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I tried to justify it....

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  • I tried to justify it....

    but looking at the new Resident Evil Game its looks demonic. I played through several Resident Evil games but Resident Evil 6 looks the worse. I was watching where one of the main characters were going through an underground railroad tunnel and zombies were everywhere but the thing that made me stop in my tracks was when he entered the train and came upon a zombie and the zombie stood there with its head titled backwards looking directly up and you could see the black pupils and also the noise that it was making was scary. I've come to the conclusion that I cant play these types of games anymore because Im giving the enemy a foothold into my mind. I also went to the movies and watched a scary movie and I was paranoid in the beginning but I had to pray to calm myself down. I'll just stick with nintendo and their games from now on.

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    Its actually the Holy Spirit has convict you not to play and watch those kind of games and movies. I use to watch scary movies and those paranormal shows until I came across a scripture in the Bible 2 Corinthians 11:14.