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  • #16 precious when even a child gets its!


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      Yuh huh!


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        How sweet!!!


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          "stuck in rush hour traffic....bumper to bumper, Cameron turns up the volume of his stereo..."I can only imagine...when that day comes" beginning to sing along......his mind wanders ahead of the traffic to where he wants to be ....home with his 6 yr old son CJ" He and CJ have a special bond...both had been through so's been just over a year since that fateful night where they both sat at a dinner table to hear words from a woman they both had held dear...."I just want to be alone...can't you understand?" she had pleaded...."I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE!"

          little Cj's bottom lip had quivered so tenderly when he heard those words...
          "DIVORCE"..... he knew that word was something bad and was just old enough to understand it was worthy of tears..."mommy and daddy ...I don't want to be divorced" he had begged. Cameron too was devestated....NEVER EVER in all his life had he had any intention of going through such a trial...let alone bring it upon his child he loved so dearly. In fact he had resolved "it will NEVER happen to me" ....but now a year later sitting in traffic ...his stereo blares

          "will I stand before you Jesus or in awe of you be still ..will dance in your presence or to my knees will I fall? ..I can only imagine"...the song continues....tears pouring as Cameron reflects....

          That prior Christmas had been really rough on he and his son....they had left for the weekend ....only to return to an abandoned home....a home so full of memories for such a young boy..the only home he knew...but this year there was no christmas tree...and everything completely moved out...."daddy...why did santa not show up here?" "cuz son...he knew we'd be at papa and grandma's house"......."daddy ....why didn't Jesus or Santa answer my wish?" "what wish was that son?" "that mommy wouldn't want a divorce" "what did we do wrong daddy?" "what did we do wrong?"

          stuck on the interstate...Cameron was so engrossed in the song ....continuing to reflect...3 months after the "divorce" he and his son had relocated a few hours south to a place of refuge and had started a new life in a small duplex....a very boring life to some ..but a very solid routine for CJ and His dad Cameron. Each night Cameron would come home and play catch with his son....talking about life and hope to important it was to "love Jesus" and Know that someday ....despite every ounce of heartache experienced ...that "there would be a day" "that only they could imagine"...where they would stand before Jesus....and be able to live together forever and ever and that it was so important to know that Jesus AND Daddy loves him so very much. This day would seem to be like no other....Cameron could hardly wait to get home and toss the football around.

          After what seemed an eternity...the traffic finally began to move....and speeding along the interstate Cameron arrived to his destination ....picking up his son Cj and headed to the duplex driveway where the two spent their time playing catch. Father and Son'd just have to be there to appreciate how awesome it was.

          Moments after the final toss..they both headed inside to share a meal and talk about whatever was on their minds..when in the midst of their meal....little Cj looks up at his dad and ask...."daddy's just you and I huh?" "yeah son....You and I and Jesus...but "daddy what if something happened to you? .....Tears again fall down Cameron's cheeks realizing the sensitive and insecure nature of his son's question....."Cj ...if anything EVER happens to your WILL ALWAYS and I mean always STILL HAVE JESUS" "yeah but daddy.....what would I do to be with you?" ....Cameron's heart begins to rip through his very chest ...pounding so intensely..."buddy listen...IF you have Jesus in Your heart .....we will always alway always be together ...that I promise" the background a song begins to play "here I am to I am to bow down....Here I am to say that your my God"

          In that moment ....Cameron began to sense the depth of his son's question...."Cj...this is a special night ...please listen to your daddy" Cameron sat and told his son all about The Cross and how very important Jesus death was and how 3 days later Jesus had rose from the grave and because of that death ..and burial and resurrection...that they both could have a sure hope that they too would get to be together forever and ever....Cj spoke up ..."daddy..I want to ask Jesus into my heart" and right there in that small little duplex..Cameron led his son to the Lord was such an awesome night...indescribable......tears fell...crocodile tears to say the least. Cameron and Cj had been through such heartache and experienced such loss..but NOT this night..they were filled with such joy and peace...little Cj had layed down on his pillow and as his eye's grew heavy he asked one last question..."you proud of me daddy?"

          It was 10pm cst Cameron began to pull the cover's over his son..leaning over and kissing Cj on the cheek ..."the most proud son"...then "in the twinkling of an eye....A LOUD SHOUT CAME FRON ON HIGH" "COME UP HERE"..........THEY WERE READY
          Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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              If you have NOT gone to then go today and read these stories! I read all 66 pgs over the last 4 days. Zags, Sounding, Alex, Renee, Quinton and Katia all have great stories going and they are only 3 mos into the trib.


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                As one of the writers from this website, I have received a rich blessing from all who write for the glory of God. We hope to reach anyone who doesn't know Christ as their personal savior and to give them an insight into being READY when Jesus comes for all that believe. Tell your family and friends to read our story for they will receive a blessing.


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                  " there any more you can give?" she had asked "it was my mom's wedding ring?" "Mam...the best I can do is give you $100.00" Patty felt tears well up but steadied herself.."well if that's your best..that will have to do" and she took and gave the ring to the Pawn shop owner...a tear trickled down her cheek despite her best efforts.
                  Outside in the car awaiting impatiently....her three kids. Brought along on a shopping trip that seemed so mundane to unnecessary and trivial..yet so costly to the mom. Her ex..and their father was off on his usual jaunt to the bars and honkey tonks...drinking away any child support he would have ever found to offer...all the while this frail in stature..carrying a load beyond the strongest of frames...strives forward in her earnest attempt to secure a months supply of groceries for her three kids having just surrendered an heir loom of priceles measure for the grand total of $100.00.
                  "Dear God" ...she prayed as she drove "Please..HELP ...HELP ME HOLD ON" ...

                  "she's a single mom" they would say" "a divorcee..couldn't keep her man happy I heard around town" "she looks worn down to me..she on meth?" "Patty you need to get out and date" she had been prodded....but "No my place is taking care of my kids..that's my job"
                  day to day...week to week and year to year..Patty stood firm in her faith and raised three kids....each night ..making sure to steal away for her time with the Lord....always counting on His Presence to fill a void this world could not....little did Patty know ...those prayers weren't just heard and witnessed by her Heavenly Father...they had captivated the hearts and minds of her kids. One by one her three kids had witnessed the faith of this frail woman ...hold up their lives when it seemed impossible ....years have passed and Patty's three kids live their grown up lives ..raising their own kids. All three knowing the story of a ring..sold at a precious price .....that ring representing a love that sacrificed something so valuable...Her LIFE laid down a living sacrifice unto Her Heavenly Father in surrender as a child and a mother...devoted to making sure she raised her kids to KNOW Jesus Christ......

                  Now this night she sits in her chair rocking back and forth reading a daily devotional ...when she and the families of her three kids ALL HEARD a shout ...It came at 10PM cst...."They were ready"
                  Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                    Dollar Movie Night...YEAH

                    Jeremy and some of his college cronies waited inline at tuesday night dollar night at the theatre. As was typical....long lines were assembling in hopes of securing a seat in the 9pm show.....WHY? for no other reason that there is nothing else to do on a tuesday night Jeremy supposed.

                    Jeremy was and had been the typical prodigal....raised on a church pew all his life....knew the bible from Genesis to the Maps in the back ...BUT once in highschool found it easier to "go with the flow" than to take "that" stand

                    Now he's in college and it's even in a dorm...every temptation he has ever heard about in youth services or his parent's lectures have hit him smack in the face.

                    Many a night in his dorm room he has fallen asleep with alcohol on his breath BUT his mom's prayers and lecture's blasting his thoughts......and despite the pull and seduction of this world....his mom's prayers have come out on top.. In recent months Jeremy has found himself drawn more and more to "cry out " to God for Help and boldness AND the Lord has answered...showing up in every area of His life.

                    NOW here Jeremy is ....In Line on a tuesday night ...none the less...minding his own business...going through traditonal motions of a college freshman away from home....when in the midst of waiting in this crazy long line ...he hears this thought pop in his head

                    "stand up on that bench and tell all those who wait to Repent"..........

                    Jeremy hears that thought then quickly blows it off..."yea if that would be sane?" trying to pretend he didn't hear THAT thought...Jeremy tries to look around the room in a conscious effort to reject that thought

                    BUT....THE THOUGHT grows louder as the bench in question stands out as if heavenly sunrays were highlighting it ..scream out...stand upon me and preach

                    "God ...that's just spiritual pride inside of me trying to be "holier than thou".....NO WAY HOSEA.....God would never want me to do that

                    but over and over...try as he might...Jeremy defies the thought ..BUT Louder and Louder it grows in his mind

                    "the apostle Paul would have...John the Baptist too...and Peter did in front of thousands and over 3,000 men alone not counting women and children ...repented and believed upon Jesus Christ in a single day"

                    finally Jeremy could take it no longer....pacing back in forth in the foyer...."OK LORD, IF THIS IS REALLY YOU ..THEN GIVE ME BOLDNESS AND YOUR WORDS"

                    continuing to pace.....Jeremy finally stumbled onto the Bench'' then with a boldness he NEVER knew....he proclaimed...."EVERYONE....MY NAME IS....WELL NEVER MIND MY NAME....LOOK...I AM STANDING UP HERE WILLING TO LOOK THE FOOL BECAUSE ....I believe that God is wanting Me to share this simple message.....All of us are sitting here waiting in line to get inside to a movie....but there is coming a day ....where the bible says we will all be waiting in line for "our turn" to stand before God almighty as our Judge. Judge of what you might say? Judge of the gift of life that He gave us and what we did with that gift and the gift of His Son Jesus Christ"

                    And we will be judged Not by how good a person we are or were but by rather met God's standard.....did we keep his commandments....Did we ever Lie? did we ever steal? did we ever commit adultery? .....and if we broke even ONE of his Laws...then our eternaly destiny has been secured....HELL will be our home

                    "SHUT THE BLANK UP" flew from many lips in the line as Jeremy continued....YOU RIGHT WING FANATIC...YOU JERK...SHUT UP...YOU ARE SO HOLIER THAN THOU....."SHUT UP WITH YOUR HATE SPEECH"

                    as those many rebuttals came flying Jeremy began to break...tears flooding his cheeks...."please ..PLEASE hear me....I beg you to hear.....God created You in His image and is NOT willing that any should perish"...."today is the day of salvation...NOW is the time to give your Life to Jesus Christ"

                    suddenly out of nowhere two larger than life security guards came flying towards Jeremy ..their intent for remove this harbinger of hate from their theatre lobby.....BUT as tears streamed down his face....a young teenage girl cried out "what do I need to do?" and then another voice cried out.."what are you saying? what is it we are suppose to do?"

                    Jeremy looked at the two oncoming guys and held up his hand if asking for patience.... but to no avail..the two burly men forcefully began dragging Jeremy outside to the parking lot...but Jeremy having heard the plea turned back ...straining his neck despite their grip...and said.."Believe what you hear....Believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ" ."come outside here and pray with me" and several college age kids followed he and the security guards out to the parking lot...the guards let go of their hold and turned away AND ....Jeremy stood trembling in awe as kid after kid piled out of the foyer into the parking lot..."What must we do?" was their cry

                    "just pray after me".......

                    after a simple short prayer....many many people in that parking lot had tears streaming down their face..when suddenly .."in the twinklin of an eye...A Shout from on High came" "COME UP HERE" ......THEY WERE READY
                    Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                      David kept playing the message over and over "Hello you have reached David and Andrea ...sorry we can't come to the phone right now..BUT we are so glad you called ..PLEASE leave a message" BEEP

                      Again David rewound the recording JUST to hear Andrea's voice "Hello you have reached David and Andrea ...sorry we can't come to the phone right now..BUT we are so glad you called ..PLEASE leave a message" BEEP

                      AGAIN .."Hello you have reached David and Andrea ...sorry we can't come to the phone right now..BUT we are so glad you called ..PLEASE leave a message" BEEP

                      With each replay of her voice...tears flowed easier and easier....falling down onto the ground David began to pound the floor with his fist..."NO GOD...NO" ....."WHY?" Despair his new companion taunting his every thought.......flashing back to their last conversation

                      "David, please...I'm so tired of fighting with you" "WHO'S FIGHTING?" "I just want to know why you won't answer the question?" "David...I've told KNOW the answer just don't want to hear it" "DON'T WANT TO HEAR WHAT ANDREA?" "THAT MY LIFE'S A MESS because Your Church says so?" "NO DAVID...your life's a mess because you keep rejecting Jesus Christ!!!" "THERE..SEE YOU SAID ANDREA" "YOUR ADMITTING MY LIFE'S MESSED UP BECAUSE YOUR LOVING GOD IS PUNISHING ME!!!!" "No David... are so wrong...JESUS is not the one punishing you....was he driving the car when you got the last dwi? was he the one who put the drink in your hand? Did he make you go to the hotel room with your secretary?" "HEY THAT'S A LOW BLOW!" "BESIDES YOU SAID YOU HAVE FORGIVEN ME?" "I have David ..but it still hurts...and it's NOT God's's because of choices you have made....once you realize that going your "own way" is what is bringing all this hurt...and quit blaming anyone'll realize you weren't created to go it alone...You need Help and there is no better place to start than on your knees crying out to Jesus" "Oh SHUT THE HECK UP WITH THAT CRAP..I am SO SICK OF ALL YOUR HOLIER THAN THOU BS"

                      "David...I'm done...I'm done begging..I'm done fighting ..I'm done" "HEY GET BACK HERE ANDREA...I'm NOT DONE" Andrea hops into her car and drives into the night......A few hours 10pm cst ...cruising down I-44 crying her eyes out for her marriage and her husband....HEARD A LOUD SHOUT...SHE WAS READY

                      now David finds himself haunted with the guilt and hopelessness that comes from rejecting Jesus Christ....reaping a harvest of his own deeds ...staring him in the face THE GREAT TRIBULATION
                      Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                        in honor of 2009 graduation

                        walking down the hall of his highschool for the last time of his senior year...Caleb can't help but to observe everything in a slow motion...time magically slowing down...reflecting upon the days gone by...spit ball fights ...freshman glory...the usual malaise of the slow walk between classes and the hurried scamper after the first bell. Yet still loudest in his thoughts...Caleb looks at THE LOCKER...the locker where things changed so drastically this year WHEN Caleb heard something so loud in his spirit."be bold"..His Bible mistaken for his Biology book had found it's way to school.....this revelation annoyed when he realized his homework was still at home..heading to class as if walking the "green mile"...Caleb had walked to the head of the class bible in tow ..holding it out to begin his plea for homework forgiveness...

                        but little did Caleb know what was to transpire

                        timidly beginning his story "ummm Mr Mosher?" ...."Mr Mosher...I uhhh forgot" ....finally catching his teacher's attention Mr Mosher...fixed his eyes on THE BOOK....."CALEB!!!!" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" "Umm I" "I SAID CALEB...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" "You have no purpose in bringing THAT BOOK into this Class....That fable..that myth...that junk is NOT allowed in MY CLASSROOM....YOU HEAR ME?" "Sir?" "I said...that book is NOT allowed in my class...and you young man are on the verge of serious trouble if you don't get that thing out of my face" "BUT MR" "NOT ANOTHER WORD....YOU TAKE THAT BACK OUT OF THIS ROOM"

                        Something inside Caleb ignited as again he heard the words "be bold" all eyes sat fixed upon the heated exchange...."MR MOSHER..WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS BOOK THAT HAS YOU SO SCARED?" "That it will preach your funeral? That it's the number one selling book of all time? OR WHAT it holds inside? in a mocking chuckle Mr Mosher steps from behind his desk preparing for an all out assault upon this audacious student..."YOU THINK I'M SCARED? I tell you what I'm scared of of people who read this book and believe it...who believe it's lies and believe "WHAT? THAT WE WERE DESIGNED BY A DESIGNER?...THAT THOU SHALL NOT MURDER IS A BAD DECREE? THAT TO LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF Will do you harm? No sir Mr Mosher..the reason you hate this book isn't because your scared of those who believe..your scared of what it says about YOU? You love the darkness and you curse the light want to know why?" "Oh yes Caleb please enlighten me" Mr Mosher says in derision...."Because your deeds are evil" "You boast in yourself and man's answer's mock what you do not lord over we your impressionable students with ideologies you proclaim in the name of science..BUT WHO CREATED SCIENCE?" "where did KNOWLEDGE COME From Mr Mosher?" "an atom..a explosion's so obvious that we all are DESIGNED..and if there's a design THERE has to be a designer" "SO YOU SAY CALEB" ..."No Mr God Himself has said IN THIS BOOK"

                        "THAT'S ENOUGH" ...Mr Mosher scurredly opened his drawer and took out a pen and began scribbling I WANT YOU TO TAKE THIS NOTE AND HEAD "DOWN THE HALL" he was writing Mr Mosher noticed a drop of water had falling on his desk...looking up his eyes met Caleb's ....tears streaming down Caleb's face...."Oh so you want mercy?" "you sorry Caleb?" "Yes Mr Mosher....FOR YOU I want Mercy..FOR YOU I am sorry....his tears pouring....THIS BOOK YOU DESPISE..Has pronounced you GUILTY OF CRIMES for all eternity...But 2000 years ago..This Book became Flesh and dwelt amongst this world ...Jesus Christ was born of a virgin...lived..performed many many miracles...was sentenced to death and 3 days later rose from the grave DEFYING Science..Defying nature...and Proving He is THE ONE TRUE GOD ...and the reason He died Mr Mosher was because OF ME ..and Because of YOU" turning to face his sobered and glued to the exchange classmates...he continued "And BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU...JESUS DIED"

                        Today I came into this classroom with my bible because I made a mistake....I picked it up thinking it was my Biology Book....and I brought it in here to explain that I needed forgiveness for screwing up...for missing the mark...for leaving my homework home and I have faced Mr Mosher's Judgement and He has sentenced me "down the hall"

                        But everyone of us in this room ...have missed The Ultimate Mark...we have sinned against God's classroom..we have disobeyed in His Universe...and He has sentenced Us all "down the hall" But I have good news......JESUS TOOK THAT WALK FOR US ALL ....and 2000 years ago..he walked to Calvary and took My Place and Your Place and Died in our place and IF You ...Like I have already done...Believe in Jesus Christ and that He rose from the grave and Confess it with your Mouth ....You and I can live forever eternally in a DESIGNED Place called Heaven" and turning back to Mr Mosher...and that place was designed forr You too Mr Mosher"

                        Putting down the pen...and wadding up his note....Mr Mosher's hand shook nervously....standing back up and walking around his desk..Mr Mosher walked towards Caleb and asked "May I?" reaching out his hand for Caleb's... Mr Mosher shook Caleb's hand

                        slamming the locker door closed for the last time...Caleb's cheek streaming with a trickled tear...reflecting upon His Senior Year and THAT DAY His life...His school and His Biology teacher were changed forever!

                        The following the midst of a cold winter night...lying in his college dorm...READING THAT BOOK......Caleb heard a SHOUT.....COME UP HERE

                        at the same time....MR MOSHER was sitting in his Lazy Boy....Praying....After reading THAT same book and He Heard that SAME SHOUT....."COME UP HERE"

                        THEY WERE READY
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                        Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                          "10.......9.......8.....7....6.....5.....4.....3.. ...2.....1" "We have lift off" "Just moments ago..Space Shuttle Olympus began it's ascent on a mission to space station Jasper" ...a short distance away from the launch pad....10 year old Kyle standing beside his dad in awe of what he just witnessed "Daddy...THAT WAS AWESOME!" "how cool would it be daddy to take off like that?" "well son..ya know..Jesus said there would come a day we will take off like that" "FOR REAL DADDY?" "For real son" "HOW? can we fly? will we take off on a ship? will he give us wings?" a huge smile explodes on dad's face as he ponder's his son's question
                          walking back to their puts his arm around Kyle and continues "nah ...we will just fly son...He will catch us up to Himself" "the bible says we will hear a loud shout and then in an instant we will "take off"" to meet Jesus in the air" "THEN WHAT?" "we will have the biggest celebration ever and move into a new heavenly home Kyle" "will you still be my dad?" "oh my yes son...we will be family forever Kyle.. and you know why right?" " of course dad ...because of Jesus dying on the cross" squeezing his son with joy "that's right Kyle...your so right"

                          15 years later ...Kyle sits graveside ....tears streaming down his cheeks "dad..I really miss ya" looking up towards the cloudless sky...Kyle prays "Dear God I am so confused...why ..why him..and why now?"

                          falling to his knees ..begins to pound the earth below...."OH Jesus..why?" when suddenly the ground begins to shake.............

                          his dad's grave splits open as Kyle hears a loud shout "COME UP HERE" The dead in Christ rise first ....Kyle's Dad explodes out of the grave...and in an instant ...LIKE A SHUTTLE...they begin their heavenly ascent...THEY WERE READY
                          Romans 13:11 This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. 12 The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here.


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                            These convey so well the raw emotion many deal with. Bravo, Sounding. Please, keep them coming.


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                              Nelson, Nebraska

                              Eleven year old Kennedy Ann Holt lay on her bed looking at the painting her mom and dad had given her for her tenth birthday. Of all the gifts her parents had ever given her the painting was her favorite.
                              It was of her and her big sister Kristen. They had their arms wrapped around each other and they had matching smiles. Just looking at the painting made her feel close to the big sister she had never met.
                              Kristen had been abducted before Kennedy was born. Her mother, seven months pregnant with Kennedy, had gone shopping in Lincoln and after setting her four year old daughter down to look at an item, Kristen had been taken never to be seen or heard from again.
                              But Kennedy’s parents refused to give up hope. The prayed for Kristen’s safe return every day, and told Kennedy about her big sister all the time.
                              Kennedy also prayed for her big sister to be returned to her family. So many times she had cried as she prayed for Kristen to come home, even praying for a Christmas miracle this past Christmas. But Christmas morning had come and Kristen had not been there and Kennedy had become angry and sulked for days. Finally her parents had sat her down and asked her why she was so angry.
                              “I asked Jesus to send Kristen home to us for Christmas and He didn’t.” Kennedy had burst into tears.
                              Both her parents had cried with her, and after their tears were spent her dad had explained how God answers prayer.
                              “Kennedy, sometimes God says yes, sometimes He says no, and sometimes He says not yet, or sometimes He says not Your way but Mine. Do you understand?” Her dad looked at her with gentle eyes.
                              “Yes.” Kennedy had answered feeling ashamed that she had gotten angry with God.
                              They had all prayed together then, asking forgiveness for their lack of faith, and asking that God’s will be done. If it was His will to send Kristen home to them, the so be it. If it was His will that they never see her again this side of heaven then so be it. And if they had been wrong all these years in believing that she was alive, they prayed that they would see her in the rapture.
                              Kennedy then began to think of the next door neighbor. Mrs. Pike had been especially mean to her mother today. Her mom had said that the woman was lonely, and that sometimes lonely people lashed out at others because they were hurt. She asked Kennedy to pray for Mrs. Pike, that the Lord would comfort her, especially since her husband had passed away two years ago. “Mrs. Pike needed Jesus to heal her heart.” Her mother had said.
                              Kennedy reached over and grabbed the diary that her parents had given her with the painting and after blowing a kiss towards the painting of her and Kristen she began to write.

                              Dear Jesus

                              Mrs. Pike is a mean old lady. Mommy had some updated pictures of Kristen and Mrs. Pike told Mommy she should just give up because Kristen was probably dead. She said Mommy and Daddy should just face the truth and move on. It made Mommy cry. Maybe if you would enter her heart she wouldn’t be so mean. Mommy said she is just lonely and we should pray for her so I will.
                              I love yo

                              In that instant there was a loud trumpet and a shout.
                              “KENNEDY ANN HOLT, COME UP HERE!!”
                              Kennedy’s pen dropped to the diary and rolled off the page to land on the bed, while the scrunchie in her hair fell onto the page. Her pajama’s fell flat as her body was instantly transported up into the heavens at Jesus call.
                              Kennedy Ann was ready.


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                                Hey guys I'm back reading and love your stories. Please keep them coming, yall are so good. We all love the wonderful stories and you writers. Thanks soooooo much for doing this.