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Guerrillas for God: How Hong Kong’s Pastors Are Delivering the Message to China’s Christians

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  • Guerrillas for God: How Hong Kong’s Pastors Are Delivering the Message to China’s Christians

    Rev. C. has nearly finished his latest book, a compilation of daily devotions for pastors in China. To get his manuscript from Hong Kong into the hands of his students on the Chinese mainland he’ll have to — well, for his safety that can’t be published. Neither can his name, since he agreed to speak to TIME on condition of anonymity. So let’s just say this slight and soft-spoken Protestant has spent years giving Chinese authorities the slip to deliver his spiritual message to Chinese Christians.

    Rev. C. is convinced that Christianity alone can shake the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) indomitable grip. He’s willing to go jail for this conviction. In fact, he already has.

    “It’s a blessing to go to prison,” he says, “to suffer for Jesus.”

    Full article here:

    I tried to find the article at the Time Magazine website where it originated, but wasn't successful in that search. In the article the author speculates that by 2030 there could be more Christians in China than in any other country. I'm excited about the conversions to Christ that are occurring around the world in the countries that do not traditionally embrace Christianity, but I'm thinking that if the world of this era makes it to 2030 it'll be within the time of Tribulation... I do think we're very, very close... Anyway, i enjoyed reading the article so wanted to share it here.
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    Inspiring..."Beijing cannot arrest them all. There are too many Christians now and not enough jails."