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Once a Sheep Always a Sheep, or Salvation Deficit Disorder?

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  • There are two audios that I've learned from you might find helpful.

    On the right side half way down is an audio called "Are you really a Christian," which gives the ten signs Paul gave that you would know if your saved.

    The other is the True and False audio found at living waters.

    (video can also be found somewhere on the net and abit better)

    Both provided me with things I needed to know, and are easy to listen too. They might be of some use to you.

    Dan~~~>hopes it helps


    • Am I a Christian?
      God came to me two years ago, and i had no choice but to accept Jesus as my saviour. although i have completely fallen away from the church and almost never pray anymore and sin when i know it angers God. needless to say i am miserable. So is it true my faith is dead if i no longer have a christian lifestyle? but I still believe in Jesus, I just am having trouble giving my life to him...would he leave me here when the Lord returns for his church?
      God came to you 2 years ago, you had no choice but to accept Jesus as your savior?
      In order to shed more light on this subject, could you please elaborate as to why you had no choice? We all have choices, which is a God given ability. No matter what we do, which way we turn, we choose our path. No one or nothing can force what choice we decide to make.

      On another forum a question/poll was posed. The poll was limited to two choices...if you had to vote who would you vote for? A or B? Then came the could not answer by saying neither because if you did, you would be killed by a gun barrel stuck to the side of your head.

      Obviously any common sense bearing person was now faced with a third option. Another Choice! Wow....we will always have choices to make and will be confronted with having to make choices, to make our choice.

      There are only 2 people who know weather or not salvation is a part of your and God.

      Salvation involves the redemption of the whole man/woman, and is offered freely to all who accept Jesus
      Christ as Lord and Saviour, who by His own blood obtained eternal redemption for the believer. In it's broadest sense salvation includes regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification. There is no salvation apart from personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.
      Simply believing in Jesus does not one save. This world is full of those who believe, but yet because they feel that they are a good person, they have nothing to worry about.

      On the cross Christ took our place and paid the penalty for our sins. The crucial factor...Christians believe in Christ; we believe in what the Bible reveals about who He is, why He came, what He accomplished, and what this means for sinners.

      Salvation comes only to those who accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. There is no other savoir, and there is no other gospel that saves.

      Acts 4:12 (New International Version)
      New International Version (NIV)

      Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society
      [NIV at IBS] [International Bible Society] [NIV at Zondervan] [Zondervan]

      Acts 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

      There are 7 main aspects of Salvation....1.Grace (God's grace), 2. Faith (belief...without doubt), and 3.Regeneration (Spiritual rebirth) a "new birth, as the work of God's grace, 4.Repentance ( a genuine turning away from what had once ensnared us.
      Believers begin to hate the sin they had loved. Repentance...A change of heart and mind resulting in a turning from sin to God. 5.Justification...("God's gracious and full acquittal" of sinners who believe in Christ. 6. Sanctification...(the progressive work of the Holy Spirit by which, "the believer is set apart to God's purposes" and moves into Christian maturity. & 7.Glorification...(the culmination of salvation and the final blessed and abiding state of the redeemed.")


      • Originally posted by kathryn View Post
        God came to me two years ago, and i had no choice but to accept Jesus as my saviour. although i have completely fallen away from the church and almost never pray anymore and sin when i know it angers God. needless to say i am miserable. So is it true my faith is dead if i no longer have a christian lifestyle? but I still believe in Jesus, I just am having trouble giving my life to him...would he leave me here when the Lord returns for his church?
        A paraphrase of James 2:19: "You say you believe in Jesus? Congratulations, you have reached the spiritual maturity level of a demon." My point is, it is possible to 'believe' in Jesus intellecually without believing Him by grace through faith, resulting in true salvation. So my challenge would be to truly search your heart to see if you are indeed of the faith. Talk to your pastor (if you don't have one, find one...a good one, not just some liberal nit wit). A lot of things in life we can get wrong, but not this. There are eternal consequences involved.


        • Are certain sins worse or less worse than others?

          Are certain sins worse or less worse than others? This is a question that has been bothering me today. Does God think that all sins are equally as bad, or that some are just "the lesser evil?"



          • As much as we want to group sins into different categories, God sees all sin the same. It makes no difference to Him, He hates it all.
            Desert Storm Vet-US Navy
            America...Land of the free BECAUSE of the brave

            Live your life in a way that causes others to question their disbelief in God.

            We contribute nothing to our salvation except the sin from which we need to be redeemed. William Temple (English diplomat & author)


            • I believe the notion that "all sins are the same" derives from a misreading of James 2:8-13.

              James' point is that all sins are equal within the very restricted sense that any sin makes you a sinner. If there's a sin you don't commit, that doesn't negate the reality of committing the sins you do commit. All sin, no matter the nature of it, is a violation of God's law. So, no matter how many sins you commit and how many you don't, you're still a violator of the law.

              But to reason from this that "all sins are the same" and God sees no difference between growing impatient in line at the grocery store and murdering someone is absurd. To propose that raping someone is no worse than cheating on your income taxes is absurd.

              The Torah prescribes specific penalties for specific sins. In some cases, there's a monetary fine, where in other cases, the punishment is death. If "all sins are the same," why does God punish them differently?

              Jesus noted that "it will be worse" in the judgment for some than for others. If "all sin is the same," why would one receive a more severe judgment than another?


              • All sins are ulimtately forgiven through the Cross (except the sin of blaspehemy against the Holy Spirit). So in terms of justification, there is no distinction. But there is probably a difference in terms of "sanctification" and we will be rewarded in heaven based upon the extent to which we follow Christ's commandments.

                I think the earlier response re: references to the Torah is spot on and I do think there will be differences in God's eyes regarding our sins, as believers, in obtaining our rewards in heaven.


                Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah


                • The Bible mentions things he "hates" more then others... for example Proverbs 6:16-19 but over all HE can't look upon any sin.... which is why Jesus felt His father leave (forsake) him for a short time while He was on the cross...


                  • I think God does makes distinctions regarding the severity/type of sin. That is obvious from reading scripture. There is a more urgent issue though.

                    For example, if you look at a woman lustfully, but don't physically do anything, you are guilty of adultery according to Jesus. Now, the consequences are quite different if you were to say, cheat on your wife and go sleep with another woman . You have lots of consequences, alot more than from just thinking about it. So, you have a serious sin and then varying levels of depravity having to do with that area. The problem with lust is that it always begins with a thought and eventually the thought leads to action.

                    The same with anger, being angry at someone without a cause is the same as being a murderer, according to Jesus -yet yelling at someone obviously isn't the same as beating their brains out with a bat. Again, the principle is there. A small fire can easily burn out of control.

                    What does it matter if you drown in a puddle or a lake? you still drown. If you are past the age of accountability you are hell bound if you don't accept Jesus.

                    I can't imagine trying to be a good person for a lifetime , and at the end finding out it was a massive wasted effort and missing heaven. Yet that is probably what will happen to most people. The horrors of being a 'good' person. I'm glad I messed my life up when I was younger because I had no problem acknowledging my sinfulness. Only God could have put my life back together. I can honestly say that nothing good resides in me aside from Christ.

                    The worst sin of all is unbelief. It is the only sin that will keep people from heaven. God would have forgiven Hitler if he repented and asked to be saved.

                    I've mentioned this before, Jeffery Dahmer accepted Christ before being murdered in prison. I find that awsome. The despicable horrible crimes he committed were forgiven by the Lord and he was saved. That same day as he was ushered into heaven by the angels, others were thrown into hell who may have devoted their entire lives to charities, good works, etc. they did not need to be saved they thought, they were good enough. Nothing unclean can be in the presence of God. Only the blood of Christ can make it possible to be in His presence.


                    • Paul:

                      You're spot on with your observation that actually committing adultery is a more severe offense than is cultivating a desire to do so.

                      Jesus' teaching on this in Matthew 5 has got to be one of those most frequently misapplied of all Scriptures. What Jesus is teaching in this chapter is not that lust is equivalent to adultery or that anger is equivalent to murder. What He's teaching is that you don't have to carry out an evil intention in order to commit sin. Many people in His audience were patting themselves on the back for not being "sinners" (think Luke 18:9-14) because they didn't commit such actions as adultery and murder. But these same people were filled with lust and anger. They rationalized their sinful attitudes because they weren't carrying out the intents of their hearts. What Jesus was teaching is that restraining your actions isn't enough. Sin is sin on the inside, before it is manifested in our actions. To hate one's brother with thoughts of killing him or lust after one's sister with thoughts of raping her is in itself sin. You don't have to actually murder or rape someone to sin; hating and lusting are sins in themselves. But that doesn't mean hating someone is killing him or lusting after someone is raping her. Jesus isn't talking about committing adultery in your heart; He's talking about committing adultery in your heart. In other words, lust is "heart adultery" and hate is "heart murder." But "heart adultery" and "heart murder" are not equivalent to actual, literal, physical adultery and murder. Hating a man doesn't take him away from his family; lusting after a woman does not ruin her marriage. The consequences of the literal sins are far greater; thus, the literal sins merit the greater punishment.


                      • Obadiah? Obadiah? Is that you? Are you the Obadiah who plays the Roman-era MMORPG called Roma Victor?

                        Please answer my question.

                        In Roma Victor, I am Dalmatius.


                        • I know a woman whose husband rendered her homeless, left her in a wilderness park with no money and no where to go. She's in her mid-50's and was/is ill, unable to support herself. A man came along and rescued her. Winter was coming on and she most likely would have died out there. This man has provided support and a home for her. She is unable to leave this situation, she would end up back in the park or worse. She has even walked out but returned because she realized that there was no where to go. She has prayed for God to show her a way out of her adultery and feels unable to change her situation. She feels that she can't marry this man because he is an unbeliever and doesn't want to go from bad to worse by marrying someone who is an unbeliever. I haven't known what to tell her. How does God see this? She is in this situation because her husband failed to take care of her and landed her in a sinful situation and she is grieved about her sin. She can't get on her own two feet because of her illness, so the help out there is limited to non-existent. This baffles me as to how this sin of adultery is viewed by God. She doesn't want to be in this situation, but can't find a way out. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.


                          • Twinkle:

                            Your friend is indeed in a terrible situation. I believe when God looks at her He does so in mercy. I think there is a qualitative difference between her actions and those of a person who simply cheats on his or her spouse.

                            But... if she's engaging in sex with her host, she's definitely in the wrong. There's no justification for her engaging in sex with a man other than her husband.

                            Is it possible for her to continue accepting this man's hospitality in a chaste manner, or is he merely using her for sex?

                            Is there a church or other organization that could assist her in finding help (if she's disabled, there certainly ought to be something out there she could find with some savvy guidance) so she wouldn't be dependent on her host and could move out?

                            I'm sympathetic to the woman's plight, but I can't help wondering if there is, in fact, a way out that she's just not seeing.


                            • There is a sin thats more costly than others. Creation of a false god to fit your own beliefs is the most costly. If you place your faith in a god named Jesus, but you think he's an angel or a man that became a god, it's not the God of the bible. When people who do that face judgement day, they won't know the God in front of them...

                              Dan~~~>was guilty of that one for a long time


                              • Originally posted by Robbinson View Post
                                All sins are ulimtately forgiven through the Cross (except the sin of blaspehemy against the Holy Spirit)n
                                so if someone blasphemed the Holy Spirit, they can never be saved?

                                and what is an example of that? is it taking God's name in vain? i have never understood that scripture.