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  • Persecution

    I've spoken a little on here about our situation. We have several grown children and several grandchildren. Our children are professing Christians.
    Over the course of many years things have gotten worse and worse in our relationship with them.
    We no longer attend church, it's been over 10 years due to wife's health.
    Our children have grown away from us and want nothing to do with us.... we don't see them or the grandchildren.
    Even our unbelieving family members want nothing to do with us.
    Our children are involved in our extended families life, but not ours and of course involved with the church which also over the course of the many years that we have not been able to attend church, no one in the church has reached out to us.
    I've mentioned before that we've tried to reach out to them, but, to no avail we've gotten no phone calls, visits or anything.
    Our children visit to our town and visit with their in-laws and the church.
    I've brought this to the church board, but, was dismissed!

    We are so heartbroken over this and we know Scripture, but, we are SO heartbroken, finding it SO hard, even with God's promises to hold on.
    What is going on in the Church?
    Is it possible that a whole Church, it's Pastors, Elders and all the members are not true Christians?
    Really need some encouragement to go on, it's been a really difficult couple of years.

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    Roger, I responded to your wife's posts on another thread. I truly believe that we are in the phase of "as in the days of Noah". He preached what was to come (the flood) and what to do to be saved, for 120 years as he built the ark, and NO ONE listened. They were too wrapped up in the "good life" they were living, too wrapped up in themselves, according to God's Word. They became so self-absorbed and vile that God was done with them. And, the rains came........

    We are told that the world would be the same in the last days. We are here. The time of our rapture is so very near. And, still no one listens. Well, very few. The church has become "lukewarm" as propihicied...........and love does not abound.
    I am appalled by how many brothers and sisters here are going through all of the struggles they are, that match up so perfectly with mine. I thought it was just me dealing with this attitude from my children, and from friends of many years who totally disappeared the day after my dear husband's funereal! The coldness and heartlessness is beyond my wildest imaginations. How I treasure the very few dear ones who remain in my life!!! They are more precious than gold. But, there are only about four or five of them, and they do not live close-by. Out of five children, only two precious daughters choose to be in my life, and they are there 100%+ - I am blessed. But, it doesn't negate the pain caused by the other three............ to know others are experiencing this behavior is breaking my heart.

    I think we just need to step back, do what we need to do for our own good health and well-being, and ask our Loving Saviour to come quickly, and snatch us up to heaven to live with Him. If nothing else good has happened through all I have been through...........and, though I feel my world getting smaller through is causing me to narrow my over-all focus less on the world and much, much more on my Heavenly Father and His Son. And, that is where my focus should be.........especially this late in the end times.

    I truly feel He will be here very soon for us. It IS my Blessed Hope. My daughters and I long for that glorious moment when the trump will sound, and we will rise from this doomed, deplorable earth, to be with Him forevermore. No illness, no pain, no more heartache, no more tears.............just pure joy for all eternity. May God bless you and keep you and grant you grace and peace and joy in Him until He comes.


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      Kathy, you are indeed blessed to have two daughters who love their mom and want to be with you, and they're Christians, too ! They are your mission field, not to evangelize, obviously, but to strengthen and encourage their faith. Praying for them to remain strong is important, since Satan roams about seeking whom he may devour, and devour he will. A prayer for protection from the enemy is needed every day. Good discussions about God's Word with each of them or together on a regular basis. Then, the three of you can pray for their 3 siblings, but don't fret about them, allowing their attitudes to remove God's peace and joy from you. God knows where they are. He will deal with them in His own time, in His own way. Your two daughters and you could possibly reach out to others in some way. Faith and godliness increase as we love others in His name. You and they will in turn be blessed. Guarantee it!


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        Roger, there are likely others in your community who would like to know you & your wife. In most counties there is a Center for Senior citizens, and the people who work there are very caring. Around here, the place is called Area Agency on Aging or something like that. It's more than a place to go and eat lunch. There is a hierarchy of employees and staff who meet with the people who seek their help. And they do care. I sought their help a few years ago when deciding whether or not to take SS benefits early. Please look into this, as I believe that they would want to know about you & your wife.
        There are plenty of fine, caring people who enjoy being around retired folks. They feel blessed to be around them. I was that way when I was young, and God has more of them out there today.
        Please check in here again soon, and let us know if you're able to get connected this way.
        I wouldn't be upset about family or church members who are ignoring you. That's God's to judge, and judge He will. In the meantime, enjoy reading His Word, watch or listen to some good online sermons from J. Vernon McGee, Adrian Rogers, Andrew Woods, Robert Jeffress, Charles Stanley, etc. These men are solid and won't lead you astray.
        Blessings to you and your dear wife, Roger.


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          Thank you, Lynn. My Dd and I moved an hour away from all the drama about two years ago. We are involved at a new and wonderful church nearby. We have joined the RV club and participate in a womens' bible study, as well as Sunday worship. We have long time friends - two couples - who live in the area, too. But, they are not as responsive to invitations, phone calls or texts, as we would like. Can't do any more than we are doing about it, tho. We know that God will bring new friends to us, as we become more and more involved in the church.

          My daughters and I have shared a very strong and loving relationship with Christ at the center. My other daughter lives in Wisconsin and is very busy home-schooling her two youngest kids. But, we talk on the phone twice a week, and text in between. We don't get to see her very much............which is sad. But, we make the best out of what we can do. I am blessed, and I know it!

          We are all looking forward to and are hopeful for a soon rapture, when we can all be together with Jesus and our loved ones who have already arrived in heaven. Thank you for your kind words. I just need to keep my focus on the good things in my life.............all provided by our Lord.


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            While we cannot know your family or the churches mindset and reasons, it is true that some churches are not Bible based and/or may be controlling and domineering of their members in a way that produces this type of bad fruit and unloving spirit. They may even be reacting to one-sided gossip and stories. When leaving 2 different churches over the past 12 years we experienced full separation and full dismissal of us as friends by huge majorities at both locations. I often contemplate the coldness, hatefulness, rage, anger, jealousy, and resentment we personally have experienced and that which is reported and easily read online by others like you.

            There absolutely is a pervasive and deepening lack of empathy and care (probably better stated as a lack of love) in our world today that hits Christians and non-Christians alike. The sadness and despair that many are feeling as a result of this treatment is not without cause or proper discernment. Some are strong and defiant with the ability to respond with "righteous" anger and resolve that family, friends, church members, etc. need to stay away. And they can still live productive lives with less pain and despair. At 53 I'm largely still in this boat with past friends, coworkers, church members and even distant or extended relatives. However, the lost love and relationships of children and grandchildren (we do not have any grandkids yet) would be a pain and hurt on an entirely different level that anger and resolve could not quench.

            Continue in the Word and prayer (I will be for you too) and ask our Lord and Savior to change hearts. Of all broken relationships your top priority is the love and mutual respect of your children and grand children. To me, all others acting like this have to take a back seat. I pray there will come a time very soon when at least your grand children try to reach out to you, which may get things moving in the right direction with your kids. And perhaps a local church with like-minded Bible based doctrinal beliefs and true Christian love will come to light and be able to make home visitations to start you both down that path too.

            God bless.


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              Being the only Christian on my side of the family... I get it. My family hasn't disowned me but my faith makes them cringe. Even though it hurts my feelings being treated differently because I don't "fit" in.... I still invite them to church and try to be a light to them. I would say in my own opinion... to let your children go. Not because you don't love them but because if you let go, God can intervene. In my own life, I've discovered that when I get these feelings it's because I'm trying to retract from other people what I can only get from God. (Love, attention, satisfaction) It may not be like that in your situation but, your Lords got you. He's holding you up in his right hand... gently and lovingly. Just remember he's there to mend your broken heart. If I may make a suggestion.... there is a book by a pastor called, "Pursuing God." that is a good read. The language is a little difficult because he wrote it in the 1940's. Tozer had to let go of his daughter and struggled deeply with it. That is where the second chapter called, "The blessedness of possessing nothing" was inspired by. Like Abraham placed Issac on the alter... place your children on the alter... and He will provide. Also... for your question about if they are Christian...

              This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God's child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister. 1 John 3:10


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                I want to thank everyone who responded with encouragement and love. A couple of weeks ago I tried to reach out to one of the other small churches in our community, spoke with the Pastor and we've not gotten a call back at all.
                I must say that the lack of love in the churches is so sad and I can only think of how God is thinking about His people, His church.

                As I read Scripture and know that if one is a Christian they will have the Spirit in them, guiding them into all truth, to obey His commandments, to do and to will of His good pleasure and by our love for God, each other and our neighbors we will know who are His.

                We live in a small community and in the past 18 or so years with close to 15 of them being at home we have reached out to 4 churches and not one of them show the love of Christ. And, neither do our adult children, they are all, and I mean all of them are more interested in being happy and hating us for no apparent reason. While I've brought this to the Pastor's at the one church and the elder and other leaders, they all are content to go on in this manner with no care.

                So, where is the love of Christ in the Church?

                Are we the only one's experiencing this in the Church?

                According to Scripture one would believe they, non of them would be Christians, right?


                Are they all being deceived?

                This is the question we have when it comes to our adult son's... because if they are Christians then we are to lovingly/gently confront them. Which we did and then we brought it to the church when they didn't want to repent and then the Church told us to just extend grace.
                This is not how it should go if one is walking in love... we are not to allow ongoing willful sin to be a part of our lives.

                We've loved them, always.
                We're working on trying to let go and give it to the Lord, it's been rough. Struggling with feelings of looking at how things have gone and whether we should have confronted them or not. And, or how maybe we should have extended more love towards them. Then, we go the other way, feeling like we we're led to confront them, what has been going on for 10 plus years has not been good or right and not confronting them is NOT love, it is allowing them to go on in their sin, which I believe is the way much of society thinks about God's love. You know, just love, love, love, love, without preaching the gospel, without bringing up sin and the consequences of them and if someone is choosing to go on sinning, in hate, animosity and so on then I believe it was time for us to confront and say we won't tolerate that anymore.

                We're hurting terribly, but, God is good!
                Lifting everyone up in prayer.
                Blessings in Christ Jesus