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First “All Israel Conference” in Singapore highlights eight Israeli Messianic ministries

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  • First “All Israel Conference” in Singapore highlights eight Israeli Messianic ministries

    The highlight of the conference was the closing session on Saturday evening, entitled A Night to Honor the Messianic Community in Israel. Leaders from eight ministries, seven Israeli Messianic Jewish ministries and one Israeli Arab-Christian ministry, shared first-hand about their work, with absolutely no “hard sell”. These ministries are fruitful and well known within Israel, but not widely known outside of Israel, especially not in Asia. The purpose of the All Israel Conference was to raise the awareness of these Israel ministries and build bridges between our believing communities.

    The Israeli ministry delegation to Singapore included:
    1) Return Ministries helps Jews immigrating to Israel (called “Aliyah” in Hebrew) to begin a new life in Israel.
    2) Be'ad Chaim (or pro-life in Hebrew) serves women contemplating abortion and has, to date, saved more than 2000 babies.
    3) Lech Lcha runs a 3-month after-army discipleship program.
    4) Ha Chotam focuses on discipleship of youths and children, teaching and production of Hebrew Messianic literature and songs.
    5) The Joshua Fund reaches out to the poor and needy and blesses many Israeli Jewish and Arab ministries.
    6) Kehila News Israel, an online news portal for the Messianic Jewish community in Israel has a key role to disseminate news about the Body of Messiah in Israel to the rest of the world.
    Two other Israeli ministries, Hebrew-speaking and Arabic-speaking, also shared about their work.

    I thought some members might be interested in investigating some of these ministries.
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