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    Its normal to have fears. A hero is not someone who is brave enough to do something for others, a hero is someone who has fears, but does it anyway. When someones eternal life is at stake, and you care about them, it'll give you the motive you need. Pray to God for what you need. Paul asked that others would pray for him, that he would speak boldly. Despite his fear, God granted those prayer request.

    And like previously suggested, check out some places for training, like Way of the Master, to help you get prepared.

    Dan~~~>uses alot of their tools


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      They need to examine themselves and their faith

      Hi tada,

      You might want to listen to this challenging message and then find some way of getting your friends to listen afterwards:

      I believe it's also on video at either Google Video or Youtube.

      You might also remind them of Hebrews 12:14 "Without holiness no-one will see the Lord"

      Holiness audio mp3 and written resources are here:

      You might also like to print off this Charles Finney article (I have updated it to modern wording and usage, eg reference to copying of CDs (of which I myself was guilty and about which Jesus challenged me):

      A word of warning: no matter how upright your Christian walk, Jesus will use this sermon to challenge you! It challenged me when I went through this exercise, but it will lead to an "open heaven" between you and Jesus. So it's best if you go through it first with an honest and open heart before the Lord and deal with it yourself, before you pass it to others.

      With Love in Jesus


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        My good friend Beka (who is in my year) lent me The Way of the Master. Though I have heard Hell's Best Kept Secret before I was greatly encouraged by this book. And also the fact that... heck.. She's there for me too.


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          I really advise you to watch some of the video's. I've taken in more by watching others witness thatn reading about it. Find a few Christian friends to pray with, and plan together how to reach the lost in your area. Paul didn't usually travel alone...

          Dan~~~>likes having company too