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    I appreciate this thread so much!
    I would have to agree with the majority of posters here.... if one does get "pictures" or visions, they absolutely must be within the bounds of Scripture, never under the "new revelation" banner. I belong to a Pentecostal church myself, and at one point in my Christian life got caught up in the more hyper elements of our denomination, when I started to experience dreams/visions that seemed to be important or "had a message" from God. I don't think I'm getting this type of phenomenon happening anymore...I'm no longer involved with "hyper" minded individuals. I think I have also matured in my walk with the Lord and don't feel the need to seek after the latest sign or vision as an affirmation of my faith or that God is speaking.
    Those visions that I have had....very few..... I'm just leaving with the Lord.... He alone knows if there was anything important in them & He will accomplish His will regardless of what I've experienced.
    I do want to add... any dream I have had , I now see as having been a call for me to prayer for circumstances or situations in my life or that of other's lives, and not an instrument to say "Look at me."
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