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Would you walk out of a service?

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  • Would you walk out of a service?

    If you attended a Sunday morning church service, and a woman got up to preach, would you quietly get out of your seat and leave?

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    Absolutely. And never go back.


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      Yes ma'am! Wouldn't think twice about it either.


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        Yes, we follow scripture 1 Tim 3. This is not a men are better than women thing, it is an order of roles that the Creator of the Universe put in place. When in a gathering that is meant to honor Him, and worship Him, I think it important to follow His rules for the sanctity of that honor and worship.

        I would leave quietly and not return. BTW this precedent is spreading in our geographical area also. We (as a church gathering of saints) are putting much effort into staying true to scripture. We are getting more and more crosswise with the culture of the day. But this should not surprise us, it is happening as He predicted. Stand fast to His ways, you are building treasure in heaven.
        "Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God..."


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          This practice sure IS becoming common.

          One church in our area has a husband and wife pastor team, and the wife preaches often and her title is "co-pastor". One church has a woman in their preaching rotation, and her title is "pastor" as well. Another has a woman "pastor" on staff, but I haven't visited there, so don't know if they let her preach often or not.

          I live in a very liberal, non-Bible belt area, and am looking for a new church home because our very small church had to close when our pastor moved away. I just cannot seem to bring myself to sit under a woman's preaching.


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            I agree it is becoming common. I do think at times God uses the women to reach those He wants to call closer to himself, but I am uncomfortable even listening to women teachers on the radio. I think the reason that makes sense to me is because the woman was deceived. So there must be something about women that make it easier for them to be deceived then for men to be deceived, in general.

            However, there are women on the radio like Jan Markel and Sandy Rios, who are more talk-show hosts, I don't mind listening to them.

            Also there have been single women missionaries who did wonderful things for God, and so I think there can be rare exceptions. But as a rule, it is best for the men to teach.

            How about evangelism? I think it is ok for women to do that.
            "Therefore my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable,
            always abounding in the work of the Lord;
            knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain."

            1 Corinthians 15:58 (ESV)


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              I wasn't talking about evangelism or radio talk shows, or anything like that. I'm only wondering about having a woman preach to the congregation.

              I think it's unbiblical, and if a church doesn't see that, what else do they let slip by?