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I need help? Should I leave my church

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  • I need help? Should I leave my church

    Hey I need help should I leave my church?

    I been debating on whether or not I should leave. The Pastor sat under Creflo Dollar for awhile and the messages are Victory, Prosperity type messages.
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    This church isn't clear about who Jesus is, just that He lived, died, and rose again. They need to give the gospel in its entirety, not a few isolated facts that don't say why Jesus died and rose again. Only you can decide whether or not to leave or stay. We aren't in a position to say for sure. You are.


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      Originally posted by SonOfYah View Post
      Hey I need help should I leave my church of 3 years?

      Why do you think you maybe should leave it?


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        Because of some family circumstances, I recently spent practically an entire day researching "Word-Faith"
        Of course, I knew it was false teaching, but didn't begin to understand how deep it goes into mystical,
        New Age divination. To put it mildly, it's nothing less than thinly disguised practicing witchcraft.

        If you have a "rhema trained" pastor ( Creflo Dollar is a graduate of the Kenneth Hagin Rhema machine) .....Runaway....

        You see they can only twist so many verses around, so they have to supplement it with the feel good Books!
        Do you have a Book-of-the-Month night? the coffee bar? etc.....because this stuff is so prevalent, everybody
        needs to have some level of understanding on it.... I finally realized why the apostasy page is so busy and
        regularly have to reference it....bless you so much billiefan2000 for being vigilant in that forum...