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    Molly sat on the sofa fighting for every other breath she took. Weariness shot through her right knee as she attempted to move it. Gotta be more careful with that knee. she groaned inwardly. Molly's mother fluttered in and out of the living room bearing trays of unknown substances and glasses full of lemon water that were supposed to cure her breathing. On her last trip she brought a wet cloth which she said was soaked in cotton seed oil and vinegar.

    "It'll mend your knee in no time if you'll keep it on there." promised her mother as Molly shook her head in distaste when she saw the dripping rag. This has to be the last straw, Molly sighed.

    "Mom, I appreciate all that you have done for me in life and I appreciate you care and love for me, but I can't take another homeopathic tribal remedy right now." Mom frowned.

    "Molly, your body is the temple of God! You must take care of yourself. You have a deadly disease that will kill you in a couple of years," wailed Molly's mother. Yeah, right. All over a banged up knee and a common cold, grumbled Molly. I got the sore knee through caring for you when you were ill. Wore myself plumb out running back and forth for you.

    She sighed deeply, picked up the glass of lemon water that was fast giving her an upset stomach, and marched back to her bedroom. Oh, Jesus! How long Lord? How long do I have to deal with this?

    She limped across the room to where a poem was tacked onto her bulletin board. Her eyes fell onto the last line of the peom that read, "Then, Come, dear Bridegroom, Come away." She wiped a stray tear out of her blue eyes. Yes, do come dear Bridegroom! I'm ready.

    The front door banged open as Molly's sister charged into the house overloaded with backpack, books, and empty coffee cups. Molly rushed up the hall to see who arrived. A sweet innocent orange tabby cat bounded up the stairs to greet Molly. Her big sister grinned at the cat, sending a quick wink in Molly's direction. Molly's mother looked up from her seat on the couch just in time to catch both girls grinning at something on the floor.

    "Y'all get that cat out of her now," she ordered Molly. "Go on, hurry up. Cat fur is floating into my ginger drink!" How on earth can that be? wondered Molly. Kitty is just on the floor about 35 yards away from you. I haven't even touched the poor thing. Molly hurriedly whisked Kitten out of the house into the big lonely outdoors. Then she ran back to her room for a much needed rest.

    Molly woke up from a sound sleep later that afternoon. She heard a shout, and another, and another! That voice! It sounded like the breakers at the beach as they crashed amongst the rocks. Another instant, and she found herself in His presence standing with her dear mother and father. She glanced down the golden street. There stood her best friend. Molly ran down the street and hugged her friend tightly. Then she noticed another marvelous change. Her body was free from it's temporary aches and "deadly" diseases for she had been given a new body!

    "Thank you Jesus for coming back for us! I've waited on you forever and I thought you'd never come again."

    "Didn't I tell you that those light afflictions work a far more exceeding weight of glory, my child? Did I not remind you that when you passed through the waters, I would be with you? Molly, I was there with you all the time. At all times I never tested and tried you above what you were able to bear. I have kept my promises to you even though you often complained. But you were always my child and I love you."

    Molly smiled to herself, Truly, it was worth it all just to see my Saviour.

    She was ready!


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      Originally posted by SoundingtheAlarm View Post
      "Oh God this sucks ..this really sucks..I can't believe this" Zach continued to pace ...then stopping and raising the blinds and staring out into the night

      There in it's full Glory ...was the moon staring at Zach ..."who put that there Zach?"........"what the?" Zach shouted to himself..."alright..get a grip Zach, your losing it...just take a hit and chill" ...Zach strolled over to pick up his faithful pipe and smoke these thoughts away

      lighter in hand....pipe too...ready to inhale and buzz off for the night

      but his computer monitor sat starting at him...taunting him ...Rapture Ready was still in view....Zach hurried over intently to close out the page and the private message and close it down

      BUT he couldn't....he sat back down, he wanted to respond..he had to know more.....Maybe....just maybe this could "Be Real"
      placing his hands onto the keyboard, his heart racing

      when suddenly he felt this incredible presence in his room ..For the first time in his life Zach didn't FEEL alone...clicking open the PM to respond

      Zach's tone shifted,

      Thanks for your reply, I'm sorry if my post sounds like I'm just here to fight and mock ...I'm Not and I'm NOT a TROLL either, I'm here with real questions ...If this Jesus is who you say He is can I know He's really God, and how can I get His attention?

      Thanks for your time...


      then as quickly as he typed his reply he hit send

      then back to pacing his room....his room now filled with a presence he had never known....the Presence of Almighty God working on his heart and mind
      Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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        Driving home from work..pulling into his garage...Sonny sighs..."Home"

        running to meet him at the door is "sis" ..wanting to show off her day's achievement "look daddy, look what I got at school" ...holding up in her hand a gold card"you were caught being good!" "AWESOME SIS...that deserves something special" "What Daddy, what?" "well let me get inside honey and let me think about it and then I'll decide ok?"

        running towards the kitchen and her mom...sis shouts.."mommy mommy, daddy says I get a desert??" Smiling from ear to ear...Sonny's wife..Shaunee "a desert?" "I didn't say desert I said you "deserve something special" Walking up and giving his wife a hug and a kiss

        Sonny has to holler for the two boys ...they are glued to their video games "HEY BOYS" ..."BOYS" .."yeah dad?" "Oh hey dad"

        "Oh Hey Dad?" "sorreeeee dad" his oldest clicks off the computer and walks over to his dad....."got your homework done son?" "uhhhh almost" "well get the almost part done" "ahh dad" and then looking over at his other son..who squeemishly acknowledges his guilt and runs to pick up his back pack and start on his own homework

        a typical night in this family home....dinner, homework, hussle and bussle.. then some nightly reading required for prayer time and then off to bed

        Sonny sitting in his favorite spot on the sofa next to his wife as they thumb through the channels...Sonny owning the remote of course

        "I'm tired honey...ya wanna crash?" "nah I'm kinda wired I think I will stay up a while longer"...flipping through the channels and then deciding to check his email...Sonny clicks on his itunes account and begins playing one of his favorite songs "Just Give Me Jesus"

        sitting at his computer...a tugging of Sonny's heart propels him back into the living room and onto his knees...."Heavenly Father I feel your tug and here I am Lord"

        Sonny having the worst voice on planet earth would start off praying but in no short order begin to sing "Just give me Jesus....Just Give me JEEEEEESUS" tears falling ....not noticing the cracking of his son's bedroom door....

        into the living room walks his oldest son and kneels beside his dad..."putting his arm around his dad" and bringing Sonny back from making his joyful noise

        Dad, I've been meaning to mention this....and hearing you pray ..I wondered if we could both pray" "sure for what or who son?" "his name is Zach, and uh well, he's that kid who lost his sister and well he runs with this crowd ..a bad crowd.. they are known to be trouble ...bigtime trouble...BUT for some reason..when I see him dad, I just get this heavy burden and I'm not sure what to do with it" "well son, when God puts someone on your heart, it's because He wants you to lay down your time and begin to pray for them"

        Putting his arm around his son...Sonny begins to pray again...."Lord, I thank You for moving in my son's heart..and I thank You for this young man named Zach"

        Entering into a TIME of intercession for Zach...little did they know.............................
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        Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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          Originally posted by SoundingtheAlarm View Post
          placing his hands onto the keyboard, his heart racing

          when suddenly he felt this incredible presence in his room ..For the first time in his life Zach didn't FEEL alone...clicking open the PM to respond

          Zach's tone shifted,

          Thanks for your reply, I'm sorry if my post sounds like I'm just here to fight and mock ...I'm Not and I'm NOT a TROLL either, I'm here with real questions ...If this Jesus is who you say He is can I know He's really God, and how can I get His attention?

          Thanks for your time...


          then as quickly as he typed his reply he hit send

          then back to pacing his room....his room now filled with a presence he had never known....the Presence of Almighty God working on his heart and mind


          Zach continued to stir ..pacing and then sitting at his computer...then back up...His cell phone lighting up with new messages and voice mails....

          ba boom

          Zach could hear his own heart racing....a nervous energy flowing through him he awaited a reply from a total stranger

          a reply that would change his whole life

          across town...two people Zach MIGHT recognize at a local grocery store but would never give the time of day...are huddled praying

          sitting down to his computer THERE IT WAS......The Reply

          Dear Unbeliever,

          Thanks for your reply and I trust your sincere questions

          If we seem guarded or edgy it's because we DO get bombarded with many Insincere visitors or TROLLS most certainly

          but I just have a feeling about right to your question



          there have been many people who have claimed to be a god and many who claimed they were this or they were that but there Has ONLY BEEN ONE ...that has ever PROVED He was and Is GOD

          and of course...That would be Jesus

          but let's start with this

          Ya get up in the middle of night...You walk into Your Living Room....there is brand new furniture ...Tv, love seat, couch, end tables, carpet, paint ...all stylishly set in place..way beyond your skills

          would it not be logical to ask "Who did this?" Did all that EVOLVE in the room?

          So you start to inquire...Who Put this here?

          And so should it be that each and every day as you wake up and see this world, the sunrise, the grass the trees ..the many many gazillion things that are lined up shouting to You that SOMEONE put all those things Here AND shouts for You to ask this following question

          who Put You and I here?

          If you honestly ask that question? It will lead to want to Know The Answer

          Jesus came to this earth ...born of a virgin...lived a sinless life ....peformed many many documented miracles....and testified to all who would Listen that He was and Is and Is to come..that He is The Way, The Truth and the Life and said listen to prove or authenticate my message to You Unbeliever and all the World...

          I will take the Sins of all mankind upon Me...You will kill me BUT three days later I will be Alive Again and He that Believes upon Me will NEVER Perish but live eternally

          And that's exactly what happened...2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ was Hung on a Cross for the Sins of the Whole World, It was a brutal event and one of great documentation, But NOT Only did Jesus Christ die, He did something ELSE...

          While an armed guard stood watch over his gravesite...Jesus walked out of that guarded area three days later, JUST AS HE SAID HE WOULD and that empty tomb shouts a message for the whole world to hear...JESUS IS LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF ALL KINGS AND HE IS YOUR CREATOR

          So there you have it Unbeliever...a very simple message..I could sit here and debate for hours but It all boils down to this....You are Alive!!! and Your life is a gift that was given to You by a Loving Creator...Who made you to wake up and ask "who put me Here? then through seeking to find the Answer You would realize that His Name is JESUS....all of Creation and an Empty Tomb Testify He is GOD"

          Unbeliever, I pray you Hear these words and Believe them and I pray you take the next step....the Bible says If You believe in Your Heart that Jesus Christ died and then three days later rose from the Grave and You confess that Faith out loud to someone ..anyone ...You will be SAVED!" WILL YOU????
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          Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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            for those who seek.


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              Zach sat at his computer..staring at The Reply he had so impatiently awaited...his heart still pounding with each word he read...those words piercing his heart and soul

              across town....Father and son finished their prayer's ...."Dad, ya think there's any hope for Zach?" "I mean ya think God can do anything about it?? Sonny, put his hand firmly on his son's shoulder and in a loving rebuke answered..."son, why did we pray if we didn't believe He could? or that He would....and let me go one step you think you want Zach saved more than God OR maybe..just maybe God put that burden for Zach in your heart because He wanted to partner with you in reaching Zach??" "gee dad your smarter than you look" ...gently shoving his old man...the son and the Father said goodnight and then off to bed...they crashed for the night

              However back in Zach's room ....The Spirit of God continued to take the Words that had been written and penetrated Zach's soul and watered them with His convincing Presence....

              "thoughts of peace and hope flooded Zach's mind...and One thought in particular screamed louder and louder..."Believe Upon Jesus, Believe He died, Believe He rose again and tell someone"....."BELIEVE UPON JESUS" ...

              pacing faster and faster ....his emotions chasing his every step TIL Zach collapsed beside his bed and fell to his knees "OK JESUS...I DO.....I DO" ...."I BELIEVE IN YOU"
              Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                Sunday Morning ...small town USA

                "BOYS, It's time to get up!!!" Shouted Sonny, "I'm NOT telling ya again" "oh Grouch" His lovely looking wife chided...."You aren't no bed of sunshine getting up either babe...."well I don't sleep half the morning babe"

                stumbling down the hall...the two boys crash on the sofa, their daily wake up ritual..

                while "sis" sits at the table eating her pop tart...already dressed and ready for church...."geez boys why do you sleep so late" she taunts ...a pillow barely misses it's target

                "SON, don't you dare"

                YAWN....would this day be anything special?

                Across town, at that one house....Zach had set his alarm, he had no idea what to expect and had really no idea what to do...all he knew was he had to "tell someone" about his newfound faith....he had been to church many times but never as anything but someone's overnight guest...or as antagonist with his arsenal full and ready for denial

                but this day was oh so different, he was no longer a skeptic longer an enemy but a REAL BELIEVER

                in no short order he was dressed and ready and out the door...

                Sonny and his family pulled into The Church parking lot ..the sunshine so bright that it hurt their was a glorious day for sure that Had the two boys already dreaming of what they'd be doing had snowed for day after day and FINALLY the sun was BACK

                stumbling into the foyer and then to their "normal seats" the family five found themselves ready for the service....

                in no time...the service started as the worship leader smiled a big smile and they all began to sing .

                outside in the foyer....stood one young man named Zach, once again PACING...both by step and his boom boom....three, four , maybe ten times he started to BOLT but felt compelled to finally step inside....

                When he did....His eyes surveyed the room and then instantly made contact...."hey, I know that dude"

                sitting in his seat.....ELBOWING his Dad..."DAD ...DAD" ...."what son?" looking annoyed by the elbow...."that's HIM!!!" "that's WHO SON?" ...that's ZACH!!!!

                and what happened next shook the entire congregation

                the young man named Zach..being nudged by The Person of the Holy Spirit..walked past the back row, the middle rows and all the way to the front...The Worship Leader..a first wary, paused and looked toward The Pastor for direction.....The Pastor walked over and knelt over to ask "is there something we can do?"

                Zach looking left and right and over the whole building ...then making eye contact with the Pastor "I have something I am suppose to say"

                The Pastor asked "is it appropriate for church son?" "uhhhh well I just want to tell everyone that I Believe in Jesus"

                taken aback by the young man's words....The Pastor asked for his MIC to be made Hot.....

                "I know this is not according to our schedule but how many know God can work outside our little box?" AMENS popped in

                This young man has come in here and says He has something to I'm going to let him say it

                then asking for someone to bring another mic....he hands the mic to the young man...who promptly and nervously drops the mic sending shock waves across the congregation along with a nervous laughter

                patting him on the back..the Pastor coaxes him back to reality...

                "uhhh ummmmm, trying to gain his name is Zach, the reason I'm here is cuz I was told that If I Believed Jesus was nailed to a Cross and then Rose from the Grave and I told someone ...that I could be Saved" .."well that's what I'm here to tell you people that I do Believe Jesus Died on a Cross, I do believe He rose from a grave and I want Him to save me"

                a flood of emotion filled that room ...INSTANTLY... as The Glory of God fell upon the place where they were all sitting...Tears flowed like a flood and person after person left their seats to embrace the young man and welcome him to the Family of God...

                the Pastor realizing the depth of Conviction that was there...spoke up..."There are more people here who need to take the same bold step this young man just did...You need to run up here" Like a mob at walmart on Black Friday....several more people ran to take their turn and make their confession...

                Over in a far aisle....a Father and Son...hunkered down, boo hooing "thank You Jesus" as they witnessed an answered Prayer

                "Sonny..the Father of five embraced his family and they began to pray for MORE People that came to mind!!!!" and then looking at his son...."what do you think son? Ya think God was listening?"

                That night......Zach sat at his computer emailing his buddies his testimony

                The family of five..took family prayer time alot more seriously...

                but THEN at 10pm CST ....They Heard a Shout....COME UP HERE.....Zach heard it too....AND DON'T FORGET the one who typed those PM'S at Rapture Ready (OWL, Buzzardhut, Tres Wright, Carolina Guy and the many faithful others)

                THEY WERE READY
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                Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                  Beau struggles out of bed's 2:30am, his shift starts in an hour, a quick shower, then opens the fridge, grabs his ususal 24oz diet mt dew and heads out the door

                  his daily routine for years, but a little over a year ago something that had been so routine and such a huge part of his life is now absent

                  His mom, Alice had passed away ...a woman of devout faith, a mom that had always been there at every turn with answers and a love without condition

                  Beau had watched her lose a battle he thought his mother could not lose, a battle with cancer...he had been forced to watch sometimes by the minute, helplessly seeing his mom dwindle away

                  and a major blow to Beau's Faith and his world's view came in October when he said his goodbye's

                  over time his heart has grown hardened and bitter to so many of what he would call religious cliche's...he don't want to hear the platitude's ...he just misses his mom, he watched her taken away before his very eyes

                  his drive to work in the early morning hour is a blurr, one he's done in his sleep, he gets to work, completes his job ...his shift over ..drudging through life..downcast at best

                  driving back home...his car ride turns divine....when deep in his spirit a voice speaks up...."do NOT let your heart be trouble Beau, In my house there are MANY Mansions, and right now your Mom is at hers ..she's here with me, if it were not true...I would not tell you so"

                  Beau hit the brakes and pulled aside the interstate...getting out his truck....screams at the sky...."WHY? WHY? did you take her? Why didn't You Heal her and let her stay here?".....tears flowing

                  the answer came

                  "Beau it was appointed for Your Mom to die, but as you very well know she believed upon Me and because she did, she has NOT truly perished..SHE'S ALIVE and She's Here and She's cheering You on!!!! Arise and go and sorrow NO MORE" "You have believed in God, Believe in Me..... I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, and where your mother is... there you may be also"

                  Beau fell down alongside the interstate, onto his knees ...tears pouring as He let go, He let go of the hardness of his heart and cried out ...I BELIEVE in YOU JESUS...I DO!!!

                  stammering back onto his feet ....Beau drove the remaining 20 or so miles back to his house...a new hope burning within him...a sense of urgency and longing to be "there"

                  Beau hung out with his family with a new joy and purpose.....dinner, help with homework as usual.....then he hugged and kissed and tucked in his young daughter named Faith....a kiss on the cheek and a stern, "NO you are going to sleep" as she asked for one last drink

                  then tired and eager for sleep, 2:30am comes quick....but not this night for Beau

                  Because at 10pm cst ... a shout came....."COME UP HERE"

                  Beau was READY!!!!!!

                  ****there were hundreds if not thousands of prayer's lifted up for this awesome woman of God, she went home NOT because of her lack of faith or some kind of Sin....It was just Her appointed Time

                  If you are struggling and fighting cancer..please Know I believe God is totally able to heal you and willing boss is a Stage IV cancer survivor...when it's NOT Your Appointed Time...You aren't going nowhere, But sometimes Jesus says "Come on Home"
                  Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                    walking along I-44 ...his face weathered by wind and time...Harold turns and holds up his thumb..his faith low, his pessimism high.....he see's the looks and the scowls..."you wouldn't look at me that way IF you would what I had done for you" he thinks to himself

                    car after car passing by...Harold keeps walking ahead....but his thoughts bound to the past....

                    constant reminder's of his years of surviving through enemy jungles and hot humid nights spent watching and wondering would he ever make it home alive....took their toll and have left Harold hardened, scarred and bitter

                    Failed marriage(s)...abandoned kids, fired or laid off....NO RESPECT...they wouldn't have treated him that way ..IF THEY KNEW WHAT HE HAD DONE FOR THEM

                    finally making it to an old truckstop along the interstate...Harold walks in...long grayed hair..ratted..his hands filthy ...his clothes tattered, he senses the stares...."BUM" "Loser" "dead beat" ...the names he's sure they are all calling him

                    he sits down at a booth ...lights up a cigarette and sighs...."you all wouldn't be staring at me like that IF you knew what I'd done for you"

                    "sir, my names Jack....what can I get for you?" a man asks

                    "how bout a million dollars and a cup of coffee" ..."well if I had a million dollars I wouldn't be working here..but I'll definitely get you the coffee" Jack smiles

                    Harold, taken aback by the man's pleasant tone and warm nature..finds it in him to smile as well, then nervously and skeptically looks around assuming the scorn of others
                    Ringing his hands through his hair..then rubbing his eyes...oblivious to Jack walking up his coffee....."here's that coffee...and if you don't mind friend..I'd like to buy ya dinner" "NAH...that's not necessary" Harold's pride rising up....
                    "well listen, I don't have a million dollars, but this restaurant's mine ..and I reserve the right to "treat" who ever I want..and as long as your a first time guest in my get to eat free"
                    Harold looking around sheepishly if this must be some sort of joke...but then realizing the only eyes on him, are Jack's ..and then with a suttle nod...Harold agrees...."that's mighty kind of you an since you say it's for first time guest..well alright, so what's good..I mean what do you recommend?" "tell ya what...I'll bring you a menu...and whatever looks good to you..I'll make sure it's cooked just the way you like it"
                    Harold exhales..."whoa, this is different?" he thinks to himself....having never felt welcome anywhere..he now sits at the table of a genuine restaurant owner..almost feeling like royalty
                    "ahhhh who am I kidding..this is just someone who thinks I'm a charity case" his pessimistic side raring it's ugly head..."it's the least the guy should do..especially if he knew all I had done for him"
                    Jack walking back.....could see the hard countenance on Harold's face and had to choke back a tear..."Lord, I know you brought this one in...please move through me for your Glory in Jesus Name" he prays
                    "well here ya go..take a look at what suits your fancy and I'll be glad to get it for ya" "and say I didn't catch your name earlier?" "uh oh thanks and Harold..or Sgt Harold Anderson if you will" ...."you don't say?" ...well Sgt's my honor to have you here...PLEASE order whatever you want
                    It had been a long time since Harold could order up like this, but feeling ashamed and unworthy ...he wrestled to ask for all that his stomach begged
                    "I'll have your "special".......on the sign it said ...."two eggs, bacon and toast $4.99" and off Jack went but minutes later...he and two ladies came rolling a tray
                    on the tray was the two eggs, bacon...BUT there was pancakes, biscuits and gravy, oranges, grapes and much more...."what in the world? ...what is all this????" Harold asks
                    "It's our Champions Breakfast" "only rolled out to our very special guest" ....Harold's eyes surveyed it all and part of him wanted to say..."I'M NO CHARITY CASE!!!!!!!"...but there was something deep down inside to wanted to know "why?" "why me?" ..."why now?" ....
                    and besides...HAROLD WAS STARVING.....and no sooner than had the food been set in front of him...than it seemed it was gone....boy did it feel good to feel full
                    as Harold was finishing off his last bite ...a young lady walked up to start cleaning up..."May I?" "sure thing...all done" "what did you think?" "it was the best meal I've had in a long time".."well great, Jack will sure be glad to hear you say that" "Jack sure seems like a nice guy?" "Yah, he is and I gotta tell you ..I'd never step into a church, but thankfully ..the Lord knew that ..and he put Jack in my path" the young lady continued with her story ...."meth, broke, single mother and hopeless" "but one night I stumbled into this place and boom...JESUS" "He's all about JESUS" "and he's for real" "Jack?" "no, the JESUS that Jack preaches..."HE'S FOR REAL" "And if YOU KNEW WHAT HE HAD DONE FOR YOU" "you'd want to know Him too" then just as fast as the young helper had made her way to clean up ..she was gone
                    Harold sat in his booth FULL from his meal, but suddenly feeling oh so empty ....but "why ME?" ..."why now?"
                    then coming from the back....was JACK....walking with a big ole grin on his face ...his smile almost taking Harold aback....."I hear you liked the food?" " was delicious" "I really appreciate it"
                    expecting that it was now sermon time....Harold quickly puts up a wall

                    Jack looking at Harold ask "may I?" with Harold nodding his approval....Jack takes a seat and sighs..."thanks, it's nice to take a break ya know?" Jack sat there and took a great interest in hearing Harold's story...."where he was from, where he had been and where he was headed" "not real sure" Harold had answered...."any place I'm welcome I reckon"

                    Jack feeling a lump in his throat, swallowing back the tears..offers....."tell ya what Harold, I've got an old farm house's was my parent''s got plenty of room and your welcome to stay there as long as you like...just maybe help with some chores ..put out hay for the cattle that type of things and you can... again...stay there til you've had your fill?? how does that sound?"

                    Harold, hearing those words ..sat squirmishly in his seat...this kind of generosity, this wasn't normal?..can I ask you something?...are you a weirdo or what? why on earth would you allow a total stranger into your world?"

                    Jack, had to chuckle...."nahhh, none of the above Harold" "besides, your wrong about's not my's My Lord's and He's told me to share it with whoever would come and need you see, you wouldn't only be my guest...You're an invited guest of God Almighty"

                    "ya don't say?" Harold caught himself sarcastically responding....."I'm sorry..forgive me but not sure too much into this God stuff" "that is quite alright Harold, because He is totally about You" "when you hear all He's done for you, you will understand"......

                    Jack, helped Harold with his bag and drove him out to his him all set up and situated ....."Shower's over there....towels are in yourself to whatever you like....I'll be back to check on you in the morning"

                    Harold stood stunned and silent as he watched Jack drive off into the night......"why? why so kind? and why so kind to me?"

                    to be continued......................................... .......
                    Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                      Jack, driving off into the distance..could barely see the road for the tears that were pouring out of Him. His heart breaking as God the Father...allowed Jack to share what He too was feeling. HURT and DESIRE to see this precious lost and lonely soul find what his heart longed for

                      "Father" Jack cried..."Please, Let Your Will be done ..Please touch Harold's life in a way that only you can"

                      As Harold prayed those words...deep inside him ..he heard these words..."I AM and I will..the heart you have for Harold is not of's of ME...I am moving in You and will continue to do so..I have loved Him with an everlasting and obey me...and you will see My Glory"

                      Realizing He was hearing directly from His Heavenly Father....Jack pulled his car aside the road..and got out and Just lifted his hands towards the star-lighted night and began to worship .."Thank You Jesus"..."Thank You for moving in me Lord..thanks for Your Heart that None should Perish..Thanks for HOPE..and Mercy and Grace and Your Goodness that leads us to TURN TO YOU" "And thanks for BEING THERE"

                      Meanwhile....a few miles back to the the old farm house....Harold studying his new surroundings...slowly paced the house..staring at old family pictures ....coming to one picture in particular ..Harold froze in his tracks...quickly lifting it up off the end table....

                      It was a picture of Jack dressed in military gear...and the frame surrounding it was the outstretched arms of Jesus....and there laying beside the picture was an old book that said "prayer journal"

                      Harold, looking around sheepishly as knowing he, in great curiosity was about to invade a private space...but having to know what the book contained ..opened and read

                      "Jack's first day igone to War...."Dear Lord, with great angst I write this prayer...Heavenly Father I realize you know all too well what it means to send a son into harm's way...and I thank you so much for the fact that you sent your Only Son to die for me and my famiily...but Lord I fear I fall way short in that as I watched my son board the plane to fly into harm's way...I so did NOT want to let him go...but realize the duty and the call BUT this I do beg to ask...that knowing Your word says You send Angels charge over us...I BEG YOU NOW Lord, that each and every moment that my son is over there that You Oh Lord would send angels charge over Him and keep guard over Him and bring Him home safe and sound...In Jesuus Name....Amen"

                      Harold scanned through the 20, day 70, day 300, day 365"

                      "Thank You Lord for keeping Him as you Have...these many days...I continue to stand in the gap and pray that You would continue to stand guard over His Life.."Spirit, Soul, and Body"

                      Year 2..."THANK YOU JESUS......JACK'S COMING HOME!!!" "ALIVE" "They told me had the bullet been any closer ...he'd be dead...but by some miracle he's alive....I know by whom that miracle was wrought Lord....and all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS!!!"

                      Harold studied the journal..."Must be nice" he thought..."wish someone had been praying for me like that"

                      choking back tears...profound loneliness TRYING to invade Harold's thoughts


                      There in the kitchen..the telephone was ringing.....Harold paused but decided to answer....."Hello?" "Hey glad you picked's Jack...forgot if I told you about the shower....the cold nob is really the hot and the hot nob is "REALLY THE COLD?" Harold

                      "Yeah Yeah" "that's right" ..."well anyway...didn't want you to scald yourself" "well NO, wouldnt want that thanks and hey ..thanks again ..this is mighty kind of you" "well you are very welcome to stay as long as you need....and hey GET A GOOD NIGHTS REST will ya?" "will do" ..."good deal to ya tomorrow" "K" "later"

                      Harold hung up the phone ...and again had to ask "why me?"

                      to be continued
                      Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                        "ahhhhhhh" big stretch and yawn...Harold sat up ....clean shaven and feeling so refreshed from sleeping in such a comfortable bed....He jumped up and out of bed and ran to take another shower..."wow ...two shower's in two days" "this is The Life" "I could get use to this" but no sooner had those thoughts come, than Harold's pessimistic side kicked in.."who am I kidding...this aint real, this aint for me...this aint mine" depression beginning to settle in once again

                        walking out of the shower and over to his old shaggy and tattered clothes...Harold realized he was about to put back on his same ole clothes

                        "KNOCK KNOCK" .."HAROLD YOU AWAKE?" Jack, walking into the house....Holding in his hand a cup of coffee ...and carrying a duffel bag.....smiling ear to ear...startling Harold back to his new reality

                        "Goodmorning!!! did you sleep well? hope the bed was comfortable, ..hey I brought you some coffee and HERE...hope these fit...I had some clothes that didn't quite fit me that thought might fit you better" "Last years Christmas gift but hey they must think I'm skinnier than I am" "Hide it well I guess"

                        Harold just sat there stunned...opening the duffel bag to see NEW CLOTHES...something he hadn't worn since God only knows when..."well uhhh yeah ..these should work just fine...if you don't mind I'll step in there and put em on" "oh yes all means please do"

                        Harold stepped into the bathroom and into the new clothes...taking a look into the mirror....Harold felt a tear on his weathered cheek..."How long?" He tried to remember..."how long since anyone had given him the time of day or taken any kind of notice" feeling so humbled and unworthy but all the while so thankful

                        stepped out of the bathroom...sheepishly, "well hey ..what can I say but "thanks" "clean up pretty good though I must say that" even allowing himself a chuckle to which Jack responded.."well that's just a start....I've got more clothes that don't fit but it appears they might be "just your size"

                        "but say, you must be starving...and I need to get to the restaurant and make sure the morning gets off to a good start for the does another "champions breakfast sound?"

                        "you keep feeding me those, and these clothes might not be my size for too long..but HECK do I say no to that?"

                        getting into Jack's vehicle, Harold noticed right away the Bible sitting in the tray...a cross hanging from the mirror and a sticky note..."For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord" "to give you a hope and a future"

                        Jack getting sitting into his seat.....and closing the door..."you sure must be religious?" Harold found himself to say

                        "I've never taken to religion...didn't reckon it could do me much good" "Your wouldn't do you any good" Harold's eyes grew wide..."why NOT ME?" "Well Religion does NOBODY any good" "but you obviously put it into practice" "you got a bible and you do good deeds"

                        Jack turned to Harold and looked him straight into the eye...with great compassion......It's NOT RELIGION Harold....."its JESUS!!!" "It's Him that makes me want to do good things and it's Him that I Know actually get to Know Him....

                        Look out there Harold... what do you see?......You see the morning sun, the dew, the grass, the trees, the hear em? The ONE who made all that ...the very one who woke you up this morning and gave you another day....desires that You and I would seek to KNOW HIM...isn't that amazing? And You will want to KNOW HIM ..when You realize all that He's done for YOU!"

                        "but say, let's get going....breakfast is calling".....

                        Jack turned the ignition and started down the road....Harold looked out and around him as he drove...Jack's words..reverberating in his mind..."the very one who woke you up this morning and gave you another day ...desires that You and I would seek to Know Him"

                        to be continued
                        Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                          I just read the last post. THAT WAS REALLY GOOD! I'm looking foward now to reading the rest later.


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                            "Holy Moly this is awesome" Harold thought to himself as he bit into the sausage.....the biscuits and gravy were better too...eggs, and bacon...this was truly over the top AGAIN

                            diving in full bore, Harold ate his stomach content...but over in the distant corner.....he saw Jack and all his crew huddled in a circle and they were all holding hands and there heads were bowed

                            "Heavenly Father, we ask that each and every person that would step foot into this place today would sense your presence and know that this place was different...we pray Lord that this would be a place of refuge as we have prayed so many times before... we are believing that this truly is a "table in the wilderness"

                            In Jesus Name AMEN

                            the circle broke and the ladies and cook's scattered....but they did so with purpose...and in no short order.....Harold saw Jack heading his way

                            "well? how's it tasting today?" ......Harold again shook his head nodded approval

                            "GREAT" .."it taste great"

                            Harold sat in the booth, his stomach full, his heart warming...he watched as he noticed one of the waitresses take a hearty breakfast to what appeared to be a single mom and her three young kids

                            straining to hear her words...."this breakfast is compliments of the owner...he has said that you are his "very special guest of the day".....Harold could see the emotion in the mother's face..."thank you thank you" she was saying to the waitress and then Jack walked up alongside the waitress..."mam, just want you to know...The King of all Kings has instructed us to take good care of you today" "Is there anything else we can do or help with?"

                            The mother began to sob...."I had just prayed ..."God if You are REAL ..please show me" Jack kneeled down to her side and motioned for a couple of other waitresses to come over

                            "Mam, if you don't mind...I'd like to take this time and not only tell you that YES He is REAL ... I'd also sure like to introduce you to Him.....

                            "And Just wait to hear what all He's done for you!" Harold sat in the distance and watched and listened as Jack told this precious young mother "Before you were even formed in your mother's womb...God Himself had spoken of You...You are His crafty work and you have been fearfully and wonderfully made...and for Years ..The Lord has given you day after day as a gift ...HOPING You would ask "who made me? and who put me here?...There have been many who claimed to be the One who did, but there was ONE in particular who came to this earth, born of a virgin...lived a sinless life, performed many many miracles and announced that You will Put Me to death BUT in three days time I will be Alive Again...and who ever calls upon ME shall Never Die...for I am the Resurrection and the Life and they that believe upon me though they were dead YET shall they Live"

                            Jack continued on with his plea and then asked permission to Help invite Jesus into Her life

                            The mother knodded her approval...and Jack and the waitresses formed another circle with the mom.... and as Jack closed his begin to pray ...he felt a tap on his shoulder.....It was Harold's hand...."Jack...can I invite Him too??? ....Jack could not contain his emotion and began to sob..."His tears answering Harold's question....MOST CERTAINLY.....Emboldened Jack decided to go for broke and invited all of his customer's "Please, if I may...this is a most glorious day....A DAY LIKE NO OTHER....You all are invited to Join us as we Call Upon The Saviour...Your Creator...Jesus Christ....If you too want to Know for Certain that when your time ends upon this Earth that You can and will Have Eternal Life...Please come join this Circle"

                            Jack throug obedience ...witnessed The Glory of God as he was allowed to see God's Spirit move in Him and through Him to touch His world and those around Him....

                            That night...back at the Old Farm House...."Harold got on his knees and began to "thank Jesus for All that He had done for Him and for bringing him to this town"

                            Across town, a single mother of three tucked in her young children..."Mommy, since we all asked Jesus into our Heart that means we are going to be family forever?" "Yes Honey...that's what the nice man said...remember? "He said whoever believes in Jesus ..they and there whole household shall be saved for EVER" ..."sooo yes we are going to be family forever" "that's awesome mommy" ...

                            no sooner than she had pulled the cover's...A LOUD TRUMPET SOUNDED ...FOLLOWED BY A SHOUT

                            "COME UP HERE"

                            Into the Celestial Night...Jack, Harold and the single mom's children joined millions of believer's worldwide as they ascended their glorious destiny

                            Jack found himself face down ...CRYING HIS HEART OUT....The Glorious Presence of God encompassing them all....

                            Jesus came and lifted up Jack and brought Him to the Father...."Here He is Father....WELL DONE MY CHILD..."I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink...I was Homeless and you gave me a bed....

                            Jack broke once again and began to Cry..."when Lord, when did I give you a drink...when did I feed you....

                            as He stood there shaking and trembling....He felt a tap on his shoulder....It was Harold....."May I?"

                            He gave Jack a huge hug and they both wept WITH GREAT JOY.....They Had Made it......THEY WERE READY!!!!!!
                            Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                              Michael sat quietly on the hood of his truck, looking out over the lake shore...tears of hurt and anger streaming down his face

                              "forget you dad, forget you"...jumping off his truck and down to the ground, he leaned over and picked up a nearby rock and tossed it out into the water

                              slowly pacing back an forth, his steps equaling struggling to keep up with his racing thoughts...

                              "why? why wasn't I good enough, why didn't you ever just love your son?" walking back to the truck ...he opens up the door and pushes up the seat and reaches for his trusty bottle and begins to try and drown out the pain

                              wiping the Crown and Royal from his lips...he again goes and hop's back onto the hood of his truck and stares at the water and the setting sun

                              His mind replaying HAUNTING memories....

                              5 years old.....SMACK ..."I told you Michael to stay there in your seat"

                              age 8 "no dangit Michael, your my son and you aren't going to be a toughen up...SMACK"

                              age 10 Michael sits and watches out the door as his dad, now living away from home due to his parent's recent divorce...has promised to come and take him fishing

                              "I'll be there first thing, you tell your mom to wake you up at 7am ok?" "ok dad" "rise and shine" his mom had woke him up

                              7am he sit's looking out the door, 8am ..9am ..his shoulder's droop..10am ....11am..he still watches but to no avail

                              age 11, age 12, age 13 ..age 14 ....he watches....the few times his dad does show, the alcohol mixed with his temper ..illicit memories of horror and pain

                              It's been 20 + years...when the call came "Michael, this is a friend of your dad's ..he was in an accident and has passed away"

                              There were no tears, or shouts of anguish when Michael heard those words, rather a numbness enveloped him as he went through the motions of dealing with the news

                              The Visitation and Funeral surreal as people who knew his dad alot better than he talked.."boy he sure could put the cold one's down, best pool shooter I ever saw in a bar" "never met a drink that he didn't like" "was an honery cuss" "sure liked your dad son...was a good man" "boy your the spittin image...never heard him say a bad word about you were his pride and joy"

                              That time came as a fog and left as one too...Michael processed it the best he could ...the Loss he thought he had mourned years ago....was SHOUTING really LOUD now..

                              "I NEVER HAD A DAD!!!" He would scream in the night...but his shout couldn't quiet the pain

                              His mom had always done the best she could, she raised him on a pew in a small town church...sunday morning ..sunday school and church...sunday night, choir practice night ...and wednesday night too...He was raised to know JESUS was and is the Son of God and knew Him as Lord

                              but NEVER EVER had He let Jesus introduce Him to THE FATHER...."no way" "Not Him" I'm scared of anybody named Father"

                              HE's liable to beat me or shake me or abandon me at anytime..."I'll just trust Jesus that you'll put in a good word with "The Father" ...., if that's ok with you?" had been his lifelong stance

                              so now after all the hurt and fear and anxiety and brokeness....Michael sits on the hood of his truck...

                              Whiskey on his breath and the weight of the world on his heart.....

                              staring again into the setting sun, looking over the water...deep into his heart and soul ...he hear's these word's

                              Michael...It's Me.. "what..who...who are you?" "It's me ..Your Heavenly Father...the One who made that setting sun and the water you see....and I made You Michael...I can remember the exact moment and time and I spoke great things over you and though you don't see it yet, those great things are coming to You Michael"

                              Michael jumped again off his truck and flung the bottle into the ground "shaking his head and screaming.....SHUT UP..PLEASE SHUT UP" "No Michael, I can't ....I won't ever leave you...I won't ever forsake You...I bought and paid for You before you were even born" "but where were you when this happend or when that happened?" "I was there Michael, I was there crying and hurting right along with you..but I could see what you could not" "WHAT WAS THAT??" "your future Michael...You can't see YET what I have prepared for You...I chose you..You didn't chose Me...but soon Michael, I will dry every tear and take away all the Hurt...I have loved You with an everlasting Love....and willl NEVER let You Go"

                              I saw every SMACK and I saw every time you felt alone...I heard every cry and I NEVER left Your side...remember that night You were thinking of driving off that curve? that was my voice that reminded you of your mom's prayer's...REMEMBER???"

                              Michael began to sob and fell to His Knees..."You Mean YOU LOVE ME...You don't hate me or want to send me to HELL?" "I'm sitting here drinking and Yet Your talking to me??" "Michael ..before You were even born I had sent MY SON to take all your sins and that night at that revival in the winter of 85 I heard You ...I heard You Michael confess Your faith in My Son, and the Minute You did, You became my son too!!!"

                              "but ..what about all the stuff I've done since that night? I've failed you....I deserve to be smacked...well maybe so Michael but that's Why Jesus did what He did...He took Your Place...We love you that much!!!"

                              "but now listen ...I told You I had some good stuff ahead for you, You want to hear?" "No eye has seen and No ear has heard..but let me tell you about a place I and My Son have been working on.....well telll ya what"

                              for a moment there was Silence.......

                              the star's had filled the night's sky and Michael sat there shaking and sobbing

                              then as His eyes were fixed on the stars

                              He Heard this LOUD SHOUT......."MICHAEL....COME UP HERE"
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                              Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                                "you're no good, you've blown it way too many times, you remember when you did this? or remember when you did that? are of no use to your God...IN FACT you are an'd be better served to just go and hide...and not tell a soul"

                                Stan sat on his bed.....lying beside his wife as she slept...but Stan could not sleep for he was having to listen to his accuser's prodding thoughts

                                "he's right God....I've sinned way too much and done way too many things to bring you shame"

                                The Gifts and Calling THOUGH tugged at Stan's heart....Like Fire shut up in his bones

                                He lie there in bed, trying to sleep..tossing and was no use

                                so rising out of bed and kissing his wife on the cheek...Stan took the weight of accusation and calling of His Father into the living room

                                compulsion driving him to knees beside the sofa

                                "Lord, I'm so torn.....I hear You calling but feel so unworthy, so tarnished, so ashamed. You know all of my faults and failings and every sin that's on my life could you ever use me?"

                                Stan cried out in his shame, his PAST sins haunting and tormenting and paralyzing him from his Purpose

                                but yet he continued in prayer...wrestling ..fighting..."God, Your Presence ...Your Conviction overwhelms me...I still feel the need to warn plead.....WHY?" "why is that so heavy on me all the time... while I know a million reasons why I'm not worthy"

                                the weight, the burden, the anguish overwhelmed Stan....he fell on his face and wept through the night

                                but as dawn broke....words failed him.....he had cried all he could cry, he had confessed all he could confess....

                                he sat there.....silent


                                He heard these words....."I have called You unto Myself....You did not choose Me, but rather I chose you...that You should go and bear much fruit" "Your Life resume is unfinished, ...I'm not through with You Yet....Your Latter days will be greater than your former....Your sins are forgiven...and have been tossed as far as the East is from the West" "Wallow NO MORE in SELF Pity, but lay down Your life, that means ...all your successes as well as all your failures...Lay it down HERE...Lay it down NOW...when You get up from this place....Go NOT in Your own strength...But I will Go through You"

                                "where God, where do I go, what do you want me to do?" "I want to Call My People to Prayer"

                                "I want you to start a prayer meeting...I want my people to begin seek my face and my heart.....Not just what's in my hand"....."If they seek ME ...IF they seek My Heart....then in Prayer..they will be driven into more prayer...because My Heart...will be poured out upon there Hearts....and they won't be able to shake the heaviness of this hour...I don't want shouts of joy....I want wails of anguish...can't they see..their friends, their co-worker's.....their brother's and sister's are lost and headed for destruction?....Learn of Me....SEEK ME....not a feeling, not a good service...SEEK ME"

                                In the other room....Stan's wife's alarm was going off.....a loud yawn came from the room....shaken by the absence of her husband..she scurried into the front room

                                "HONEY, You ok?".......Stan looked back his wife...."Never better Honey..NEVER.....I sought the Lord last night...Like I've never sought Him before....and He answered Me....and I know what he wan'ts me to do"

                                to be continued
                                Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.