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      Heather, take from this what you will. As many of you know dh and I had a severely disabled daughter who went Home to be with Jesus almost a year ago. When Melissa was here with us we rarely heard from my in-laws unless they needed something, they chose never to come to visit, and they never offered to help us with her care, supplies, or anything else. My parents did call and come to see us, and they helped us buy a wheelchair when we couldn't afford it. The first few years after my dad passed away, my stepmom would call quite often and sometimes come to visit us, but that changed 4 years ago when she remarried - now I rarely hear from her and she never comes to visit. The last few days of Melissa's life both my stepmom and mother-in-law came to the hospital and they came to our house the day she passed. Neither of them has been to visit us since then. We only hear from my mother-in-law when she needs dh to do something for her because he's the only responsible son she has, and because my stepmom's husband is bipolar and controlling, I only get calls from her maybe once every few months. When Melissa was here I did everything I could to include my in-laws in her life, but they wanted none of it. I've finally accepted that you can't make people love or care about you. If they care, they'll put forth every effort to have a relationship with you, if not, then it's time to walk away and move on. I'm of the opinion that if someone keeps saying they love or care about you, yet they don't put any actions to their words, then their words are meaningless. I no longer make any effort to have a relationship with my stepmom or my mother-in-law because they've made it clear they don't care about having a relationship with me. If they call, I'm polite and civil, but I'm no longer putting myself out and trying to make them care. Sometimes you just have to walk away for your own sanity, which is what I've chosen to do.


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        I am so sorry for your pain. I will pray for you. You are NOT alone. You are in God's family and He knows you and loves you more than anything.