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Love vs. Hate

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  • Love vs. Hate

    Love vs. Hate

    Do you ever wonder why there is so much hate in the world or why some former friend or lover now hates you? I donít know all the reasons, but I will attempt to give you some of my thoughts.

    Love and hate are probably the two strongest emotions that we have, but they are almost total opposites. Not in just what they stand for or do to others, but the effects on the one that is loving or hating.

    Letís start with some of the effects on someone who hates.
    1. It masks any feelings of grief, sorrow, remorse, regret and many other emotions that make you feel, bad.
    2. It masks the strong emotion of fear and instead makes you feel powerful.
    3. It allows you to put the blame for an issue on someone or something other than yourself.
    4. You feel that there is no need to help others, as their plight is just a result of bad decisions on their part.
    5. When you review your thoughts or actions it may make you feel bad.
    6. There is no reward for hate now or in the afterlife!

    Now letís look at some of the effects on someone who loves.
    1. You feel the full effect of the emotions of grief, sorrow, remorse, regret and many other emotions that make you feel bad.
    2. It makes you venerable to rejection and may make you feel weak.
    3. It causes you to first consider your part or responsibility for an issue.
    4. You have empathy for and a motivation to help others with a feeling that it could have been or could be you.
    5. When you review your thoughts or actions it will make you feel good.
    6. There are amazing rewards for love both now and in the afterlife!

    If we were to just look at point 5 in both the hate and love comparison, everyone would choose love. However, as our emotions are so strong and hard to control, looking at points 1 through 4 in the hate and love comparison, it feels much better to hate. Have you ever heard the saying ďThereís a thin line between love and hateĒ? There is not really a thin line, itís just that a lot of people quickly jump to hate to mask the strong sad feelings that love will make you have. Some people can actually acknowledge the fact that underneath they really love the person that they say they hate the most.

    If you are someone that tends to chose hate, please donít forget point 5 and that love is by far the better decision in the end, even though it may cause you some pain.