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Okay, I Am Really Irritated...

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  • Okay, I Am Really Irritated...

    Just had to chase an advertisement for a Bayer pharmaceutical product across the computer screen to delete/close it. Every time I got the cursor on the X the ad would move. This went on for about 6 or 7 times before I nailed it and the advertisement disappeared. Not nice.

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    did that happen when you opened a window for this forum? I've never had an advert pop up before on here.
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      Originally posted by BigBunny View Post
      did that happen when you opened a window for this forum? I've never had an advert pop up before on here.
      No, not here...on internet news site.


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        Some creative and irritating new style of delivering ads have been popping up recently. In yahoo mail on my phone the mail pieces open up to create a place for an ad that then follows you as you move the window up or down. I do my best to ignore all this stuff... If I accidentally click on an ad that's a victory for that kind of placement and I don't want to encourage it...
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          Of course, it also costs the advertiser money when you click on it. So, if you click on it "accidentally", and then back out of it before you have a chance to register an "impression"...everybody loses all the way around.

          I don't do that on purpose, of course...
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            Sunshine that drives me furious chasing those down to close them out, just because I want to read a news story, another thing is when a commercial just starts talking to me after reading a story for a few minutes, and I have to find where it is to close it, sometimes I have to exit out of the site because I can not find it, ugh!
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              I use browsers that block everything.

              No videos that automatically play, no ads, nothing. If a site tells me that they won't show any content without me disabling my ad blocker, I either pay for it or respect their wishes not to look at their content.

              I don't like it when websites download stuff on my computer without my permission.


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                The Internet ads are annoying for sure. My current beef tho is with these new-fangled gas pumps with screens blaring ads at me while I pump gas.

                Eh, but it's just a little while longer.


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                  Originally posted by pixelpusher View Post

                  Eh, but it's just a little while longer.
                  I am so exhausted...I wish it were tonight!!!


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                    AdBlocker Plus helps a lot, although now I sometimes get messages saying, "We noticed you're using an ad blocker..."
                    I don't mind some ads, since the content has to be paid for somehow. I just don't like the ads that interfere with my reading.