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    The side by side photo of attendance in an Anglican church in London compared to the Muslims praying in the streets speaks volumes.

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    Sad. When I was traveling a lot to Europe in the 80's and early 90's there were Christian church's, but the only "believing" church I ever attended was in a non-church building south of Athens, Greece and there were fewer than 20 people in attendance. A young lady who I knew there who I'd planted a seed with and who later came to Christ wanted me to see where she was worshiping, otherwise I'd have never found the small group of Believers.

    Europe is all but completely dead, which I think also means Europe is absolutely ready for the anti-christ. The rest of the world isn't far behind Europe, I reckon.

    That was a sad picture. I think the established churches there, for the most part, lost touch with their God decades ago, just as we're seeing happen in the USA.
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      For many, many years I have read of the lukewarm church during the last days that is mentioned in the Bible. I guess I just never quite got how extensive it would be. I always pictured the true church as being relevant her on earth. Now I am seeing just how pervasive it is..........and, recognizing more and more how things must have been in Noah's day. No one would listen to truth, and no one would believe in God. It is almost the same now, in our day and age. Our Lord's return for us must surely be coming very soon.


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        Itís depressing but hasnít the world pretty much always been like that? Was there ever a time when most people were Christians and were beloved by the world? Even from the beginning Christ said we would be hated for his sake. So yeah, when I see stuff like those pics and am tempted to despair, I try to remember that itís nothing new under the sun, sadly.


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          Yes. you are most likely correct.