and soooo I've just got to share this with you"

        "you walk into your bedroom and someone has put a brand new bed, new paint, a jewelry box and all new clothes in your closet.....would you not ask who did all that?" "Well each morning, before You wake Up....there's a new day created...the Sun comes up...birds are singing ...all of creation shouts to you....don't you have to ask ...who put this here?" "2000 years ago Jesus came testifying ..I AM THE ONE who put this here....He told us that He would prove it by rising from the dead...they hung him up on a cross and 3 days later HE DID RISE and HE did Prove He that He is the one who put this all here...I so want you to Meet Him"

        she shared with all her might and passion.......

        The contruction worker....walking past his boss's truck...saw him inside ....his head hanging low...he was talking on his cell, ringing his hands across his face....

        getting out of the truck and slamming the door shut, he cursed the news he had just received....turning to see his employee staring..."what?..what are you looking at, shouldn't you be working?"

        "looks like you got some bad news, was wondering if you'd like to hear some good news?" ....his boss stood silently ..defiantly....but the weight of all the world was crashing was too heavy, he buckled ...."yeah, Yeah I would"

        "I'm picking you up sunday morning boss...your coming with me" "OK....will do"

        Saturday night...over a hundred people gathered for prayer...URGENCY filled their souls....."Lord Revive Your People, Awake this city to their need of You".....tears stained the altar's......

        Sunday morning...the sanctuary was the fullest it had ever been.....Pastor Wayne felt nerves he hadn't felt in years...."why am I so nervous Father?"

        looking out across the sanctuary ....high schooler's had filled several rows...."wow".....

        the construction worker's boss, sat fidgety, ...he had brought his wife and kids too....

        Pastor Wayne took to the pulpit ...."I look out and see many new faces today....and I know each face represents ...many cares ...many burdens....well God the Father has told us we are to cast ALL our cares upon Him......WHY? Because the One who made all the eye can see..the one who owns it all, MADE YOU and He cares for You"

        Pastor Wayne Paused......and slowly looked around....THEN ....being Moved with compassion began to break...and PRAYED

        "Heavenly Father, I'm see all those who are here....HOW ...HOW do I get them to see"......then staring out at the people

        He waited for words...but instead...

        God was moving out in the crowd

        getting out of his seat, the contruction worker's boss.....walked towards the front....."May I say something?" Pastor Wayne welcomed him up and gave him the mic...."It's been along time since I've been in a church......too long" looking over at his employee a tear streaming down his face..."but thanks to my friend...I'm here today...and from the very moment he invited me ...I knew God wanted me ....ME....despite all of my failures and sins and debts...when my friend Invited Me ..I knew it was really GOD inviting me...I've got alots of problems right now...but thank's drawn me back to this place...and all I want to say, I'm giving My Life to Jesus Christ"

        A LOUD ROAR rang out....."THANK YOU JESUS"

        then from the back of the room....came a big burly man in overalls....he stopped and padded his wife's shoulder as she sat by their three kids....his wife's face fill with surprise and shock

        "Pastor, I'd like to take a turn" .....Pastor's eyes welling with tears..."go right ahead"

        "I can't believe I'm here this morning...ya see....I was headed to a hayfield....and I had a twelve gauge shotgun and some Jack Daniels....and was ready to end it all"

        ......I've been a horrible husband.....a horrible dad and felt like I'd be doing them a favor....but as I was driving out to the field.....all I could see was a picture of my wife and was the strangest thing...but I saw them praying...and I knew they was a praying for me....and so I said "Lord, if your saying that I'm worth praying for...then maybe your saying there's Hope I can change....soooo I turned my ole pick up truck around and here I am......and Honey if you think Jesus can forgive me and you and the kids can forgive me...then that's what I want.... a new start.....

        his wife and three kids came running down the aisle hugging their big burly man....Pastor Wayne huddled them up and they invited Jesus to forgive and heal...He already had and was

        as Pastor Wayne finished praying he turned and looked out upon the congregation.....the altars were filled....people had broken up in groups and were praying for one another.....

        the service lasted til 2pm .....the next night....the sanctuary was full for another prayer meeting...

        prayer groups were breaking out at the local schools, business were having bible study at three weeks time....a special service had been called and the whole community met at the football field....

        prayer, confession of sin and testimonies were shared....hundreds had given their lives to Jesus.....

        at 10pm CST .....Pastor Wayne...called Stan and Scott up to lead in a closing Prayer......

        as Stan began to Pray......a LOUD SHOUT CAME FROM ON HIGH........"COME UP HERE"

        They Did.....They Were READY!!!!

        "the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much"

        ...."Let's believe this"
        Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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          "Ok, well, I love you, I just hope you know that"..."Ok Yea Mom I do, but I just gotta go".."please take care" "good by"........Ellie closed her cell phone, tears streaming down her cheeks....a heavy heavy weight upon her shoulder's

          she fell beside the couch, onto her knees...tightly clasped her hands and began to pray

          "Heavenly Father,

          "he's my son...I have no idea what to say, what to do? are you NOT Listening? ...Is He too far gone? IS there any hope?....she began to wail, there were no words....groaning out of the deepest part of her heart...

          Ellie layed face down, sobbing

          Kyle, drove furiously down the interstate....LIVID with his mom....."why, why can't she just let me be?"....."it's NOT like she's been the greatest mom, I mean...she goes to Church and all, but she forgets I've seen her struggles, ....SO WHAT'S THE BIG STINKIN DEAL ...I mean...who's she to tell me "to turn to God?"

          Kyle exited off the interstate and turned into the convenience store.....walking over to the alcohol section....his anger boiling....He picked up a fifth of his favorite and headed to the counter

          but THEN to his great shame....walked in a man who Kyle had held in great esteem, "KYLE, It's great to see YOU!!!" "Man, How are you doing?"......Kyle tried to conceal the bottle behind his back, but realized his futility, ..."well, I've had better days, was just getting ready to head home and watch some sports and chill out?" " but hey, How are you doing Bob?"

          still on her face.....Kyle's Mom, Ellie...continued to pour out her heart to God...."Lord, if their be anyway, Please do a quick my son...I'm weery ..and scared Lord, SCARED FOR MY SON"

          Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father....Tears running down his face....looked to The Father....both their faces lighting up with great Joy they watched what they knew before the foundations of the earth was about to take place....Before Kyle had even been born...Jesus Had already paid his Price

          Bob, walking alongside Kyle to His car.....began to cry......

          KYLE, I've watched you grow up to be the man that you are...and I gotta tell ya Kyle...It hurts, It hurts because I Know YOU KNOW....this isn't What God has intended....."OH YEAH?? THEN WHAT THE HECK DOES HE WANT FROM ME? HUH? YOU AND MOM? YA BOTH TELL ME THE SAME THING....WHAT? WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?

          Bob, prayed under his breath, "Lord speak through me".....

          Kyle, "Quit Running and Quit Fighting"....and DO WHAT??? "Humble Yourself, ADMIT that Your miserable, that your lost, that You don't even know what it is your striving and fighting for an surrender Your Life to the One who does....."BUT WHAT IS IT THAT HE WANTS FROM ME?".....He wants YOU Kyle, HE wants Your Heart, Your soul, your UNDIVIDED attention, Because He Loves You, He loves you so much, the bible says that You were fearfully and wonderfully made in His Hands...that He formed You in your mother's womb, and while He was crafting You ...HE was speaking of You and thinkin of You and what He wants is for You to recognize You can do NOTHING without Him...that You Need Him and that You would seek to KNOW HIM"

          Kyle looked at Bob's tears, he then looked down at the pavement...his mind drifted to thoughts of his mom...."OH KYLE, I'm not ashamed of you, I just hurt for you..that's all Kyle....I just want You to KNOW HIM" she had begged

          Kyle looking back up at Bob.....tears poured, "Ok Bob....can you introduce me???" Bob, chuckled through His tears...."YEA Kyle, I sure can"......right there in that convenience store parking Lot....Bob Introduced Kyle to The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ......

          they walked the fifth of alcohol back into the store and exchanged it for a gas card

          "I think there's someone who'd love to hear from you Kyle"....Kyle's eyes lit up.....

          Kyle went out to his car and picked up his cell......

          Ellie had dried the tears from her face and was sitting on the couch.....Her cell phone was buzzing ..."IT WAS KYLE!!!!"

          taking a big breath....she answered..."Hey There" ....."Mom" Kyle's voice broke...."Your never gonna believe what just happened" "WHAT Son?" ....welll after I hung up with you...

          Kyle shared the story

          Ellie's raising her hand toward heaven ....and whispering over an over "thank You JESUS" as Kyle shared the goodnews

          In Heaven, Shouts rang out....."Holy, Holy, Holy".....A Great Cloud of Witness......CHEERED....."BEHOLD THE LAMB"

          It was just a few months later.......Kyle called His Mom to share all that He had been learning in his bible study....

          "Mom, I just want to say thanks...thanks for never giving up on me"......Ellie choked back the tears...

          It was 10pm CST...they were talking about Jesus.....When a shout from on High came......"COME UP HERE"

          They Were Ready!!!!!!
          Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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            I just wanted to say great job Sounding! Keep up the good work. And all of you really should check out the Are They Ready for This story and site and read what all the writers have written.


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              I want to update this thread just to say this:

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