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    The Daniel Plan even has its own website where church members (or anyone who wants to sue the plan to change their eating habits) can track their progress and get tips and tricks for continued weight loss.

    “I love this idea of getting the world healthy through houses of worship,” Amen said. “If your body isn’t right then your brain is not right then your soul is not right and you are more likely to be sinful and not as thoughtful and loving.”
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    Does anyone else see the word mistake in the first sentence? Freudian slip?

    I have very mixed feelings about this trend. Personally, I read a lot of nutrition info, and I am troubled by our society's eating patterns and obesity. I personally struggle with eating what I know I should, and I see people in my church who are obese and I pray for them to get their weight under control. We are to honor God in everything--which includes eating and drinking. I know that I turn to food when I should be praying and developing better habits that will make my body stronger.

    On the other hand, I see all the New Age influences in health stores and alternative medicine, and I see where we can make physical health an idol and accept pagan practices to achieve this temporary goal.
    Rick Warren has invited non-believers (Dr. Oz and the other new age guy who wrote ultra-prevention and ultra metabolism--books I've read and appreciate while rejecting the pagan strategies) to join him in partnership to achieve a temporal goal. Dangerous.

    I just got a book on Parish nursing and would like to become one--looking for a way to minister without problematic alliances.

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    Yes, I saw that slip and had to pause until I realized it must be a typo.

    I watch Dr. Oz sometimes but he's just too focused on cheating mortality. I think its an unhealthy focus away from the spiritual facts about who we really are and why we're dying. He had a psychic on the other night which I found bizarre but thats typical new-age "holistic" humanism. His show is very manipulative because it seems positive and a little corny and therefore harmless but its all so vain in the end.

    I'm into nutrition and exercise and I don't eat red meat very often but it all comes down to educating yourself, moderation and common sense. I'm generally wary of anything thats too popular and trendy. I looked at the Daniel plan and it just seems like a healthy menu - one of many possible good combinations of stuff thats good for you. I don't get all the hype.