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Hi from California!

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  • Hi from California!

    Hello everyone!

    Iím new here and wanted to introduce myself. Iím a navy wife living in California. I learned about this website from one of the shows I watch on TV. Iím really looking forward to some fellowship with like minded believers and learning along the way!

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    A warm welcome to you, knw77! Are you in San Diego? I grew up in Orange County, and came to know the Lord through Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. Glad you're here!


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      Welcome to RR!


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        Thank you both! To Accepted- I was raised in San Diego, but I am in the Temecula area for now..not too far from Orange County!


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          Welcome to RR, knw77! My dad was in the navy. I grew up near Port Hueneme NAS.
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            Welcome to the forum!


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              Hi knw77!!! I know exactly where Temecula is!!! I was there the beginning of August visiting as my brother-and-sister-in-law live in Murrieta. Welcome to Rapture Ready!!!


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                Welcome to the forum! I live in Lake Elsinore, recently moved out here from Irvine. Look forward to sharing thoughts with you!


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                  Hello fellow Californian! Welcome to RR.

                  I'm located in that "other" California north of Bakersfield. Actually farter north not far from the Napa Valley. So I comiserate with you over the imorral wackiness (wickedness) that so pervades this State. At least for now, the sanctity of Funamentalist Christian homes remain beyond the legeslative pervue.



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                    Californian here as well...welcome!!
                    I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken because He is right beside me. Ps. 16:8


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                      As I said, I'm in your neighborhood..........Lake Elsinore, but to the east of the I-15 in Canyon Hills. I can recommend a lovely church here in the area. Not too big - not too small, and filled with sound teaching, local mission opportunities, and the most loving and friendliest fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that I have ever met up with........... And, by the way, my dad served in the Navy in the late 30's and my brother in the 50's. Again, Welcome!