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    Thanks for sharing, Twinkle.

    If you get a chance (a Q&A session maybe) ask him about his Watcman on the wall ministry, exposing the emergent church, maybe he'd speak on it a bit.


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      Originally posted by Acts5:41 View Post
      Well, you know me.

      What are the challenges he feels we face as evangelical American Christians?
      What should "we" be doing, that we aren't?
      What ARE we doing, that we shouldn't?
      Is he more of a general evangelism guy, or one-on-one?
      Does he have a "method"?

      Obviously I am very curious, but God has had me working solo - which is fine. Not many people want to ride the buses I do, and get the looks.
      Originally posted by Acts5:41 View Post
      Cool. The way I see people, we have the saved and the unreached. Work on reaching them!

      I would be curious to learn, does he have a specific method (like Way of the Master) or does he tailor it to the situation? If you can tell us.

      I don't think anyone can accuse me of having a "method". If so, it could be summed up in my sign "Free Bibles".
      What are the challenges he feels we face as evangelical American Christians?

      The fact that many American Christians feel that America has been "reached" already. Ken Silva (KS) thinks not. People here still need someone to lead them to Christ even if they've heard the Gospel message already.

      What should "we" be doing, that we aren't?

      Going to places that Christians normally don't, like bars, etc. We need to get out of our "comfort zone". KS has brought prostitutes to Christ. (With the help of the Holy Spirit, of course.) There is more and I'll try to address this later on.

      What ARE we doing, that we shouldn't?

      Having a negative attitude towards the unsaved. Our mindset is often thinking of them in negative terms like "unsaved". KS prefers to think of them as pre-Christians. More on this, too.

      Is he more of a general evangelism guy, or one-on-one?

      He is mostly one-on-one, but goes with what the situation dictates. He related stories of more than one at a time coming to Christ.

      Does he have a "method"?

      Yes. His whole course is his method. He's learned from past mistakes and has refined his approach.

      I would be curious to learn, does he have a specific method (like Way of the Master) or does he tailor it to the situation?

      KS would not put down any other methods, he thinks there is probably a time and place for most methods. KS method is to avoid argument or confrontation. He said that one thing he agreed with Way of the Master is how they use the Ten Commandments when someone has a sticking point about thinking that they're a good person and will go to heaven on their "goodness".

      There is more but I wanted to answer your questions, at least in part, now.

      eta: I forgot to answer about tailoring to the situation: He has a method (which I will try to cover the best I can) but this method leaves room for tailoring to the situation. He said he tried the rigid method way at first but found that it works better to be flexable to the situation. I'll try to explain once I get there in my future posts.


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        Originally posted by Nightelf View Post
        Thanks for sharing, Twinkle.

        If you get a chance (a Q&A session maybe) ask him about his Watcman on the wall ministry, exposing the emergent church, maybe he'd speak on it a bit.
        I'm most pleased to share what I've learned. I was unable to question him about his Watchman ministry, our pastor put a time limit on KS, for his own good, I think. KS had another engagement on the heels of this one. I think Pastor wanted KS to have some time to unwind. Rightfully so. KS looked a bit tired. I would have loved to hear him talk on the emergent church. I was really kind of sad to see Dr. Silva leave us. I would have loved to listen to him on either topic.

        I have a lot of information to process and share with you all. It's going to take me most likely several days, even a week. I'll post bits as I prepare it and when I've reached the end of it, I'll state that I've finished it.

        I'm happy to do this, it's going to take me a while though.

        Glory to God! He's blessed me by allowing me to learn new things. May He use this to bring in His harvest!


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          I like what you shared.

          I really view "them" as the unreached, because they are. We haven't reached them yet with the Gospel.

          And I completely agree; PLENTY of work to be done here in America!

          Funny about getting out of the comfort zone; that's exactly what I've been called to do.

          Thank you!

          " I have had an increasing burden to engage in some down and dirty, street evangelism." March 6, 2010

          Isaiah 6:8 I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “ Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?”

          Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

          Matthew 22:9 NIV
          'So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’

          I'm praying for you daily!
          I get my Bibles here


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            Please remember that I'm slightly modifying what I learned at the
            Share Your Faith Workshops. I'm certain that KS doesn't mind us
            sharing what we learn with others. This is usually done in person
            but since I'm sharing via the internet, I need to avoid infringing
            on copyrights.

            To start, think about and possibly write down why you want to
            share your faith with others. Why is it hard to share your faith?
            List excuses and reasons.

            Five points to sharing the Gospel:

            1. Heaven is a free gift. It is not earned or deserved. Rom. 6:23

            2. Man is a sinner and cannot save himself. Eph. 2:8-9

            3. God is merciful and doesn't want to punish us. 1 John 4:8b God
            is Just and must punish our sins.Ex. 34:7b

            4. Christ is both God and Man. John 1:1,14 He died on the cross and
            rose from the dead to pay the penalty for our sins
            and purchased a place in heaven for us. Isa.53:6

            5. Faith is not just head knowledge James 2:19 nor is it temporary
            faith. True saving faith is TRUST in Jesus Christ alone
            for our eternal life. Acts 16:31

            It is not necessary to recite the Bible verses. And probably best not
            to at this point. I added the verses just in case you want or need them.

            After presenting the five points of the Gospel ask the person if
            this makes sense. If they say yes, they are probably ready to receive
            Christ. Lead them in prayer. If they say no, go back over each point
            one at a time and ask them after each point if that's where they're stuck.
            Don't ask them a general, open-ended question like "what don't you
            understand?" This leaves it wide open and can easily get you off track.

            If a question comes up that you're not prepared to answer, either
            because you don't know the answer or the answer is so long that it
            takes you off track, try this: Say to them, "That's a very good
            question, would it be ok if I write that down and got back to you
            on it?" If they agree, (they should) write it down and make an
            appointment to get back to them.

            List the fears that YOU have about witnessing. List some Bible verses
            that help you to overcome fear.

            The key to successful witnessing is to go fishing with the Master.

            Read Luke 5:1-11

            What was Jesus teaching the fishermen after they'd been fishing
            all night and caught nothing? Remember, these were experienced fishermen
            yet they obeyed when Jesus told them when and where to let down their
            nets. What was the result? The nets of fish were so full that they
            nearly sunk the boats! This was a lesson Jesus taught them just before
            he commanded them to become 'fishers of men'.

            What lessons can we take away from this example?

            1. Jesus KNOWS where the fish are.

            2. The men caught fish because they OBEYED Jesus.

            3. You can EXPECT miraculous results.

            The most important thing to do before witnessing is PRAY!

            Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to people who are ready and open
            to the Gospel.

            Always ask the person if you can ask them a personal question. If they
            say no, then move on. If they give you permission to ask them a
            question then you are NOT pushing 'religion' down their throat. If at
            anytime their body language (or they say it) tells you that they are
            closed to hearing the Gospel, don't push it. Move on. You are asking
            God to lead you to those who are open and ready to hear the Gospel.

            This method reminds me of two stories in the NT. Philip and the
            Ethiopian Acts 8:26-38 and Peter and Cornelius Acts 10: 24-43. I know
            that these are different than a usual witnessing but the hearts of
            these people were ready to receive Christ.

            Always share a personal spiritual story with them (possibly your personal testimony)
            first before you ask a question of them.

            more later.


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              3. God is merciful and doesn't want to punish us. 1 John 4:8b God
              is Just and must punish our sins.Ex. 34:7b
              This makes it sound like there is division and conflict within the nature of God. God always wants to punish sin since it is a violation of His nature. Mercy and love deal with the fact that He took that punishment upon Himself. Isah. 53:10 says it was the LORD's will to crush him. Just a point of clarification.


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                I don't think there is a point of seeming conflict in the way those two statements were worded. God, in His infinite mercy and compassion, does not wish to see us suffer, but He knows it is necessary in order to bring repentence. Just like a good parent, we don't want to have to punish, but we must. Justice demands it. God's infinite justice and holiness cannot allow sin to flourish, that doesn't mean He is relishing in that.

                Anyway, that isn't why I wanted to post. I want to thank the OP for sharing all of this. It is a blessing. I've got many Calvanist friends and the spectrum of where they fall is highly varied. Few are full TULIPS really. Just wanted to add that even though KS doesn't seem to be Calvanist. His website might have a lot of that sort of material b/c they are some of the soundest teachers/preachers out there, and I am very definitely NOT a 5pt Calvanist. That might not be the reason there is Calvanist material on his site, just a point to consider. I link to some Calv. preachers on my blog b/c they stand rightly on homeschooling or are just very serious, literal teachers that folks can gain from--not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


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                  Originally posted by injeralover View Post
                  If you do a google search on Pastor Ken Silva you will also find that he has been "pastoring" a church in New Hampshire for a number of years. The congregation went from over 100 down to 8. Make your own inferences. A good question to keep in mind is "Who is watching the Watchers?"

                  The church shrank to 8 before he became a pastor there, by the time he joined the church it was already only 13 people:

                  “I am also pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church (CRBC), which is a small church of about 8 members that is currently meeting in the home of one of our members. This church was once a fellowship of some 100 members in the 80’s that had shrunk to 13 or so by the time I was called a little over a year ago [c. 2004]” (KEN SILVA, “A Humble Appeal,” Oct 1, 2005,

                  “CRBC had gone through a nasty split before they called me to pastor about 2 years ago and since the 80’s it had dwindled from some 100+ down to a Sunday morning coffee social gathering of about 13 by then” (KEN SILVA, “An Interesting First year for AM,” July 15, 2006,
                  I was going to be a Calvinist, but it just wasn't meant to be!


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                    So helpful, thanks for all this info. Reading Apprising Ministries statement of faith he doesn't sound clearly Calvinist IMO, and most of them come out sounding it...unless we want to say the total depravity wording, but that can align with all of our thinking as well, depending on how you use the wording. Anyhoo, thanks and I'm glad to get a personal testimony!