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  • Hello!

    I grew up in a small town in northeast Ohio named Streetsboro. I come from a family of seven; there was my dad, mom, my brother Josh, and then my three sisters, Erin, Anna, and Kelly. I am the second oldest of the five kids, and my brother never let me forget it. We lived in a ranch house, with a huge yard and lots of willow trees, and so I played Tarzan a lot growing up.

    My parents were taking me to church before I was ever born. We attended several different churches as I grew, but they were all Independent Baptist. I came to Christ when I was 16 years old. It was at summer camp, and I remember having fought the conviction on my heart for a long time. You see, growing up I had become adept at faking the part of a Christian; praying, teaching, door-knocking, even preaching. I was a main participant in the youth group and I did not want to admit that it was all a charade. But that sweltering summer night, I finally broke down and gave myself to the Lord.

    For years after that, about four, I continued to be faithful to church. By the time I was twenty, I was speaking in several different churches regularly and teaching a class, as well as helping to plant a church in Kent, Ohio. I was very involved in my church. I cannot go into specifics, but there came a point where the hammer fell, and I ended being very hurt by the church, and I left. I put up a lot of walls around my heart, and I walked away from church, God, all of it.

    I met my wife when I was twenty, almost twenty-one. She was a bit of a wild-child, and I was still very conservative from my upbringing. Through 7 years of dating, we had several adventures, and she really opened up my world. She was a Christian, like myself, and was always sweet to me about the hurt I had experienced, but the moment we were married she started getting on me about finding a home church. I started visiting various churches, and about four years ago or so, I visited Brunswick Church of the Nazarene. I have never visited anywhere else. The people were so sweet, and the presence of God was so strong here, my heart started being softened and my spirit was ministered to here in a way I had never before experienced. We are now full members of the Church of the Nazarene.

    Three years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. My mother lost her battle in November, three years ago. Through it all, her faith never wavered, she was never angry, she never lost faith. Every morning, she still read her Bible, and every Sunday she either attended church or watched Charles Stanley on TV. At the end, when she could no longer speak above a whisper, she asked me to sing her favorite hymns to her, and I did as much as I could. Watching her, wasting away but never wavering, she taught me real faith, and I felt the walls I had built around my heart crumble and fall. My mother's faith was like none I have ever seen, and I thank her for all she was for me. I miss her and can not wait to see her again.

    I know I was called to preach when I was a much younger man, but two years ago I rededicated my heart to the Lord, and I have pursued the calling He placed me under at a younger age. I started attending the Nazarene Bible College and am pursuing a degree Theology and Biblical Studies with a Minor in Pastoral Ministry. I teach a Wednesday night class for the teens in my church, and I am on the NYI Youth Council. I currently hold my local minister's license through the Church of the Nazarene. This July, my wife and I are heading to Nicaragua as members of a missionary team, building a church and child-development center, as well as organizing an Upward Sports program.

    I love to read a little of everything, but mostly I focus on history, sci-fi, and high fantasy. I love Tolkien, Lewis, Jordan, Butcher, and Lovecraft, as well as Conan Doyle. I play a lot of board games and video games, and I have collected comics since I was seven years old. I have an awesome collection of Silver and Bronze Age comics. I love hobbies, and especially reading history, but my main passion is to grow in faith and to serve God, where ever He may call me.
    1 John 3:16 "Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." (KJV)

    Psalm 94:18 "When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O Lord, held me up." (KJV)

    Daniel 9:1

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    We are so happy you are here at RR now, to share in our seeking of biblical truths, and applying them to our lives, and the lives we touch around us! And, to look forward together for our Lord's return. I lived in southeastern Ohio - Gallipolis - my dad's hometown for a few years when I was a young kid. Then my parents moved back to California, where they had met while my dad was in the Navy. Good to have you here..............


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      Welcome to RR, TruePriest!
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