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Do Not Give An Inch On The Second Amendment

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  • Do Not Give An Inch On The Second Amendment

    Democrats, in a feat of political exploitation unrivaled in the 21st century, are now usinig the kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas HIgh School to sign fundraising emails. Part of me had hoped the party of grave-dancing would find using children in this way would be a bridge too far, but the rest of me knew they didn’t have it in them to be tactful, decent people. After all, every left-wing activist group had, one day after the shooting, started sweeping into town to organize what they and their fellow travelers in the media all claimed was an “organic, grassroots” response to the tragedy. If they couldn’t wait 24 hours before attaching the marionette strings to those kids, the fact that they waited 2 weeks before attempting to use them to line their own pockets is as close to decency as they’re going to get.

    With that in mind, and as liberals line up behind a shield made of children to march on the Second Amendment, it’s important to remember what happens when you attempt to compromise with people whose ultimate goal is your obliteration and why no amount of compromise will ever be enough.

    full article here:

    I agree that no compromise should be made regarding our 2nd amendment. I believe that denying adults the right to purchase arms would be a clear violation of our Constitutional rights, so I am opposed to raising the age to 21 for purchasing firearms.

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      I don’t put it past them to do anything, considering they literally love when women kill their own unborn children!


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        No compromise on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights!