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How did you choose your member name?

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    1 is because it's just me and whoiswaiting stands for it seems like I am always waiting on the next thing to happen, so it seemed appropriate!!


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      Tigger is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character.


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        I chose Abigail since I relate to her story in the Bible...I'm beginning to think it "fits" me much better than my real name does...which is really, really "Catholic" sounding...and as I'm no longer Catholic...well...

        God changed the names of quite a few people in the turning points in their lives, so I guess there's "biblical" precedent for feeling more comfortable with "Abigail" now...


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          I was at a Ladies Retreat and heard a message on running the race

          Hebrews 12 :1 Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and sin which does so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.
          What I learned in that particular study has been marked in my Bible and stayed with me since; In one statement it means to me,
          ''Let me run the race that God has given to me.'' I had found it to be so enlightening and instructive. I made it suitable for an internet name some years ago to IRUNTHERACE4HIM. I notice someone else on this board has a similar name as mine.


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            None of the other hobbies seemed to lend itself to a screen name....White Water, Skiing, Mtn Climbing. [/QUOTE]

            You could be my 21 year old son, Caver....

            My name is a given....His Bride. Bride of Christ was already taken. One day soon, His Bride will be home!


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              Originally posted by His Bride View Post
              You could be my 21 year old son, Caver....

              My name is a given....His Bride. Bride of Christ was already taken. One day soon, His Bride will be home!
              Chuckling.......except that age was 40 years ago.


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                Originally posted by Caver View Post
                Chuckling.......except that age was 40 years ago.
                Oh yeah, I understand completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing what a FEW years can do, huh?


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                  Dorcas went from place to place caring for the needy and that is what I feel like my spiritual gift is-service. So Dorcus seemed a fit for me!


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                    Tall Timbers is the name of the road I live on. I use it or a derivative for many of my online account ID's.
                    Tall Timbers, Imperfect but forgiven

                    3 trees


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                      Originally posted by Tall Timbers View Post
                      Tall Timbers is the name of the road I live on. I use it or a derivative for many of my online account ID's.
                      So I guess that means that you are not 6'10 and have a wooden leg?


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                        My screen name is my husband and my initials, I use it for almost everything so I do not forget my user name, the 2004 is the year when the Lord brought him into my life.
                        Ephesians 2:8-9
                        For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.


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                          My username is slightly more complicated. First, I absolutely love flowers. Second, my daughter always said that when she had a daughter, she would name her Jade. Well, she and her husband have 3 daughters and a son and their first daughter is named Jade. Third, when Jade was just a toddler, I was looking through my Beck's catalog and found that they had allium bulbs that produce a white flower with a green center. The name of the allium is Jadeeyes. Well, because I had a grandchild named Jade, I had to plant some of those bulbs in my garden. It was so much fun when those flowers came up in my garden and pointed them out to Jade and told them the name. I love Jade, her name and th name of those flowers. Hence the name Jadeeyes. (I'll bet y'all thought I have green eyes.) Since then, I've been blessed with 3 more granddaughters and a grandson and have taken to naming flowers in my garden for them. For instance, instead of Blackeyed Susans, I planted Blackeyed Madisons.

                          Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

                          A closed mouth gathers no feet. Unknown

                          Inside there's a thin woman trying to get out.
                          I'm keeping her sedated with chocolate


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                            Nothing special about mine, it was part of an email address I already had, that was derived from the nickname of coco and my ex who called me chickpea....and the 9052 was computer assigned-- as someone had the nerve to already have cocopea...

                            And when I came to join RR it never ever occurred to me to make a new more appropriate screen name.

                            But if I could change it now, it would be: #1 RAPTURE FAN

                            (notice how I manage to work Rapture into most every post......)


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                              I picked Claudius because I have always admired the Roman Emperor Claudius. Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus. His sister-in-law Livia the wife of the emperor Tiberius was a psycho.

                              Tiberius was the emperor during the life of Jesus.

                              Livia spent most of her free time eliminating the competition for her husband's job. typically by poison. One of Claudius' tutors advised the young Claudius to act mentally retarded in the presence of Livia and thus probably saved the boy's life. Livia made fun of the boy and called him "Clau, Clau, Claudius" or called him "Claudius the Stammerer" or "Claudius the Lame."

                              Tiberius died leaving his grandson young Gaius Emperor. Gaius was twenty-three years old. Gaius started out being wildly popular, the guy was a rock star. He repealed some taxes and the like. Then he got sick and stayed sick for the space of a year. When he recovered he was completely out of control. Gaius is also known as Caligula. The Latin word "Caligula" derives from the word "caligi." Caligi were the heavy, brass cleat shod Roman infantry boot worn by Roman soldiers. Gaius' father was a Roman general, Livia probably poisoned him to death. Young Gaius was popular among the soldiers. Gaius' mom Agripina the Elder made him a little soldier's outfit. The grunts called him "Caligula" which is Latin for "Little Boots." When the legion that Gaius' father led was moving, young Gaius walked along with the soldiers, ate their food and was probably carried along by them when he got tired. Typical little boy. Mom and dad didn't worry too much about young Gaius when he was out and about in that he had a legion of trained professional grade killers keeping an eye on him. I can imagine, "hey mister, what kind of three is that? hey mister, what kind of bird is that?"

                              After the assassination of Gaius, Claudius, Gaius' uncle, was found hiding behind a curtain in the palace. Claudius figured that they were going to kill him next. Instead they made him emperor.

                              Claudius was a popular emperor. He repealed some taxes and took charge of eliminating corruption in the government. For the most part Claudius was just a kindly old man. Claudius had simple tastes, ate simple food and took naps when he got the chance.

                              Claudius was probably poisoned by his niece Agripina the Younger, Gaius' sister. Her motive for eliminating Claudius was to make her son Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus, AKA Nero, the emperor. That plan backfired because one of the first things on Nero's to do list was to have his mom killed. The story is told that when the Soldiers tasked with killing Agripina the Younger confronted the woman she took hold of one of the swords and guiding it to her abdomen told the soldiers, "Strike here first for this is the womb that bore Nero."


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                                There was a glass of milk next to me at the time (not mine, milk is gross lol), and I slipped up and spelled it wrong when signing up hence the double L. First thing that came to mind really.

                                Some of you guys have really detailed backgrounds behind your names, it's interesting. Like I did think jadeeyes just meant green eyes