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  • Spiritual Coma!

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to share an amazing thing the Lord has shown me.
    I have been really frustrated these last couple of months, with not much help in the Harvest. You know the "harvest is plenty the workers are few". Luke 10:2
    I prayed and ask the Lord " Why are there not many workers out here"?
    "Why do the ones who claim they are my Brothers and Sisters seem so dead"?
    I cried more and more out to our Heavenly Father.
    One week ago on Saturday, I fell and hit my butt bone, got a huge bruise but no big deal.
    For one week I was feeling weird, not in pain, but feeling emotionally dead.
    I walked around for one week feeling nothing! I couldn't explain it to no one.
    I kept asking God what was wrong with me, I heard nothing. I couldn't feel nothing, I watched people, listened to them like always and still felt nothing.
    Then, all of a sudden on the following Saturday, I started singing again. I was driving home with my daughter from work and out of the blue, I started singing "Our God is an Awesome God, He reins from Heaven above". Amazing! I shouted out to the Lord with Joy again. And asked "what was that all about"? "What was wrong with me, where did I go"?
    I heard "Spiritual Coma, that is what's wrong with the world today and some of your Brothers and Sisters". I then prayed and thanked Jesus for allowing me to be tested and shown what I was frustrated with. Be careful what you ask for. It was an awful feeling
    So, I come here now to share the short season God has allowed me to go through, to wake up my Brothers and Sisters who only read some of these forums and just go about their business like always. I see on the side of the bulletins, how many read the posts but never share. I only pray that is not
    the case, in their daily walk with the Lord. We need to take this seriously and Pray,witness and Read Your BIBLE.
    Step out of your comfort zones and let the Holy Spirit do it's work. Don't worry what people think or say. We are not from this world anyway.
    Please people! The Lord is speaking to us on a daily basis, with the birthing pains the world is going through. He is at the door! Rev. 3:20
    Wake up! Wake up!
    My prayers are for all
    Get that fire back, like when you first believed. Faith of a child. Mark 10:15
    May our Heavenly Father wake up those who are in a coma.
    Love in Christ,

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    Step out of your comfort zones and let the Holy Spirit do it's work. Don't worry what people think or say. We are not from this world anyway.
    Good post, Shannon!!! Thank you for reminding me of this and God bless you!!!


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      But isn't it exciting when Christian brothers and sisters share their excitement about God, his love, the prophecies. Yesterday Sunday School was WONDERFUL! We are studying Ez. 38-39. Folks were speaking up and asking questions like never before. We were all so excited and had a hard time sitting down and shutting up so services could start. My DH and I discussed the "Gog of Magog" all evening. I just love it!


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        Amen Sister!

        It is wonderful to have the Joy the Lord gives us ,when being His!
        Can't wait to go home!!!


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          Thought I'd find you here.

          Yea, couldn't pm you because of my post limit... but...

          Thank you very much! I've read your previous pm, on how you also were spiritually dead, and man, just like you said, it was an AWFUL feeling. I'm glad to be able to relate to someone who went through the same things as me!

          Now I can't stop thanking God for this new joy I have now. It's like the joy you have when you first get saved. It's amazing. I thank you for your prayers, and thank God also for the joy He has given you. I will pray for you to be able to maintain the same joy you have now. God Bless You!