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Occult at school

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  • Occult at school

    My son is in the 2nd grade and is 8 yrs old. I have taught him about Jesus and God. Iíve taken him to church and he has asked God into his heart. Wasnít there when he accepted but his Olympians teacher informed me. He isnít interested in church because he thinks itís boring. Not too abnormal there. Anyway, knowing about God he has encountered another kid at school who has been telling him things that werenít true about the devil and scaring him. I never taught about Satan in detail because I didnít want him to be afraid or focus on it. It started with stupid stuff like that if he played with slime at 3am the devil would come and kill him. He knows thatís a lie and so we just assured him it wasnít true. But now it has escalated to talking to ďCharlieĒ as my son was explaining the kid talks to a dead kid named Charlie by what sounded like the occult. Using a paper and pen with words and letters written on it... like the ouiji board. Now Iím more concerned. He said he watched him talk to it and that it ďworkedĒ meaning that ďCharlieĒ talked back. My son hasnít been told or shown that game so I believe the child did this at school. Before he told me all this, we have had weird things happen and Iíve felt a presence. Iíve rebuked it when feeling it but it didnít occur to me that could be from his school. (Not suing it is just that it never came to mind). I donít know if he has tried this or not. Weíve had things like the door opening up on its own and my son complaining of strange noises. Other things too. It may be time for a little anointing. I am already prepared to talk to him about Santan and the demons by using the encounters in scripture. I have where Jesus was tempted and used the word to deflect the enemy. Iíve highlighted some of the possessions like the man of Cadeara and the boy he casted a demon out. Iím hoping to use this to show not to be afraid because Jesus always overcomes. But even with this... I donít know what else to say or do. I wasnít thinking these talks wouldnít be until middle school. What would you do?

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    There's nothing inherently spooky about Satan even if he himself and the world he controls would do everything to paint him a million different ways as a terrifying or mighty king of devils, a god unto himself. Another one he's good at is an angel of light. He was once among the brightest of Heaven's host. Satan has many faces. Only one is true and God gives a pretty clear account in the Bible in his proclamation against an ancient king of Babylon.

    He's the enemy of God (by his own choosing and doing) and humanity (by proxy). He is the reason we're in a sin fallen world, in addition to ourselves for following after his lie over the word of God. He is a fallen angel who having been one of the highest angels in the angelic host convinced a small fraction of the host of Heaven to join him in his rebellion against God. He was the angel positioned to the covering of God's throne in the third heaven. An angel of music and beauty. He was very close to God.

    There very well couldn't have been a greater honor. But it wasn't enough for Satan to have this very great place of honor. He didn't want to be guard of the throne. He wanted to be the one who sat upon it. And so pride begins with him. Not because it was ever in his design but because having been made perfect in a process we can't comprehend since as humans we're in the exact opposite paradigm of angels, he willingly choose to step away from his perfect design and choose to be evil before God.

    He's a very good liar and his high position I suppose made him very convincing to those angels who followed after him. This is the sum of Satan and his host of demons. 1/3rd of the innumerable heavenly host. Then comes Adam and Eve, etc al. Coming back to the present, over the Christian they have no greater power than to hound us with the troubles and the trifles of this life. And it's not always by being spooky or with suffering. Sometimes a great snare is wealth and power. For others it is sex. Drinking. Drugs. You get the idea.

    This particular one, the occult, is appealing to powers and spirits outside of God. People do this either out of tradition, curiosity, as a means to ask for something one feels they shouldn't ask for or that they won't get from God. Talking to the dead. King Saul turned to the occult in his final hours seeking an answer that God wouldn't give to him only for God turn the tables on everyone... even the practicing witch. Those who don't believe in God turn to this kind of thing all the time. Even so-called atheists dabble in such things and they've been exposed multiple times. God forbids this and we're only to appeal to Him.

    What your son and his friend is probably talking about is a game called "Charlie, Charlie" or some variant therein. Used to be Bloody Mary when I was younger. These games do have their roots in the occult and we shouldn't bother with such things. In of themselves they're innocuous at best but if practiced in a public place where others have been messing about with things they shouldn't, it could lead to something. Once again however Satan and his host have no greater power over the born again Christian.

    With regards to your son he's very young at 8 years old. He's a child. Everyone reaches an age of accountability in their life where they can clearly determine right from wrong, good from evil. Before this time children are considered innocent in the eyes of God. Sins are not accounted to children and those unable to determine good from evil. This is generally considered to be passed around the time of puberty but of course every person is different. Some come to that age sooner and later than others.

    If your son can determine what he or his friend was doing is wrong or bad, he is accountable as he's reached a point of maturity that he can determine this. Regardless he is a child and he hasn't done anything new with regards to bad things we shouldn't do. We all stupid things when we're kids. If he's saved he's a prayer away from forgiveness. You must determine this though. Sit down with your son and take the time to talk to him about Jesus Christ and figure out what he personally says and believes about Him.

    If everything's good make certain your son personally asks for forgiveness for messing around with these things and pray together to our Lord and Savior Jesus to protect and keep your home from Satan and his angels. Urge your son not to mess around with these games any more and use the experience as a testament to the proof of God's Word. When you experience supernatural acts of evil you certainly can't deny God.

    For if there are demons there are certainly angels. And if angels, from where did they come? I've prayed for your son, your family, and your home and I hope this offers you and any who take the time to read some insight and comfort.


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      TimothyK gave excellent advice.

      Perhaps now is a good time to talk to him about the devil and how he uses any opportunity to get his foot in the door. At 8 years old it'll probably scare him a little but I think it could be a healthy fear. Too often the occult draws kids in because they see power behind it and it's alluring. I think that's the same with any sin. It seems 'fun' at first but the reality is that it's very harmful.
      After you tell him about satan be sure to explain how powerful Jesus is, and greater is He who is in Him than he who is in the world.

      I'm praying for you!
      It can be a challenge somedays to protect our precious kids from harm; whether that's physical, emotional, or spiritual.


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        Thank you. This is helpful. We have talked about it and he said he didnít participate but he was watching his friend do this. Didnít realize it was a thing. He seems receptive to what I had to say. Iím confident he will stay away from these types of games but I am still worried what kind of things he is being exposed to at school.


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          Originally posted by Yrrek View Post
          Thank you. This is helpful. We have talked about it and he said he didnít participate but he was watching his friend do this. Didnít realize it was a thing. He seems receptive to what I had to say. Iím confident he will stay away from these types of games but I am still worried what kind of things he is being exposed to at school.
          If your son attends a public school it's inevitable he's going to be exposed to pretty much everything. Not that private schools are much better in that regard. We're in the world not of it. But unfortunately that means dealing with life in this sin fallen world. Only thing we can do is to be vigilant and stand firm on the rock of our salvation. All other ground is sinking sand.

          As a Christian he's never far from God. Just encourage him to stay away from obviously bad things. Make sure you keep communication between you and him and the family in general open. Don't let your kids withdraw from you or you from them as they get older. They'll need some space obviously but always try to keep in touch, stay relevant in their life and affairs. Keep Christ and His word relevant in your lives.


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            I went thru this with my daughter. She told me kids were doing this thing at school. She asked me about it whether or not she could and if it was good or bad. I told her it was evil and she doesnít need to be playing it or be around others who are playing it. I explained to her it opens demonic doors. She never played it. Anything evil scares her. I had a issue with her watching or playing five nights at Freddieís also known as FNAF. I had a harder time getting thru to her on that one. I finally got her to quit messing with it. Scary for us parents when our kids knowing or unknowingly dabbles in demonic things.