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There's no missing Trump's 'Merry Christmas' message

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  • There's no missing Trump's 'Merry Christmas' message

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- There's no mistaking President Donald Trump's "Merry Christmas" message he wields it as a weapon against political correctness.

    For weeks, he's been liberally sprinkling his public remarks with Christmas tidings. And then pointing it out in case anyone fails to notice.

    God bless our President Trump!
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    Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalm 84:10


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      Trump really is one of a kind! I often wonder how anyone can stand up to the kind of pressure and hatred he is up against. I think of him as a Samson-like judge, not perfect but slashing away at this time of lies and delusion!


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        I'm having trouble figuring out how this is something new? The same article talks about how Obama said "Merry Christmas" (even mentioning the story of Jesus' birth in a similar fashion to how Trump did) and that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did it too. Trump is doing the exact same thing but being more...Trumpy about it. And I guess I can see the appeal of that. (I don't share in that appeal myself, but I can understand it).

        What I don't get is why people think Christmas is being diminished. I hear Christmas music starting in November, if not earlier. Decorations everywhere. Trees, nativity scenes, Christmas movies, the works. Everything is Christmas every single year. This is a Christian-majority country and the Christian holidays definitely are the most visible.

        However, that doesn't stop this season from being one that holds different holidays. America is a multicultural and multi-religious country. What's wrong with being inclusive? "Happy Holidays" includes Christmas of course, but it also includes Kwanzaa and Hanukkah and other holidays. You may think Christmas is the only one worth celebrating--and you have the right to think so--but that doesn't mean everyone else has to believe that too. You celebrate the events that mean the most to you, and others will celebrate theirs.

        I'm just happy you wish me to have a good season, no matter what I celebrate or if I even celebrate anything at all. It isn't something to use as a weapon. It's a greeting for crying out loud...

        (And if you wished someone a Merry Christmas and they rejected you for it, that says more about them than it does about you. I personally don't mind wishing people a Merry Christmas but I've been in so many multi-religious/cultural places that I prefer to say "Happy Holidays" so the recipient of my greeting knows that I wish them well this season. To me, it doesn't make the importance and loveliness of Christmas any less prominent in my life).


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          I have not seen one Nativity movie on any channel except one called the First Noel, and in this program they are disparaging it and saying this and that couldn't have happened.
          The reason for the season is Jesus birth.


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            The reason for the season is Jesus' birth, sure--for you and many others. However not everyone regards this time of year the same way. No need to make everyone participate in the same holiday whether they want to or not. That's the point of Happy Holidays. You include everything--Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, name it. Pick whatever is important to you.


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              You say you've seen a lot of Christmas everywhere.............but, in reality, you have been seeing the "commercial Christmas". Not the REAL Christmas. Christmas is now about $$$$ be it the Hallmark movies, the tv specials, the decorations in the stores, and on the streets. Heck, the big thing everywhere now is the neighborhood decorating contests which may give you $50 or so if you win. HGTV, I believe had a contest with winnings of $50K!!! Did you see any of Christ in it???? NO!

              "Happy Holidays" is pretty darned homogeonous.......... I'm a Christian, I celebrate Christmas (Christ). So when I give out a greeting it is ALWAYS "Merry Christmas"! If someone is unhappy about that, that is their problem. I'm not celebrating Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or anything else. They don't have to wish me a "Merry Christmas" either...............


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                It's been awhile since I've posted, getting the hang of this new format. Just wanted to add, in past years I've ordered all Christmas gifts online and had them delivered to the house, avoiding the mall and stores. This year hubs and I waited the very last minute to shop and HAD to get out among the many last minute shoppers. I've never done the black Friday thing. Well...I love nothing better than to wait until we are ready to leave the check out line and as we are strolling past all the other check out lines I yell in my strong southern drawl, "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Hubs usually jumps as I give him no warning, but I love to see all the smiles on the faces. Occasionally I'll get a "Merry Christmas" back. I've done this many times, it makes my heart happy.
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