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How did you get saved?

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  • For me, it was more like How many times did you get saved? LOL

    I didn't understand salvation until about 15 or so years ago, but that's beside the point....

    I know the first time I "got saved" was in 1977 or 78 I think, at a Billy Graham crusade in Toronto, ON. My late aunt Minerva took me and I knew I needed the Lord, so I went down at the altar call. As I said, I didn't really understand Christianity nor take my walk seriously, though I went to church for a time. I drifted for years, then "got saved" again in 1985. Some ppl were street witnessing and they stopped & talked to me. I still remember the change I felt and the joy I had afterward. Once again, I didn't really understand everything so I went to church for a while then drifted...I re-dedicated my life several times in the years since then. I did not really take salvation seriously until around 1992 or so. Even then I struggled with spiritual warfare, and had my "ups" and "downs" in my walk. I think it was either in 2002 or 2004 that I really began to study the Word more, after being exposed to multiple doctrines and denominations....I said "Lord, I want to know what YOU say, not what these churches say" and with that I purchased a Life Application Bible. God really opened my eyes to so many things then, it was exciting!

    Since that time, the devil has tried VERY hard to confuse me. This is why I'm always looking for other sources to confirm or deny teachings, since I've heard stories like "you can't rely on (so & so) translation," etc. Nowadays, with so many false teachers, you REALLY have to know the Word of God.
    love in Christ Jesus & prayers,

    I am ready to go!!!


    • I was in the US Army serving in Germany, 1972. It was very boring so I read a lot. One day I went into the book store looking for some science fiction. There was this book with a very catchy title, The Late Great Planet Earth. I bought it. I had never heard about any of the stuff it contained, bible prophesy, and found it fascinating. So I got me a Bible from the chaplain's office and started to look these things up. This stuff really IS in the Bible! At the end there was an invitation to accept Christ. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. It took!


      • I realized one day, after running from Him for so long, but also believing at the same time, that He wasnít going to stop calling me, and I was tired of running, I wanted Him as much as he wanted me. i accepted Him way before I began to live for Him. Then I realized, He has always been there, by my side, even when I didnít know Him. I didnít have to know Him, because He knew Me. He was there through tears, fears, worry, sickness and death. Iím so glad He waited for me to come to Him, because it truly is the best decision Iíve ever made in my life