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So much bacon!

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    Now if we crossed the Pork Chop tree with the Cornbread shrub, and Chestnut
    we can get a hybrid;

    Stuffed Pork Chop Tree!

    It must be heaven.
    It's ALL about Jesus. The Son of God - Emanuel - The Mighty God - Our Salvation.

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      I'm thinking it should be 2 pounds of bacon for every 5 bagels.
      Tall Timbers, Imperfect but forgiven

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        Originally posted by Tall Timbers View Post
        I'm thinking it should be 2 pounds of bacon for every 5 bagels.
        ANd we can drink it down with a quart of Buttermilk. Hmmmmm


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          I do have a question, is it optional to have the sandwich served with a cup of warm bacon grease to dip into while enjoying the scrumptious meal?
          Completely optional, yes.

          Originally posted by Musician in His house View Post
          Hmm . . . wonder if the bagel, being of Jewish origin, makes the bacon kosher??

          Also, with this death bagel, do you drink a suicidal (mixture of as many soda flavors as you can get)?

          Death bagel sounds pretty good!!
          Lol I bought a Pepsi Throwback before making the bagel.


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            There is no such thing as too much bacon!!!
            There's nothing our LORD JESUS CHRIST can't do!!!!


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              My college-age son says he wants to try this too.

              This also reminds me of the B&B breakfast we had in Wales when I was a young teenager: fried bacon, fried eggs, fried toast, fried tomatoes, and kippers.