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Guess Who Just Paid For The Wall? Mexico!

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  • Guess Who Just Paid For The Wall? Mexico!

    That was all before President Trump announced a United States-Mexico trade agreement. Because Trump talked tough and never gave in, US workers will benefit. US carmakers will benefit. US manufacturers will benefit. US taxpayers will benefit. Trump did it. He won. We all won. Trump announced he will terminate NAFTA.

    While we donít know all the details yet, I guarantee this new trade deal will save us tens of billions, perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. Since the wall with Mexico costs about $25 billion, Trump just forced Mexico (whether they know it or not) to pay for the wall. Once again, Trump accomplished what establishment politicians of both parties said could never be done.
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    I saw this. People really underestimate is like everyone is playing checkers and he is playing 3-Dimentional on the episodes of Star Trek. He must have been really, really bored in school.


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      I hope the Dems don't find some way to screw this up.